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Should Sodium In Food Be Regulated By The FDA?

salt2-240x180There is a growing chorus to have the Food and Drug Administration look into regulating the amount of sodium food items contain. Advisory groups, including the American Medical Association, think that the study, and any bad credit installment loans needed to conduct it, would be worth it. Sodium is one of the elements that medical experts have said the American diet contains too much of. Sodium is known to raise blood pressure, which can lead to heart disease, the number one killer within the US.

FDA Sodium study could take awhile

FDA trials can take a long time. Sodium, though it is a vital part of the diet, is good for the body up to a certain point, after which it becomes a detriment. A division of the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, has requested the FDA regulate the amount of sodium in food. A recently published Institute of Medicine report states that Americans have too much sodium in their diets. The study was initiated by a Congressional request in 2008.

Getting the proper dose of sodium is important

The maintaining and regulation of bodily fluids, from the Health Canada page, demands a certain intake of sodium every day. High blood pressure could be brought on by too much sodium, along with hypertension and heart disease, which is the largest killer of U.S. adults. According to the IOM brief, the primary source of sodium within the American diet is through added salt.

Salt a heavy presence in unhealthy foods

Numerous high salt content foods are the fried, processed and preservative laden foods we’re intended to avoid. In USA Today, the American Medical Association asserted that if the FDA were to lower the amount of sodium restaurants and food producers put in their foods, 150,000 lives could possibly be saved over the next 10 years. The IOM states the average intake is over 3400 milligrams, though the recommended maximum is 1500 mg.

Number one reason for death for US Adults is heart disease

Heart disease kills more Americans than anything else. The prime culprit is believed to be our diet. Higher blood pressure is known to be caused by too much sodium intake, and a heart transplant is more than cash advances can cover, even with the best insurance. If there is possibly merit to limiting sodium levels, perhaps it is worth looking into.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

NFL Draft 2010 On TV And Online: When And Where To watch

At event that symbolizes just how dominant the NFL has become in the world of professional sports, the NFL Draft 2010 kicks off Thursday night in prime time. The first round of NFL Draft 2010 begins around 7:30 pm eastern time. A nice crop of college football superstars, like quarterbacks Sam Bradford and Tim Tebow, not to mention red hot trade rumors (Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger to Oakland?) promise to make NFL Draft 2010 probably the most viewed NFL Draft ever.

NFL Draft 2010 TV schedule

The NFL Draft 2010 TV schedule begins officially when Roger Goodell ,NFL commissioner, comes to the podium to end the frenzy of speculation about who the St. Louis Rams will really select with their number one overall pick. At 6 pm eastern time on Friday, the second and third rounds of the NFL Draft 2010 will begin. Saturday you can view the final rounds (4-7) at 10 am. NFL Draft 2009 set an all-time high in viewers when 39 million people sat in front of the tube to cheer their preferred team’s picks.

Where to look at that NFL Draft 2010

The NFL Draft 2010 has numerous anticipation and media surrounding it, all looking for a huge pay day. It will be telecast live from Radio City Music Hall in New York by ESPN, the NFL Network and CBS College Sports Network. Don't have a TV? Don't worry about it. NFL Draft 2010 could be accessible live online at and Driving on the road? Get your fix with a real-time draft tracker and live video feed on NFL Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Order for the NFL Draft 2010

At 1 win, 15 losses, St. Louis earned number one in the NFL Draft 2010 order by achieving the worst 2009 record. The Rams desperately need a franchise quarterback. The conventional pick is Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford, a former Heisman Trophy winner. The Rams have yet to commit to Bradford. In any year, St. Louis would be giving him big cash now. Around this same time last year the lousiest team, Detroit Lions, had already signed Matthew Stafford, quarterback from Georgia. The Rams might even trade rights to draft Bradford for picks later in the line of the NFL Draft 2010. But after passing up on quarterbacks like New York Jet Mark Sanchez and Atlanta’s Matt Ryan the past few years, St. Louis might bite the bullet and offer Bradford a contract worth as much as $ 50 million.

NFL Draft 2010 predictions

You will find predictions for the 2010 NFL Draft that consist of a buzz about Pittsburgh QB Roethlisberger that is great for TV ratings. He was suspended for the first six games of the 2010 season because of alleged sexual misconduct and also the Steelers are very upset about this. They might be so upset as to trade Roethlisberger, despite the fact that he's won two Super Bowls, to the Oakland Raiders as part of draft picks. Oakland picks eighth within the first round and Raider’s OB DeMarcus Russell is a laughingstock within the league.

Then there’s Tebow. Many think he will go in later rounds of NFL Draft 2010, despite the fact that he’s a Heisman winning college football legend. For a lot more fuel, and possibly instant cash, is probably why for NFL Draft 2010 TV ratings. Stay tuned … it is never been more convenient.

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Release Of Pearl 3G And Bold 9560 From Blackberry

Blackberry Bold 9650, Blackberry Pearl 3G: New Models Coming

The second-most popular smartphone maker, Blackberry, has announced the Pearl 3G and Bold 9650 will both be hitting the market soon. Wi-Fi and other improvements could be integrated within the Pearl 3G and Bold 9650. The Bold 9650 will cost $ 299.99 before rebates, so apply for no fax payday loans no credit check now if you’ll want the newest RIM creation.

Bold 9650 from Blackberry

The Blackberry Tour provides the technical basis for the Blackberry Bold 9650, set for release on May 23 for Sprint. Very comparable to the Tour, the Bold 9650 has a comparable look and feel. The trackball, which is very prone to getting stuck, has been swapped out with an optical touchpad. The Bold 9650 will also include an N-network compatible Wi-Fi connection. Just like the year-old Blackberry Tour, Bold 9650 could have GPS, Bluetooth, a camera, 2 1/2 inch screen, and multi-national network support. For jetsetting payday advance lenders and businesspeople the Blackberry Bold will very easily cross national boundaries.

RIM Blackberry Pearl 3G

The Blackberry Pearl 3G is set to continue the success of the Blackberry Pearl, the first mass-market Blackberry available. 3G HSPA networks and 802.11N Wi-Fi connections are both available on the Pearl 3G – the first U.S. phone with N-network Wi-Fi. The Pearl 3G will contain full smartphone features, including Bluetooth, RIM Blackberry OS, and a faster processor. The Pearl 3G can be available in two models – 9100 and 9105 – one with a 20-button keypad and one with a 14-button keypad. In an try to make it easier for new users to transition to a smartphone, the 14-key pad is intended to appeal to teens.

Pearl 3G release will be delayed

The Blackberry Pearl 3G has been leaked, but the phone itself will not be released for a when. The Wi-Fi alliance has to approve the Pearl 3G before it could be sold with the Wi-Fi functionality, so the Pearl 3G has some technical approvals to be finished first. AT and T and T-Mobile are set to debut the Pearl 3G, though neither carrier has provided a release date or price for the Pearl 3G.

Android, Blackberry, or iPhone

There has been a years-long battle between Research in Motion and Apple – makers of the Blackberry or iPhone. Though Blackberries are available for years, the iPhone brought app development and more to the forefront of the general public. With so many different entries in the smartphone market, including the soon-to-be-released Pearl 3G and Bold 9650, one has to wonder what will happen. Is there a phone that you think will be one of the most popular?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Reservations for Nissan Leaf will be opening on April 20

nleaf1-240x160$ 99 will put you first in line as soon as it is released if you've been waiting excitedly for the Nissan Leaf all-electric car. For months the Nissan Leaf website has been taking reservations but beginning on April 20, only $ 99 will put you on the list for when the Leaf is released.

Exactly what is this Leaf?

The Nissan Leaf is designed to be the first mass-market all-electric automobile within the United States of America. The Leaf comfortably covers most commute-and-errands distances with the 100 miles on a single charge it can do. The Leaf (also known as LEAF – Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable Family auto) is should be accessible in Japan, North America and Europe.

How much is the leaf intended to price?

Within the US, it is suggested the Leaf is sold at $ 32,780. The price should drop to $ 25,280 with a federal tax credit. Other states are also including extra vehicle incentives. Georgia and California offers a $ 5,000 tax credit when Oregon has a $ 1,500 tax credit. The tax credit will start to end slowly after 200,000 autos are sold.

Is it possible to charge the Leaf at home?

The Nissan Leaf can charge, based upon on the station, in as little as 45 minutes. It could take up to 16 hours to charge on a normal household circuit. Nissan will offer a charging dock installed by AeroVironment, sold at price, as part of the essential purchase price.

Where is the Leaf available?

The Nissan Leaf can be released first in December of 2010 in “select markets” including Oregon, California, Washington, Arizona and Tennessee. Major States and Cities will also have charging stations added into them. In order to get in on this first release of the Nissan Leaf, a customer must pay the $ 99 reservation fee online. Approximately 4,700 autos can be accessible in this first roll-out. The availability of the Leaf can be increased in Spring of 2011 and full market availability in 2012.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Earth Day 2010 Is Here


It is close to that time of year to remember the Earth for a day – yes, it’s Earth Day on April 22. Earth Day 2010, and any Earth Day really, is a good time to be mindful of being better custodians of the environment. Our kids have to inherit just what we leave, so do not make your legacy soda cans. There are also some excellent Earth Day Activities for Kids, if you want to contain the little ones. You don’t need to buy a huge solar array that will make you need debt relief for Earth Day, as plenty of eco-friendly activities are cheap.

First Earth Day was April 22, 1970

The very first Earth Day was a teach-in. Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) began speaking at rallies for a lot more attention to be called to environmental issues in the fall of 1969. With the help of media coverage and organizers, a grassroots effort for environmental advocacy took off. Rallies, and teach ins at colleges and universities all took place on April 22 1970. 20 million people partook, and Earth Day and Earth week were born. It grew from there, and Earth Day is celebrated across the globe on April 22.

So what to do??|What can I do}?}

There are plenty of activities that will properly commemorate Earth Day 2010. You can use grass clippings and leaves to start a compost pile. You can spruce up a yard and add value to your property by planting a tree. (Have a look at the Arbor Day Foundation for more information.) You can also do some recycling. Your area might even reward recycling with cash now for certain materials.One couple made national headlines for their project Wedding Cans, paying for their wedding by recycling cans.

The EPA weighs in on Earth Day

The Environmental Protection Agency site has some things for Earth Day. They suggest individuals Pick 5 for the Environment, and list activities one can do to conserve water, air, power and waste, also as advocacy activities. The EPA site has some good tips for that.

Article Resources

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

South Park Creators Receive Death Threats

sp1-240x152After Episode 200 of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have become the very real recipients of South Park death threats. After a tongue-in-cheek depiction of Mohammad, a “radical” site posted a very detailed warning saying that Trey and Matt may well end up dead. The South Park death threats have not yet elicited an official response, though Parker and Stone may want to get unsecured personal loans to ensure they have private security.

South Park death threats echo other murders

The South Park death threats which were posted this morning reference the murder of Theo Van Gogh. A victim of a very violent murder, Theo Van Gogh was murdered by extremists. There were graphic photographs of Theo Van Gogh’s death and near-decapitation attached to the South Park death threats. Fox News interviewed the author of the designed South Park death threat post, and he said the post was “not a threat, but is really a likely outcome” and warning to Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Death threats follow South Park Episode 200

Abu Talhah al Amrikee, a resident of New York, was prompted to post the South Park death threats after seeing South Park episode 200. The South Park death threats focused on the depiction of Mohammad in the episode, which was making fun of the concern of showing Mohammad. At the end of Episode 200, a bear suit disguises Mohammad. All other depictions of Mohammad during the South Park episode are covered with a large black “Censored” bar. Religious leaders such as Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, and Joseph Smith have all been depicted by South Park within the past.

South Park death threats also included specific information

The South Park death threats may be called “just a warning” by the author, but the posting involved very specific details. The layout of the mansion that Trey and Parker shown was involved in the post that had the South Park death threats. While Comedy Central has made no specific comment about the death threats, it would not be surprising if they offer easy cash loans for Trey and Stone to beef up their security information.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meteor is captured in video in Wisconsin streaking across the sky

A meteor in Wisconsin was seen streaking across the sky from west to east about 10 p.m. Wednesday. Anyone who saw it instantly overwhelmed the emergency response phone lines saying they saw a blue/yellow fireball tracking from northwest to southeast. A meteorologist with the National Weather Service said the meteor exploded over Iowa County in southwest Wisconsin at about 24,000 feet, showering meteorites, beginning some forest fires. Those who saw it reported a window-rattling sonic boom.

Wisconsin meteor data wanted

If you had the opportunity to see the meteor in Wisconsin, the International Meteor Organization would like to hear from you. Data about where the meteor in Wisconsin may have landed is a pay day for The International Meteor Organization to help scientists discover any possible meteorites. Any details given will help scientists track the orbit of the meteor and link it to either asteroids or comets.

Video of Meteor in Wisconsin

The meteor was a natural object that originate in space. Friction caused it to superheat into a brightly glowing fireball captured on video after it entered the atmosphere. Those pieces of the meteor in Wisconsin that really hit the Earth will now be called "meteorites." As of February 2010, about 1,086 meteorites are found after witnesses reported them as meteors. Over 38,000 meteorites are found. Meteorites were found on the moon by Apollo astronauts also.

Was the meteor in Wisconsin turned into a meteorite?

Although bigger than most meteors, the meteor in Wisconsin wasn't unique. The American Meteor Society Fireball Sightings Log: 2010 shows almost daily reports of meteor sightings around the country. On the other hand, meteorite discoveries are rare. On Jan. 22, 2010, a meteorite struck the office building of Dr. Frank Ciampi in Lorton, VA. The meteorite put a hole within the roof and ripped up the floor 10 feet from where Ciampi was working. Fragments of meteor about the size of a tennis ball were strewn about the room. Damage was light, and he probably doesn’t need a loan to fix it.

Unlikely for meteor in Wisconsin

According to astronomer Alan Harris on, the chances of being hit and killed by a meteorite in a person’s lifetime are about the exact same as Bill Gates needing a payday installment loans: 1 in 700,000." As a comparison,” he said, “you’re more likely to die in a fireworks accident; But what’s funny is, this is a slightly higher chance than being killed by a terrorist!” The last impact on a human was in 1954, when Elaine Hodges of Sylacauga, Ala., was struck within the hip when napping on her couch. There is a Life magazine image of her showing the injury.

It wasn't the first meteor in Wisconsin

This meteor hitting Wisconsin wasn't the first to impact the state. Scientists, years ago saw something different about rocks around Wavery, Wis., and concluded an ancient catastrophic event occurred reports They believe a 650- to 700-foot meteorite crashed into the earth at speeds up to 67,500 mph. The impact 450 million years ago released a lot more than 1,000 megatons of explosive energy, blasting a massive hole in a 4-mile area called Rock Elm about 70 miles east of Minneapolis, three scientists said in an article published in the Geological Society of The US Bulletin. Over a long time, dirt, shale, and sediment filled the hole. Wisconsin had a shallow sea covering it at the time, blunting the impact. In the world, there are around 200 meteorite impact sites known. The US only has a couple dozen of them. Scientists suggest that they occur only each few hundred thousand years, and only a couple dozen in the US. They are believed to have occurred only each ! and every few hundred thousand years.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Controversy Over Arizona Immigration Bill

Arizona Senate Bill 1070, the Arizona immigration reform bill is causing quite a stir. Latino members of Congress are critical of the bill, alleging it makes racial profiling part of Arizona police policy. The state of Arizona is among the hardest taxed states concerning illegal immigrants, with law enforcement there running for fast cash to deal with the problem.

Arizona immigration reform SB 1070

SB 1070, the Arizona immigration bill is set to go to the governor having already passed the Arizona House. According to the Christian Science Monitor, the bill would allow police to investigate the immigration status of individuals suspected of a crime. The bill would also make it a crime for immigrants to not possess valid immigration paperwork. After record numbers of illegal immigrations and also the murder of a rancher, proponents of the bill contend the state is picking up the slack from federal inaction. Arizona presently spends a lot more than $ 1 billion a year because of illegal immigration and might be running for additional cash soon if no solution is reached.

Latino members of Congress oppose the bill

CNN reports that several Latino members of Congress are calling for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill. Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva (D) has blasted the bill as discriminatory against an entire ethnic group. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) contends the bill intrudes on federal jurisdiction governing immigration. Isabel Garcia, a legal defender in Arizona, says the bill “legalizes racial profiling.”

Bill deemed totalitarian by Los Angeles Cardinal

As reported by the LA Times, Archbishop of the LA Diocese Cardinal Roger Mahony has dubbed the authority of course law enforcement officials as using “German Nazi and Russian Communist techniques.” Among the other calls for Governor Brewer to veto the bill is Bishop of the Tucson Diocese Gerald Kicanas. Both call for a fairer policy on immigration, and on Mahony’s blog, Mahony contends the attitudes on illegal immigration as unrealistic and unfair.

Immigration reform battles have a long history

Immigration legislation has a long history in the U.S. Asian immigrants were the topic within the 19th century (also in WWII) and Latin American immigrants are today’s cause du jour. Decades of legislation have unsuccessfully tried to stem immigration from Mexico. Pragmatic, rather than authoritarian solutions appear to be the order of the day.


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In Touch says Charlie Sheen is cheating with Angelina Tracy

According to In Touch magazine, Charlie Sheen and lingerie model/escort Angelina Tracy have been seen together. The Huffington Post reveals that it was not a normal shady rendezvous however. Brooke Mueller's husband – who’s going through rehab like she is right now – was spotted outside of Angelina Tracy's Studio City apartment wearing dark glasses, a hooded sweatshirt, and…wait for it… a fake mustache! Yes, Charlie Sheen jokes write themselves at this point. Like no faxing payday loans, they’re just too easy.

Is Angelina Tracy an enabler?

Rehab programs – at least those of the 12-step variety – typically don’t advise patients like Charlie Sheen to date anyone, Angelina Tracy included. They typically don't advise this until patients have things under control anyway, which Charlie sheen definitely isn't under control since he is sprinting around in fake mustaches. Unhealthy relationships don't help with recovery, which includes anything that will exploit addictions or otherwise enable inappropriate behavior. All reports – including those from In Touch, a publication that isn't officially licensed therapist but plays one on paper – claim that Sheen struggled ever since the Brook Mueller's 911 call at Christmas when he was arrested. All of his rendezvous with $3,000/hour escorts while in rehab doesn't indicate that his issues are clearing up.

Some nuggets from the In Touch Angelina Tracy/Charlie Sheen story

If Sheen wants to show Brooke that he has changed, then he may have to bite the bullet, face reality, and adhere to no matter what fidelity cliche his conscience suggests. In Touch writes that “He is seeing Brooke and the kids a lot and is good about continuing treatment,” and that he has been “sweet” to his estranged wife. However, Mueller has rightfully taken it all with a grain of salt. In other salty news Angelina Tracy (professional name: Nina) loves many salt on her margarita glass. Exactly what with rehab and all, Charlie probably shouldn't be drinking the non-virgin stuff.

There are no virgins here given that Sheen takes his shenanigans 100 proof

You’ve yourself a train wreck if you mix that with over proof libations. In Touch quotes one onlooker who saw Sheen leaving Angelina Tracy’s apartment as saying that “He ran down to his car. … It seemed like he wanted to leave as quickly as possible.” He certain did. So many lives to wreck with so little time. Perhaps he’ll get it eventually and think of his kids, but don’t count on it. Angelina Tracy and women like her are eating up that college fund, enabling the creation of yet another dysfunctional wave of celebrity offspring.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blizzard Store releases the Celestial Steed

wow5-240x180The Celestial Steed, a new World of Warcraft pet, has just been released. Relying on the mount skill you have, the Celestial Steed might be a land or air mount. The Celestial Steed from the Blizzard Store could increase your speed by 310 percent. Downloading the Celestial Steed will cost you as much as no faxing payday loans – $ 25.

Celestial Steed one of the Blizzard Store pets

The Celestial Steed was released today in the Blizzard Store Pet Store. Initially, the “flying mount with wings of pure elemental stardust”, the Celestial Steed was accessible in World of Warcraft, but the chances of finding it were very low. By releasing the Celestial Steed in the Blizzard Store, any World of Warcraft player who wants to spend the $ 25 can get this pet. To activate the Celestial Steed; you need to have a account. Each license of World of Warcraft involves a separate purchase of the Steed.

Watch the Celestial Steed in action

Is the Celestial Steed going to be making a donation?

The Celestial Steed is not the first pet available within the Blizzard Store. Make-A-Wish got half the sales from the release of the Pandaren Monk in 2009. The Pandaren Monk pet made a lot more than $ 1 million for the foundation. Thus far, there has been no talk from the Blizzard Store of donations from the Celestial Steed.

Celestial Steed reactions from players

While the Celestial Steed is proving popular in the Blizzard Store, not all World of Warcraft players are happy. Some players are expressing frustration on the World of Warcraft forums. Some are saying the Blizzard Store is trying to drain WoW players of cash, first with cards, then with pets and now with servers. Some players have expressed worry that they have to take out payday loans no fax just to keep their game accounts active. Others are lauding the Blizzard Store, saying that by offering “low-probability items” for sale, Blizzard is reducing the monotony of trying to get an unlikely piece of loot.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fashion statement made by Gum wrapper prom dress

Elizibeth Rasmuson of Garner, Iowa right earned numerous attention by wearing a gum wrapper prom dress to her annual high school soiree.

Anyone creative and committed enough to fashion an elegant evening gown from gum wrappers, as well as have the discipline to collect them, deserves just a little good notoriety. The dress would be even more remarkable if she actually chewed all the gum, which we don't actually know.

Gum wrapper prom dress seems like a lot to chew on

Rasmuson’s gum wrapper prom dress is a piece of fashion that could even impress the likes of Donna Karan. Rasmuson started collecting blue and white gum wrappers with her boyfriend Jordan Weaver in August of 2009. Weaver also made a gum wrapper vest for himself. As reported on, the idea began after making a jacket of wrappers last year and after that she decided to be unique with her dress for prom also.

Gum wrapper prom dress: just the beginning?

A gum wrapper prom dress is many work in itself, but next time possibly Rasmuson will consider using gum wrappers to weave a chic fashion accessory, like a candy wrapper purse.

Individuals who are creative will make purses out of food wrappers, soft drink labels, magazines, wrapping paper, and even candy wrappers. All it takes is a simple weaving technique that originated from Mexican paper weaving.

Gum wrapper prom dress a unique art form

Weaving a gum wrapper prom dress is an art form often referred to as Tramp Art, or sometimes Prison Art. In fact, on you are able to read about an ex-con named George Vargas, who learned how make picture frames by folding cigarette packages into chains of rectangles that could possibly be threaded together.

He did this to help pass the time during his 60 day sentence for heroin possession. When he got out of the joint, he learned Mexican paper weaving and began using snack bags to make handbags for instant money. By cutting the bags into rectangular strips, he figured out how to fold and hook them together in a way that created dizzying patterns out of bar codes. Puffy, cloud-like designs emerged from the popcorn pictures on Smartfood bags. Cheetos packages were bent into bright blazes of orange and yellow. Think about a Vargas gum wrapper prom dress.

Using gum wrapper prom dress as a pay day?

Rasmuson can be led into a bright future with fashion after her gum wrapper prom dress. Vargas' Prison Art has designer handbags for as much as $ 200.

He uses the skills he found in prison to make a trust fund for his daughter and to support a substance abuse prevention program in his town. With college tuition increasing every year, Rasmuson’s gum wrapper prom dress might be an excellent way to make money now, or pay for higher education — unless she gets rich building a wrapper-weaving empire on her own.


New iPhone prototype found in Redwood City bar

So a tech blogger walks into a bar and finds the next iPhone prototype. Stop me if you’ve heard this one…

Really, Gizmodo may have gotten the severe scoop with a fortuitous discovery of exactly what seems to be a prototype of the next iPhone (iPhone 4G?). A Gizmodo reporter found it in a Redwood City bar. After checking with Apple-connected John Gruber of Daring Fireball, Gizmodo found that Apple had lost a prototype and was “very interested” in getting it back. Whether they were ready to use pay day loans to sic Sherlock Holmes on the case is unclear.

An iPhone prototype that seems to be dressed in 3GS clothing

The plastic case of the iPhone prototype looks like an iPhone 3GS on the surface. There are definite details making this prototype much a lot more different:

  • Front-facing video camera in addition to a back camera with a flash and larger lens
  • Micro-SIM – a lot more secure, more storage, more allowable connections. This would be the first use of this tech in a U.S. cell phone
  • Higher-res display (exact numbers unclear so far)
  • A second microphone port and 2nd volume button
  • Metal buttons
  • A flatter, more squared-off design
  • Higher-powered battery… 5.25 WHr (watt hours) at 3.7V, compared with 4.75 WHr within the iPhone 3GS

New iPhone or red herring?

Gizmodo believes this new iPhone is a real discovery for many reasons. It was running the iPhone 4. operating system before that OS was even announced first of all. Second, the iPhone prototype was remotely killed before Gizmodo could dig any further into the OS. When connected to a Mac OS X system, the device was recognized as an iPhone in both Xcode and iTunes, but no firmware updates were available, which indicated to Gizmodo that this was an unreleased unit. According to Gizmodo, the fact the Mac OS X System Profiler reported it as an iPhone in restore mode is consistent with the phone having been “remotely wiped.”

Under the hood is where you'll find the proof

The components on the inside are Apple-labeled and fit together very well inside the case. If this were 3G or 3GS parts in modified housing, Gizmodo says the parts wouldn’t fit so well. It was designed for that case. Probably because of the metal buttons, the case is thinner but heavier. The design seemed like it was just a little less sleek than most Apple products. It is kind of ugly, like tax debt, and is boxier where iPhones before have had more curves. This could be chalked up to this iPhone being a prototype, however.

What this could mean for consumers

The next-gen iPhone is going to be announced this summer. If the iPhone prototype found by Gizmodo is an indication of the future, people waiting to upgrade might want to take the plunge. A better back camera, a better battery, a second microphone for better voice clarity, and a front video cam addresses some of fans' major concerns. Just sexy up the case a bit and you might just have a deal.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shear Genius Winner: Brig takes it

Shear Genius is supposedly supposed to be a competition about hairstyling. The Shear Genius winner for Season three on Bravo has stirred up some controversy.

Whether she deserved it or not, Brig is getting the Shear Genius winner prize of $ 100,000 in cash advance prize cash and a photo shoot for Allure Magazine.

Brig is the Shear Genius Winner

It’s for certain that Brig was not the finest hairstylist on Shear Genius. However, Brig was definitely the best competitor on Shear Genius. Winner positions on reality shows are likely to go to the competitor that provides the best TV, not necessarily probably the most skilled.

So it’s only somewhat surprising that Brig, known for her crazy outfits and over-the-top hair bows, took the Shear Genius Winner prize and won’t have to borrow instant money to feed her big-bow addiction.

Shear Genius and the way it works

Shear Genius has a hairstyling theme much like Top Chef and Project Runway. Every week the contestants are required to complete a challenge that won't eliminate them, (the short cut challenge) and an elimination challenge.

Each elimination challenge has a theme that each competitor must style to match and then the styles are seen by a panel when they sent their hairstyles down the runway.

The Brig Drama

On Shear Genius, the drama bucket of the show all went to Brig. She typically worked for the drama instead of the competition with her big bows and making herself the center of controversy. The two other finalists, Matthew Morris and Janine Jarman, were more well-liked by Shear Genius watchers, but within the end Brig’s buns with lacquered extensions won. Something the Brig's story of "triumph over adversity" was pushed over the top.

Whatever the reasons were, Brig managed to talk herself on to the show, and then work her way up to become the Shear Genius winner.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Raychel Coudriet, the neighbors daughter, can be added to the Woods list

Woods, tell all of us this isn't true! Is it possible you really slept with the neighbor's daughter? Then again, what’s really there to doubt? After all the compromising stories of Tiger Woods, there really is no surprising stories that can come out. Shock treatments paid for by instant money really isn't necessary.

Raychel Coudriet, Wood's neighbor's daughter

According to the National Enquirer, Woods had an affair with the youngest of his women, Raychel Coudriet, who was his neighbor's daughter. Apparently the now 22 year old Raychel Coudriet had a steamy one night stand with the golfing champ, only a few yards away from Tiger and Elin's home. Explicit details of the affair between Woods and Coudriet could be found within the Enquirer. Evidently, the two began knocking boots in Tiger’s vehicle, which later ended with a “two-hour sex session on the couch in Tiger’s private office.”

More dirty details on Tiger and Raychel Coudriet

The New York post is making the story even more juicy with their details. Raychel Coudriet met Woods when she was only 14, although now she is in college. Only fourteen! Tiger was 26 at the time. So does that mean he is also attracted to little girls? Eeeek! Good thing he didn't follow through until last year.

According to the Post, Coudriet, who was so upset after finding out about the other Tiger Woods affairs, angrily confronted Tiger and told him how she feels “extremely violated" for exactly what he did to her. Come on! Exactly what did you really think? Did you really think he'd leave his super model wife for you? You were screwing a married man, for goodness sakes! The only person who could be validated in being upset is Elin.

Life could be exactly what you make it

An additional distraction is the last thing Woods needs before the Masters golf 2010 tournament. But who should really be caring?

Obviously karma couldn't care less about who you are, exactly what you're doing, where you're going, or how much quick cash you've got with your bank account. No matter what, you will be getting your piece. If you are going to dig a hole, you will have to rot in it. Tiger Woods sleeping with the neighbor’s daughter is just the tip of the iceberg; the list goes on and on and on.

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Bruno Tonioli: Stripping down and speaking up

Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli has never been known for keeping his opinions to himself.

He was loved and hated for this trait; nobody would disagree about his unique personality.

Recently, news for two very different things was made by Bruno: calling Kate Gosselin a “raving bitch from hell” (yes, it was a compliment) and stripping down so a good cause could get some instant cash loans.

DWTS allows Bruno Tonioli to speak his mind

Bruno has continued to be a judge for the show ever since it came to the US. While he always voices his mind, Bruno has been particularly polarizing this year with his comments to Kate Gosselin.

Bruno Tonioli really let loose on the George Lopez show last night. Bruno Tonioli called Kate Gosselin “dreadful” and said that she is such a “disaster movie” that watching her is like watching 2012. Youch. Bruno Tonioli is certainly being shown to not like Kate Gosselin.

Watch Bruno Tonioli talk about Dancing With The Stars

Be aware. Bruno and Lopez get just a little risqué in this clip, so don't watch more than 2 minutes if you don't want to hear talk of profanity about Pamela Anderson's Chest, things that Bruno has done in the past for quick cash, or about his tight pants.

See the clip here at×243_embed.swf?context=lopez_embed_offsite&videoId=213729

Bruno Tonioli strips for charity

Beyond making headlines for his stripped-down commentary, Bruno Tonioli has recently literally stripped down. The Give Up Clothes For Good campaign in Britian aims to get clothing and housewares donated to help fight childhood cancers.

Most who get naked for photos would not be recognized within the US but Bruno was defiantly noticed.

Showing off his dancing and choreography skills, Bruno Tonioli creates a long, elegant, and definitely nude line in the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign shots. You can see Bruno Tonioli and others in this nude-but-not-pornographic campaign On the Daily Mail.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just what Promoted Tweets will really do to Twitter

Is it possible to describe what promoted tweets mean for most twitter users in 140 characters or less? Promoted tweets will highlight search results, and can be the first step of Twitter into advertising. The overwhelming Twitter chatter is apparently against the Promoted Tweets program, but Twitter cannot run forever on short term installment loans from venture capitalists.

How Promoted Tweets will work

Built to be similar to, but more “organic” than Google advertisements, Promoted Tweets will operate on search results. Results on will display with a relevant promoted tweet on top. For example, if you search Twitter for “mocha,” a “promoted tweet” by Starbucks that mentions a mocha will appear above the current Twitter chatter. A few companies have already signed up for Promoted Tweets, including Starbucks, Sony, Bravo, Best Buy, and Red Bull.

Promoted Tweets to be rated by users

Promoted Tweets will use tweets that paying companies would post anyhow. The hope is that twitterers will reply, bookmark, or retweet the promoted tweets. Twitter promises that any results that users don’t interact with will be removed from search results. Debt settlement relief might be in the future for Twitter if the promoted tweets program is successful.

Plans for the growth of Promoted Tweets

The Promoted Tweets program does not stop just with the display of search results. Instead, Twitter has outlined that, if Promoted Tweets is successful, they’ll expand the program. Promoted Tweets can be injected to the timelines of individuals who already follow that business account. Second, these Promoted Tweets will even be displayed by Twitter clients such as Tweetie and Seesmic, also as clients being developed by companies that have chosen to hire a dedicated programmer to create iPhone and Android apps.

The financial reality of Promoted Tweets

The Twitter microblogging site is using Promoted Tweets as the first step into “monetizing” the immensely popular site. Until now, the site has refused to monetize itself, growing as a free service since 2006. Twitter has consistently focused on creating value, instead of revenue streams. Over $ 57 million has been invested in Twitter, and Promoted Tweets might help the company pay back their investors. If the addition of advertising to other social networks is any indication, users will most likely be fine with advertising supporting their favorite service.


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Jennifer Hudson is the Weight watchers spokeswoman

Jennifer Hudson, Grammy and Academy award winner, is now the new face of Weight Watchers.

Even though she has always been happy with her body, she says she would like to be an example and hero to her son, David Daniel Otunga Jr. who she just gave birth to last August. ”I have a child now, and I want to set an excellent example for him,” Hudson says.

How did she do it, Jennifer Hudson losing weight?

Jennifer Hudson says that by using Weight Watchers, she was able to lose all of the baby weight she gained. Although she didn’t gain a huge amount of weight during her pregnancy, it was enough to spark a showdown between her body and inner self, and direct some of that cash now to good, healthy use.

“How can I make a better me, or grow or do some changes, anything, just experiment, because I have me back now,” she said. “And then at the very same time, having the baby. … It’s like, OK, this could be a good way of how I’d want my child to grow up because so many times in growing up, you gain really bad habits … so I want to make certain that he’s going into this and I’m being a good example for him.”

Teamwork is just what it's called!

Even fiancé David Otunga (aka “Punk” from “I Love New York 2″) is inspired by Jennifer Hudson being the brand new spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. “Now he’s in the habit of writing down just what he’s eating,” said Hudson. She also said, “He’s doing weigh-ins. He’s super healthy, and he’s a bodybuilder type, but he is inspired by it.”

Making a difference for others – Jennifer Hudson

Like millions of others, Jennifer Hudson struggles with weight problems, not matter how much quick cash she has.

Rather than ignoring her problem, she is making a better change for herself, her son, her fiancé, and millions of other people who feel they’ll never win by losing. Jennifer Hudson is proving them wrong, and she is getting the word out by becoming the new Weight Watchers spokeswoman.

Friday, April 16, 2010

In Austin Texas, Car2Go is going official

zipcar2-300x225Thanks to German company Car2Go, Austin Texas should be seeing SmartCars in a new light. The car-sharing service could be expanding the year-old pilot program to all city and state officials in Austin. Car2Go is a service in car-sharing that charges users by the minute of their SmartCars, a model that is apparently becoming popular in big cities.

How it works with Car2Go

A vehicle sharing system that places a large number of cars in an urban area is called Car2Go. Anyone who’s a "member" of Car2Go can rent cars with their smart vehicle by the minute. Car2Go cars can be picked up or dropped off within the Car2Go area. At only 35 cents per minute, these Car2Go cars can help up urban residents who don't need a auto but once in a while have to use one.

Car2Go vs. ZipCar

ZipCar is an American company, founded in 2000, that at the moment operates in 49 U.S. cities also as Vancouver, Toronto and London. After getting Flexcar in 2007, ZipCar represented about 50 percent of the car sharing in the world. Both Cars2Go and ZipCars rely on their "members" to unlock and rent the cars. ZipCar is also partnered with many universities and companies that want to help commuters and students time-share their cars.

The Benefits of sharing cars

ZipCar and Car2Go represent just two of the large number of car-sharing services in the US and around the world. Numerous cities in the US, such as Buffalo, San Francisco, Boulder, NYC, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis-Saint Paul have all started a vehicle sharing network. The car sharing system is a lot more environmentally friendly, reduce congestion, and increase flexibility. Additionally, large fleets of cars like Car2Go and ZipCar tend to make use of hybrid and electric automobiles, dramatically increasing the overall fuel efficiency for hundreds of drivers in each city.

Enjoy activities for kids on Earth Day

For any environmentalist parent, that is a win-win situation. But for children to truly appreciate the fun that could be had on Earth Day (April 22), it helps if mom and dad understand where Earth Day comes from and exactly what it’s about. According to USA Today, this is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Back in 1970, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, who was an environmentalist at heart, proposed that April 22 as a day that is set aside to honor earth and her vast resources. After catching on quite a bit, the Congress authorized the creation of the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, to police environmental pollution.

Achievable activities for Earth Day activities for children

Activities for kids on Earth Day have to reflect just what the EPA issued to all Americans to commit to five actions that will keep the environment safer. It is up to you if you would rather apply for payday loans no fax instead of with paperwork in a store as one of yours. At first, five actions wouldn't seem like much, but think about what could happen if every person did those five actions diligently. The world would be a much better and cleaner place on earth day, along with the rest of the days. It is less difficult to focus on just a few activities instead of a whole list of them making Earth Day for kids less overwhelming. It also is cheaper for parents, so low interest loans won't be necessary.

Here are the five actions for your children, speaking of activities

Thanks to Main Street, here are your “five actions,” your Earth Day activities for children:

  1. Sort recyclables. Ideally, you live in an area with curbside recycling pickup. Even if you don’t, there are likely places where you can take your recycling products. Separate plastic bottles from aluminum cans and show kids the recycling symbols on the bottom so they know just what it means to be green. Teach them young so that it becomes a way of life — not a sometimes project.
  2. Don’t throw away jars. Glass or plastic, those jars could be used to hold pencils, your preferred beverage, flowers, pennies, small toys or even that kind of sticky goo kids get out of vending machines. Children can even decorate the jars!
  3. Join the energy patrol. At home, at school or anywhere else, saving water and electricity go a long way toward saving the environment and saving money. Formulating great ideas is great to include as part of your Earth Day activities for children.
  4. Spring cleaning – make it a game! Cleaning up the house and garage doesn’t sound like fun at first, but if you challenge your children to discover new ways to use old products, it gets them more involved and thinking green. Here are some ideas to get kids began with household recycling, courtesy of the UK site Recycle This.
  5. Make an Earth Day crossword. If your child loves solving puzzles, make an Earth Day activities for kids-themed crossword to help them flex their language muscles. Or use this one, courtesy of the EPA.

Have a Happy Earth Day on April 22!

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Brandon Marshall of the Dolphins gets in big trouble with big numbers

Football 1
The trade of Brandon Marshall is the talk of NFL. The superstar wide receiver, known as much for his arrest record as his pass catching talent, has been traded by the Denver Broncos to the Miami Dolphins. In the Brandon Marshall trade, the Dolphins gave Denver a second-round pick in next week’s NFL draft, plus an additional second-round pick next year, according to the NFL.

Exactly what is Miami getting out of the Brandon Marshall trade?

Brandon Marshall has been beating women off the field with his brilliance in a brutal man's game. Is it possible that it is my cash now, pain later? In Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins are getting one of the best receivers in the game at one of their weakest positions. Brandon Marshall is apparently one strike from getting suspended for a year by the NFL.

What Brandon Marshall learned in college

Brandon Marshall started showing up in police reports during his junior year at the University of Central Florida with misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, refusal to obey and assault on a police officer. Later the charges were dismissed. When trying to return a set of stolen bed sheets, he was charged with retail theft. Those charges were also dropped.

Did the fight with Brandon Marshall lead to fatal shooting?

Brandon Marshall was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2006. Previous Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker said contributed to a drive by shooting shortly after that killed Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams.

Brandon Marshall girlfriend beat up

In January 2009, Brandon Marshall attracted police again following a fight with his father who has asked to borrow money, within the parking lot of a bowling alley in Orlando, FL. One more report was filed after girlfriend Rasheedah Watley said Marshall had threatened her with a lead pipe in Marsh 2007. Marshall was arrested just a few days later on charges of false imprisonment and domestic violence for assaulting Watley at the Marshall home in Denver. All of the charges were dismissed after Marshall attended anger management classes.

So much for those anger management classes Brandon Marshall

Again Marshall assaulted Watley, according to police reports, in June 2007 when he allegedly cut her with a kitchen knife and punched her in the face. Marshall then went and rammed Watley's friend's car with his nice vehicle, being a Cadillac Escalade. Yet again, no charges were filed. After Marshall missed a flight a couple of weeks later, blamed Watley for it, and beat her up, the Atlanta police responded. Yet again, no charges were filed. Atlanta police suggested that Watley should get a restraining order.

Brandon Marshall is drinking and driving

In October 2007, Brandon Marshall got a DUI. After several more reports of violence with Watley on the receiving end of the receiver’s wrath, Marshall was suspended for the first 3 regular season games of 2008. two misdemeanor counts of simple batter for incidents from March 2007 are what Marshall was finally charged with. He was given a year of probation after his DUI in September 2008.

Brandon Marshall and his fiance assaults

Many authors praised Marshall for his "maturity" after he proposed to Michi Nogami-Campbell in February 2009. Just a couple of months later, Marshall was arrested for assaulting his fiance in public in Atlanta. The charges were later dismissed. The Broncos suspended Marshall for several games last season and he was benched for the final game.

Have fun with Brandon Marshall, Dolphins

Even after all of this, why would the Dolphins was a Brandon Marshall trade? He’s instant money — with caveats. Marshall set an NFL record for receptions in a game with 21 in 2009, and he managed to catch more than 100 passes for the third straight year. Meanwhile, the NFL is reviewing Brandon Marshall's conduct, including his recent assault on his fiance. Good Luck Dolphins with Brandon Marshall.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good Friday tradition: The Divine Mercy Novena

As Easter weekend approaches, so do the ancient traditions of those who observe religious faith – and today, Good Friday, brings A Good Friday tradition: Divine Mercy Novena" href="">the Divine Mercy Novena of the Roman Catholic faith|As Easter weekend draws near, so does the venerated tradition of those who declare religious faith – and today comes the Divine Mercy Novena of the Roman Catholic faith on Good Friday|Easter weekend is just around the corner, bringing along the ancient tradition of those who profess religious faith – and Good Friday, which is today, brings the Roman Catholic’s tradition of the Divine Mercy Novena}. For those of you unfamiliar with the significance of “novena,” WordNet defines it as “a Roman Catholic devotion composed of prayers on nine consecutive days.” Roman Catholics believe that Jesus mandated the Divine Me! rcy Novena, and he told St. Faustina that on Good Friday, the special nine days of prayer should begin. Prayers are to be devoted to a specific group of souls each day. According to CatholicFire, the last day is “the most difficult of all, and prayers are to be made for “the lukewarm and indifferent,” the ones who are said to have caused Jesus “more suffering than any others; it was from such souls that My soul felt one of the most revulsion in the Garden of Olives.” Certainly this would are long before payday loans.

Divine Mercy Novena: For what are Catholics praying?

Jesus is reputed to have told St. Faustina, “On each day you’ll beg My Father, on the strength of My passion, for the graces for these souls.” The list of the Divine Mercy Novena prayers for Roman Catholics is as following:

  1. Good Friday – For all humankind, pray, with a particular focus on those who have sinned. Prayers should include the souls of the priest and ministers who contributed to the recent Catholic Church sex scandals, including the ones who stood on the sideline and did nothing to stop it.
  2. Holy Saturday – Roman Catholics should pray for “the souls of priests and religious.” See No. 1, above.
  3. Easter Sunday – This is the day to pray for “all devout and faithful souls,” writes CatholicFire. Review No. 1; part of the Roman Catholic faith might argue that those who participated in the scandal are no longer “faithful.”
  4. Easter Monday – Prayer is dedicated to the souls who don’t know or don’t believe in Jesus.
  5. Easter Tuesday – This is the day to pray for “the souls of separated brethren.”
  6. Easter Wednesday – Prayer is dedicated to “the meek and humble souls and the souls of kids.” This is where certain Roman Catholics need to spend more time on; review No. 1
  7. Easter Thursday – The souls of those who go the extra mile to honor the mercy of Jesus.
  8. Easter Friday – Prayer on this day is made for the souls in purgatory.
  9. Easter Saturday – Prayer is dedicated to the souls who have “become lukewarm” on this final day of Divine Mercy Novena.

A nice Divine Mercy Novena is what Roman Catholics would want

It might make it impossible, considering Vatican’s regrettable stance on the recent priest sex scandals. Although unfair to blame the massed parishioners for the ruthless actions of a few, the actions of the Vatican have painted the anger and heat of society. The Vatican will take immediate action on the best interests of children, that is if they believe as Jesus does that children are the model of peaceful innocence. Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzenberger) is backed by some cardinals for protecting the Vatican’s reputation, but there are laws in destination on this planet for how to deal with those who would harm kids. Although there is nevertheless much to be done, it looks as if the Roman Catholic Church may be headed in that direction, the direction of aiding those Jesus favored by first following the law. Let it be said, if it means a need for a cash lender or two to help settle a lawsuit.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Toms Shoes: A Day Without Shoes for awareness

Tom Shoes, a business in California, began A Day Without Shoeswhich is a one day event every year.

A Day Without Shoes aims to raise awareness of children that do not have access to shoes. The basic act that Toms Shoes encourages participants in A Day Without Shoes to do is very simple – go a day, an hour, even 10 minutes without shoes – it doesn’t take any quick cash, and is a very simple act.

Tom Shoes trying to raise awareness

Tom Shoes is situated in Southern California and was founded in conjunction with a a non-profit organization.

Every pair of shoes Tom Shoes sells, they’ll give a pair to a child who needs it – giving guaranteed loans of opportunity for just the small price of a pair of shoes. Since Might 2006, when they were founded, the one-for-one program has given away over 600,000 pairs of shoes to kids in need.

2010 Day without shoes

"Bare Your Sole" is just what A Day Without Shoes is asking people that usually wear shoes in America to do. Most developing countries have children that grow up barefoot.

Without shoes, kids would have to suffer cuts, scrapes, infections, and a condition called Podoconiosis. Without shoes, children are also often not allowed to attend school.

How do I get involved with A Day Without Shoes?

Getting involved in A Day Without Shoes is simple. Start by being barefoot today. If you’ve to walk to work, or just at your desk or in class, go without shoes.

See what it is like to walk down the freezing cold sidewalk without protection on your feet. Get the experience of life without shoes. If you would like to get even more involved, you are able to register your shoelessness at If on twitter, the hashtag #hardwithoutshoes is exactly what they are using to track just what life without shoes is like.

@TOMSshoes is also posting throughout the day. Different areas of the country should be posting Facebook groups for those joining in on the One Day Without Shoes.

Arizona rebates for appliances: Arizona appliance rebate begins

This morning, the Arizona rebates for appliances program began offering rebates. Energy-efficient appliances can provide their purchasers with debt relief though this program.

The Arizona appliance rebate system

In contrast to the Texas Powerful Smart appliance rebate program, the Arizona appliance rebate contains a relatively small number of appliances. Arizona appliance rebates contain only clothes washers, dishwashers and water heaters. The Arizona appliance rebates range from $ 75 to $ 425.

Arizona rebates for appliances all reserved

As with most other state appliance rebate programs, the Arizona appliance rebate was quickly claimed. The reservation for Arizona appliance rebates began at 6 a.m. on April 12, 2010. All of the Arizona rebates for appliances had been claimed within four hours. The Arizona appliance rebate administrators planned for this. There are waiting lists available. In states that have already had their rebate programs, some of the reserved appliance rebates are not claimed. In Arizona, appliance rebates have a waiting list where unclaimed rebates are doled out after a certain time period. The rebate is not cash now, but it is money that helps. Go to to get on the Arizona waiting list.

Arizona rebates for appliances based on Energy Star

The Arizona rebate program is funded through the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Which appliances qualify as energy-efficient is located on the recently-questioned Energy Star program. While the Energy Star logo might be easy to get, most new appliances are still more efficient than old appliances.

Other appliance rebate programs

While the Arizona appliance rebate program is already out of cash, there are other state programs that have yet to start. On April 19, four states start their rebate programs. April 22 is a huge day for appliance rebate programs. On April 22, Kentucky, California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, and Oklahoma all start their programs. See the Energy Savers website for a complete list of rebate programs.




Monday, April 12, 2010

Spirit Airlines will charge for carry-on bags

Small carrier Spirit Airlines is preparing to take airline baggage fees one step further. In a move that can be closely watched, Spirit Airlines will start charging for carry-on luggage. There has been no word if the airline is going to also offer cheap payday loans to cover the new fees.

Spirit Airlines can be a no-frills carrier

Spirit Airlines offers only no-frills service. Some customers could get Spirit Airline fares for as little as $ 9 each way, but only if they pay a $ 40 yearly membership. Each way, an average Spirit Airlines ticket costs $ 50 to $ 150. Spirit Airlines charges $ 25 for one checked bag, and $ 45 for a second checked bag. Spirit Airlines claims that at the very same time the bag fee is instituted, they’ll drop their average fare by $ 40, saving some customers from getting no fax payday loans no credit check to pay for their travel.

Spirit Airlines to charge for carry-on bags

Checked baggage fees have led to more people carrying on luggage. Spirit Airlines plans on charging for those carry-on bags on August 1. Spirit Airline “members” will be charged $ 20. Passengers that aren’t members could be charged $ 30 for pre-registered bags. Non-registered bags will cost $ 45 at the gate. Self-service kiosks are also under consideration to replace front desk service. ”Personal items” that will fit within the space under the seat in front of you will not be charged.

Is Spirit Airlines the first?

No major airline has yet said they will even institute these fees. JetBlue and Southwest airlines have not yet started charging for checked baggage. In the third quarter of last year, checked baggage fees brought in $ 700 million to airlines. Average ticket prices dropped by 14% in that same period of time.


Market Watch


Is a scam? claims to do something very simple: aggregate all the publicly available information about a person and sell it to anybody who is willing to pay with paydayloans or otherwise. Many are asking if it’s a scam, or if Spokeo really does offer a legitimate service. The answer is some of column A, some of column B. “ is a scam” isn’t entirely true, but the functionality of Spokeo isn’t necessarily entirely legitimate.

What claims to do

The basic service of is aggregating social networking data. Any info considered public on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ning, Netflix, Flickr, or any other network is aggregated using the search. The aggregator matches the info it gathers with an e-mail address. then sells the information it aggregates to anybody who gets nofaxing payday loans or any other financing to pay for the details. scam? scam may be a better name for the website, according to some allegations. Within the privacy policy, claims to only gather publicly available info. Independent tests by and some other news websites have found the opt-out process could be a bit questionable. scam whistle-blowers also claim that scam billing processes are of concern. The response of to scam allegations is that business heads are “just launching a new version of Spokeo and are reviewing policies and algorithms”.

Keeping social networking information safe from Spokeo

The spookiest thing about, scam or not, is that it aggregates information on the internet you may or might not want shared. The information you chose to share with social networks is more important than who aggregates it. Set all the privacy settings on your social networks to levels you are comfortable with. Removing your info from does not remove it from the original websites. Protecting your online reputation is very important – if is a scam or not.


Pandia Search Engine News blog

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Obama nuclear policy

President Obama conducted a Nuclear Posture Review which changes the nation's policy on nuclear weapons, which has brought upon criticism of the Obama nuclear policy .

Overall, the policy changes very little, though components of it have angered some of the more hawkish forms among Congressional Republicans. If the government were to put any fast cash into any more nuclear supplies, it would be for reactors, not for any more nukes.

He might be stark raving MAD

According to the article in TIME, the updated Obama nuclear weapons policy changes nothing regarding the default status between Russia and the U.S. Since the dawn of the Cold War, what kept a nuclear exchange from taking place between the two largest nuclear powers was something called “Mutually Assured Destruction,” wherein the nuclear deterrence held by either country would be deployed in the event of the other attacking with theirs.

Essentially, this means that neither side will benefit from a nuclear attack because both would be damaged far beyond the extent a few payday loans can cover in the event that a nuclear exchange would take place

Non-aggression which includes a few exceptions

Part of the new policy for nuclear weapons is that President Obama pledged never to initiate a nuclear attack except against any state that won't participate in the Non-nuclear Proliferation Treaty. He also pledges he will never use nuclear weapons against states that aren’t known to be developing nuclear weapons.

Essentially, it’s equally a carrot — for states to not develop them — and a stick for — those that would. It states that we may nuke any states that are developing nuclear weapons. More or less, it says we won’t be nuclear aggressors, but with broad room for exceptions.

New nukes nixed

The President has also made it clear we will not build any NEW nuclear weapons. The hawkish among Senate Republicans have balked at this idea, and our nuclear arsenal is aging. We seem ok right now considering the weapons grade isotope of Plutonium, Pu-239 has a half life of 24,000 years (the volume of time an element will stay in its initial form before decaying. Respectively the other two half lives of Uranium 233 and Uranium 235 are 160,000 years and 703,800,000 years. However, "new" isn't really defined.

Terrorists paying will mean me bomb es su bomb

The Nuclear update Obama made on the policy includes no change to existing doctrine that states harboring or enabling terrorists excludes them from the contract in the case of a nuclear air attack. Also, any other country presently host to any of our stockpiled weapons (such as Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium) can make use of a weapon only with our approval if they really need to.

Iran seems far away

From an article from Reuters (See:, Iranian President Ahmadinejad is apparently none too pleased. He said that Obama is “inexperienced and an amateur politician.” He further added that “American politicians are like cowboys. Whenever they have legal shortcomings their hands go to their guns.” The revised Obama nuclear policy, in reality, changes little.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pirate attack on the USS Nicholas

In international waters this morning, the USS Nicholas captured five pirates which were attempting to capture the ship. A small skiff approached the USS Nicholas, a U.S. Warship, at about 12:27am this morning. The team of pirates were attacking the ship in hopes of getting emergency money for ransom. The crew of the USS Nicholas detained all five suspected pirates.

USS Nicholas pirate attack

The USS Nicholas was launched in April of 1983 and operates as a supply and security frigate. A U.S. Navy warship, the USS Nicholas was operating in international waters. The ship was fired on from three pirates in a small skiff just west of the island nation of Seychelles. The alleged pirates reversed their skiff around when the USS Nicholas returned fire. The USS Nicholas pursued the skiff, sank it, and captured the three suspected pirates. The USS Nicholas also captured the “mother ship” of the pirates and two additional men.

Pirates attacked west of Seychelles

The USS Nicholas attack began like most pirate attacks. A larger “mother ship” will go out to sea, then send out a small skiff with armed pirates. The pirates on the skiff will then attack and capture a ship and hold it until insurance or ransom money is received. Most often, the pirates are paid by an insurance company and the ship is set free.

Piracy on the rise in international waters

In the first half of 2009, the incidents of pirate attacks around the globe doubled, especially around the African continent. Piracy has also led to a boom in insurance plans and loan lenders, though there is now so much competition that the prices have started to stabilize. The UN has also made statements about piracy, pointing out that it has a basis in the pervasive poverty of many African nations. Hopefully soon, a resolution is set into motion to prevent any more of this ruthless act.

IAAF can't determine sex of 880m champ Caster Semenya

In August 2009, South African runner Caster Semenya was named the winner of the Women's 800m world record at the Berlin World Championships. Once the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) raised the question of whether Caster Semenya was a woman or a man and initial findings indicated that Caster might be a hermaphrodite, she was forbidden from competition until gender verification tests could produce a sound conclusion. It's been about eight months and nevertheless no results, and Caster Semenya is nevertheless waiting to get back on the track. Payday loans might not be an option in South Africa. How else then will she make a living?

Caster Semenya has no doubt she's a woman

Caster Semenya graced the cover of YOU magazine about a month after the IAAF snafu. She’s comfortable in her womanhood, but the IAAF governing body nevertheless isn’t confident. Semenya says that their investigation has hurt her career and infringed upon her rights, according to The UK’s Guardian newspaper. She said, "Since my victory in the female 800m event at the Berlin world championships in August last year, I are subjected to unwarranted and invasive scrutiny of probably the most intimate and private details of my being".

Although she hasn't been banned or suspended, Caster Semenya can't compete

Caster Semenya has not been banned or suspended from running, which makes the entire IAAF operation even more foolish. She was accommodating to a fault when she agreed not to race until the IAAF could clear up the confusion, it seems. She is now ready to fight. The wait has been too long, and Caster Semenya and her advisers can discover no reason that she should not be able to resume racing. The gold medal and prize cash for the 800m victory has already been granted to her. Caster Semenya's full comeback statement could be found here (from The Guardian).

Yet Athletics South Africa tells her to ‘hold on’

Ray Mali, chairman at Athletics South Africa, is asking Caster Semenya and her advisers to stay patient. ASA thinks Caster ought to wait for the result since the IAAF has promised a "speedy" process, but the IAAF has reportedly already bungled several self-imposed deadlines, partially because of a change in leadership over mishandlings of the Caster Semenya issue.

For the time being, Caster Semenya is prohibited from pursuing her career of choice while the IAAF spin their wheels? If only a turnaround would be as fast as same day payday loans for Caster. In fact, it is a tragedy that it might take the sacrifice of a promising sports career like what Caster Semenya would surely like to expose just how incompetent world athletic associations have become.

Nicollette Sheridan suing Desperate Housewives for assault

Nicollette Sheridan liked playing Edie Britt on “Desperate Housewives.” For the flirtatious, man-eating Ms. Britt, it was suitable to be voluntarily smacked around within the bedroom. Being smacked around by the producers of the program back stage and terminated without a good cause, however, was not.

Nicollette Sheridan is suing the producers of “Desperate Housewives” for assault and wrongful termination, according to the New York Times, and they might very much end up in need of short term installment loans.

What brought the finale to Nicollette Sheridan’s character?

Nicollette Sheridan’s lawsuit claims the creator of the popular nighttime soap opera, Marc Cherry, struck her during an incident that occurred in September, 2008, when Sheridan supposedly asked Cherry about a line within the script. Marc Cherry’s alleged response was to take Nicollette Sheridan aside and “forcefully hit her with his hand across her face and head,” says the Associated Press.

Her pleas are reported to have fallen on deaf ears, when Nicollette Sheridan went straight to ABC to complain about Marc Cherry’s alleged violent treatment. Edie Britt was killed off not long there after. Sheridan has no doubt that it was a retaliation by ABC because she had the nerves to “make a fuss.”

What caused Edie Britt’s death?

No, it wasn’t a jilted lover or lover’s wife or girlfriend seeking revenge. Zap2It profiles the fateful 2009 episode of “Desperate Housewives,” and it was a patented deadly car crash. Orson, who was “running across the street after one of his breaking and entering,” was saved from death as Edie swerved to keep away from him. Her car struck a utility pole, and fallen power lines hit the puddle of water where Edie’s body had settled. In a real double whammy, collision and electrocution claimed her.

That event was followed by flashback episodes of the “Desperate Housewives,” remembering Edie Britt, Nicollette Sheridan’s character. Edie “smacks” some senses into Lynette and Bree in two of the flashbacks, in hopes they can find the strength to face their own problems. Mrs. McCluskey “smacks” some sense into Travis, Edie’s son, when he discovers her death and appeared barely fazed by it. The final smack came when Mrs. McCluskey “smacks down” Edie for her attempt to sympathize with McCluskey over having lost a son.

It’s smacking coincidence, isn’t it?

It’s certainly an interesting word choice on Zap2It’s part, taking into account Nicollette Sheridan’s experience with Marc Cherry. It might be coincidental, since the episode aired probably before the smack down was known to the public. But Edie’s death itself was explained away in Gabby’s flashback from the same episode, where Nicollette Sheridan’s character confided that she was going to die before she was 50. How convenient of you, ABC. We’re just going to have to wait and see if Nicollette Sheridan smacks you down, leaving you in need of secured loans.

Heidi Montag plastic surgery: No more jogging, hugging for Heidi

There wasn't much to say about Heidi Montag until the Heidi Montag plastic surgery. Why is it that women feel they must spend their instant moneyon plastic surgery when they are already beautiful? When you’ve plastic surgery, you lose all your natural beauty and become what society has stated is really beauty. One thing’s for certain, Heidi Montag is beautiful by nature. So why were 10 plastic-surgery procedures needed? It may be caused by obsession.

Heidi Montag's plastic surgery on tape

Heidi Montag went into hiding for a while after her 10-procedure plastic surgery in November. Now that she is back, her body and face are tweaked out. According to US Weekly, 23-year-old Heidi Montag told Ryan Seacrest that she has the entire plastic surgery procedures caught on tape, and they may air on a future reality show. “I have the footage of my 10 procedures,” Montag says. “Going into it, getting it done…I’ve watched a little bit.” She informed Seacrest of her "back scoop" surgery she knew nothing about. “I actually didn’t know,” she said. “I might be the first one to try it. It carves out your back a little bit.” She also “had my waist cinched in on both sides.” She spent quick cash to have work done on her cheekbone, chin, eyebrows, nose, and ches! t.

Is Heidi Montag obsessed with plastic surgery?

Earlier this year on Tuesday’s Good Morning America, when asked if she had anything to say in response to those who believe she is addicted to plastic surgery, Heidi Montag said, “I would say that none of those people know me at all, and that’s just a judgment. I’m not addicted. If I were addicted, I would have had 10 plastic surgeries.” Heidi Montag's surgery included 10 different procedures – all which had been done within the very same day! So what is she talking about then? And not too long ago she told People magazine she was “beyond obsessed” with having work done. Has she forgotten or did she get brain surgery too?

Heidi claims she is pleased with her body

Heidi Montag seems to be very pleased of her body now. The only downside, she says, is she can no longer do some things. Since her breasts are now "E or F" depending on the bra, she can no longer go jogging. Even hugging is out of the picture. “I’m very weird about hugging people now,” she said. “(My body) is very fragile.” Putting aside jokes, it really is sad to see people who are beautiful like Heidi Montag go through surgery to change themselves. What is very important within the end is her happiness. Let’s just hope she doesn’t turn out to be the next Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Montcoal mine explosion elevates questions about Massey Energy

The search for survivors has been called off in the Montcoal, West Virginia mine explosion. Massey Energy, the owner of the Montcoal, WV mine, has been regularly cited for safety violation. Montcoal, West Virginia relies on Massey Energy for a large part of the economy. Montcoal houses basically the mine, a grocery store, a payday loan store and many homes. When the Montcoal WV search for survivors was called off, 1 was injured, 4 were missing, and 25 were confirmed dead.

Coal mine explosion in Montcoal, WV

At 3 p.m. local time, the coal mine in Montcoal exploded. The explosion, most likely set off by vented methane gas, knocked out wired and wireless devices. Dogs that are specially trained for mine disasters were called in to help with the search. At least seven of the minors were most likely killed while “riding out of the mine on a vehicle”. Roof collapse is not currently suspected within the Montcoal coal mine explosion. The explosion is being blamed on combustible methane gas.

Coal mine explosion traps Montcoal miners

Some had thought miners might are able to reach emergency chambers when the coal mine explosion happened. Each emergency chamber is stocked with food, water, and air to support several miners. These chambers are like payday loans, these emergency chambers are only helpful if the miners are able to reach them. It appears that the coal mine explosion might have killed up to 29 miners.

Safety violations had been a concern of Massey Energy

The exact cause of the mine explosion in Montcoal is not yet known. The Montcoal mine has received several citations for dangerous conditions. Within the last three months, Massey Energy has been cited six times. In the last year, Massey Energy has paid more than $ 380,000 in fines for “repeated serious violations” of safety at the Montcoal, WV coal mine.

Montcoal will receive federal aid

The president has offered federal aid to the rescue effort. Red Cross is also sending mental health services to the “very rural” region. Support services are also being supplied by local churches. Massey Energy has confirmed seven of the 25 deaths from the coal mine explosion. Massey Energy also released a statement saying “Our top priority is the safety of our miners and the well-being of their families”.


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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Celebrate Doctors Day 2010 and stay out of the hospital

Even on Doctors Day, there are few professions made the butt as often for jokes as doctors. Despite the jokes, the 2010 rendition of the 77-year-old honorary holiday is yet another reminder that doctors are worthy of our respect and an indispensable part of society. March 30 has officially been Doctors' Day since 1990 when Congress designated the holiday, and it has been celebrated across the United States for all these years. Since March 30, 1933, people have been celebrating Doctor's Day. The Huffington Post says that that's when the wife of Dr. Charles Almond, Eudora Brown Almond, (based out of Winder, Georgia) began honoring physicians.

Give thanks to your doctor on Doctors Day 2010

Doctors Day 2010 is a fantastic day to thank a doctor who saved or improved the life of yourself or a loved one. Despite the razzing jokes and the need for payday loans to pay their bills, it's a day to recognize that there are more telling insights on the noble profession. Doctors are vital to the human race. Doctors Day 2010 "is a day to celebrate the contribution of physicians who serve our country by caring for its citizen, as stated on the web site On an everyday basis, doctors are in charge of our well-being and take on the weight of that responsibility. Without them, the typical lifespan of human beings would be significantly shorter. Not needing quick payday loans to fund the expense of a doctor's visit is not a good trade-off.

Solutions to honor your doctor on Doctors Day 2010

It's now too late to send cards through the postal service, for today is Doctors Day 2010, but even still, the thought surely counts. You can get flowers like the red carnation (associated with the National Doctors Day Holiday), which are definitely apropos. Creative gift ideas can be found anyway, like the squeezable stress ball or Rx chocolate bar ideas suggested by the Huffington Post. Since that card by mail idea is out of the picture, you need to sign up for a service like Jib Jab or any other free E-card services. If you are a doctor yourself, there’s a Doctors Day 2010 poster you may like, plus more fun Doctors Day stuff.

Anna Paquin: Coming out for Give A Damn

Anna Paquin, the star most of us have come to know and love on True Blood, has raised a few eyebrows. Clay Aiken, Cindi Lauper, and Anna Paquin have all publicly declared their sexuality. Anna Paquin made her announcement of bisexuality in the Give A Damn campaign against hate crimes. Many celebrities chose to appear in this ad, which supports an organization that offers anything from same day loans to certain GLBT causes to public service announcements such as the one Anna Paquin spoke in.

Anna Paquin comes out of the closet

At the start of a 30-second public service announcement, Anna Paquin very simply states “I’m bisexual”. Who Anna Paquin could be dating – if anybody – is nevertheless unknown.

Watch Anna Paquin speak out

See Anna Paquin reveal her bisexuality on the Give A Damn ad. The Give A Damn site is experiencing occasional server overload, so it might be down.

What Anna Paquin’s bisexuality means

What, really, does it mean when Anna Paquin says that she is bisexual? Generally, a person identifies as bisexual if they are attracted to both genders. Some self-identified bisexuals are equally attracted to both genders. Other self-identified bisexuals have a slight preference for one gender or the other. The Klein Sexual Orientation Grid and Kinsey scale both codify this spectrum of sexuality. The Kinsey scale measures sexuality on a 0 to 6 scale, with 0 being exclusively heterosexual and 6 being exclusively homosexual. Generally, individuals who rate themselves in the 3 – 5 range identify as bisexual.

Other celebrities join Anna Paquin

The Give a Damn campaign tapped many celebrities in addition to Anna Paquin. Wanda Sykes, Elton John, Whoopi Goldberg, Eric Roberts, Sharon Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Jason Mraz, Judith Light, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Kardashian, and Kevin Alejandro all speak out in the advertisement. Some of these celebrities are openly queer, others are straight.

Speaking out against Hate Crimes and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

For the most part, the Give A Damn PSA speaks out against hate crime. It also takes on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy without specifically bringing it up. The DADT policy is at present under review by the government. After they are kicked out of their home or their military group, many GLBT individuals are forced to get cheap payday cash advances to survive. The Give A Damn campaign wants to do something about problems like this.