Friday, April 16, 2010

Brandon Marshall of the Dolphins gets in big trouble with big numbers

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The trade of Brandon Marshall is the talk of NFL. The superstar wide receiver, known as much for his arrest record as his pass catching talent, has been traded by the Denver Broncos to the Miami Dolphins. In the Brandon Marshall trade, the Dolphins gave Denver a second-round pick in next week’s NFL draft, plus an additional second-round pick next year, according to the NFL.

Exactly what is Miami getting out of the Brandon Marshall trade?

Brandon Marshall has been beating women off the field with his brilliance in a brutal man's game. Is it possible that it is my cash now, pain later? In Brandon Marshall, the Dolphins are getting one of the best receivers in the game at one of their weakest positions. Brandon Marshall is apparently one strike from getting suspended for a year by the NFL.

What Brandon Marshall learned in college

Brandon Marshall started showing up in police reports during his junior year at the University of Central Florida with misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, refusal to obey and assault on a police officer. Later the charges were dismissed. When trying to return a set of stolen bed sheets, he was charged with retail theft. Those charges were also dropped.

Did the fight with Brandon Marshall lead to fatal shooting?

Brandon Marshall was drafted by the Denver Broncos in 2006. Previous Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker said contributed to a drive by shooting shortly after that killed Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams.

Brandon Marshall girlfriend beat up

In January 2009, Brandon Marshall attracted police again following a fight with his father who has asked to borrow money, within the parking lot of a bowling alley in Orlando, FL. One more report was filed after girlfriend Rasheedah Watley said Marshall had threatened her with a lead pipe in Marsh 2007. Marshall was arrested just a few days later on charges of false imprisonment and domestic violence for assaulting Watley at the Marshall home in Denver. All of the charges were dismissed after Marshall attended anger management classes.

So much for those anger management classes Brandon Marshall

Again Marshall assaulted Watley, according to police reports, in June 2007 when he allegedly cut her with a kitchen knife and punched her in the face. Marshall then went and rammed Watley's friend's car with his nice vehicle, being a Cadillac Escalade. Yet again, no charges were filed. After Marshall missed a flight a couple of weeks later, blamed Watley for it, and beat her up, the Atlanta police responded. Yet again, no charges were filed. Atlanta police suggested that Watley should get a restraining order.

Brandon Marshall is drinking and driving

In October 2007, Brandon Marshall got a DUI. After several more reports of violence with Watley on the receiving end of the receiver’s wrath, Marshall was suspended for the first 3 regular season games of 2008. two misdemeanor counts of simple batter for incidents from March 2007 are what Marshall was finally charged with. He was given a year of probation after his DUI in September 2008.

Brandon Marshall and his fiance assaults

Many authors praised Marshall for his "maturity" after he proposed to Michi Nogami-Campbell in February 2009. Just a couple of months later, Marshall was arrested for assaulting his fiance in public in Atlanta. The charges were later dismissed. The Broncos suspended Marshall for several games last season and he was benched for the final game.

Have fun with Brandon Marshall, Dolphins

Even after all of this, why would the Dolphins was a Brandon Marshall trade? He’s instant money — with caveats. Marshall set an NFL record for receptions in a game with 21 in 2009, and he managed to catch more than 100 passes for the third straight year. Meanwhile, the NFL is reviewing Brandon Marshall's conduct, including his recent assault on his fiance. Good Luck Dolphins with Brandon Marshall.

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