Sunday, April 4, 2010

Average people scratch heads as Gilbert Arenas avoids jail

Gilbert Arenas, the Washington Wizards' guard, avoided jail time he got for bringing guns to the Verizon center threatening his teammate Javaris Crittenton following a fight over a card-game debt that didn't involve guaranteed loans. The Washington Post reports that Arenas and his defense attorneys maintained it was just "a prank gone wrong" while prosecution says Gilbert's "self serving, ever evolving" story is a specious attempt to disguise a pattern of bullying and "thuggish" intimidation. D.C. Superior Court Judge Robert Morin initially sentenced “Agent Zero” to 18 months in jail, but that part of the sentence was suspended. In Morin's mind, all that Gilbert Arenas o! wes the justice system is $ 5,000 donation to a crime victim's fund, 400 hours of community service, 30 days in a halfway house, and two years probation.

Gilbert Arenas takes home $ 16.2 million per season

So of course the $ 5,000 donation is appallingly low. The crime victims could do just as well with payday loans. But what about the lack of jail time since he will remain with the NBA as well as with the Washington Wizards? Even with guns being unloaded as Gilbert Arenas says his guns were, any normal person who brings a gun to work is going to serve jail time and be fired.The practical joke defense wouldn’t hold water. Whether Arenas is a joker who doesn't know when to knock it off or a common gang-banger with too much money, not serving in jail is an insult to justice.

Is it possible that Judge Morin asked for Wizards season tickets? Unclear

Morin says, according to the post, that he "weighed several factors in issuing his sentence." Firstly, the firearms he had with him had been registered in Virginia. Unfortunately, this occurred in Washington D.C.,which might very well have rung the probation bell.Second, Gilbert Arenas has no documented history of violence, and it could not be proven that the guns were loaded. Guess we should cue Lee Greenwood's "Proud to Be an American!"

Gilbert Arenas faced gun charges before.

Back in 2003, as he was departing the Golden State Warriors as a free agent, Gilbert Arenas was arrested outside San Francisco when police noticed a gun on the floor of his car during a traffic stop.It was registered in Arizona, but not California. After a plea of no contest to illegal gun possession, "Agent Zero" served two years probation.

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