Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blizzard Store releases the Celestial Steed

wow5-240x180The Celestial Steed, a new World of Warcraft pet, has just been released. Relying on the mount skill you have, the Celestial Steed might be a land or air mount. The Celestial Steed from the Blizzard Store could increase your speed by 310 percent. Downloading the Celestial Steed will cost you as much as no faxing payday loans – $ 25.

Celestial Steed one of the Blizzard Store pets

The Celestial Steed was released today in the Blizzard Store Pet Store. Initially, the “flying mount with wings of pure elemental stardust”, the Celestial Steed was accessible in World of Warcraft, but the chances of finding it were very low. By releasing the Celestial Steed in the Blizzard Store, any World of Warcraft player who wants to spend the $ 25 can get this pet. To activate the Celestial Steed; you need to have a account. Each license of World of Warcraft involves a separate purchase of the Steed.

Watch the Celestial Steed in action

Is the Celestial Steed going to be making a donation?

The Celestial Steed is not the first pet available within the Blizzard Store. Make-A-Wish got half the sales from the release of the Pandaren Monk in 2009. The Pandaren Monk pet made a lot more than $ 1 million for the foundation. Thus far, there has been no talk from the Blizzard Store of donations from the Celestial Steed.

Celestial Steed reactions from players

While the Celestial Steed is proving popular in the Blizzard Store, not all World of Warcraft players are happy. Some players are expressing frustration on the World of Warcraft forums. Some are saying the Blizzard Store is trying to drain WoW players of cash, first with cards, then with pets and now with servers. Some players have expressed worry that they have to take out payday loans no fax just to keep their game accounts active. Others are lauding the Blizzard Store, saying that by offering “low-probability items” for sale, Blizzard is reducing the monotony of trying to get an unlikely piece of loot.

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