Monday, April 19, 2010

Bruno Tonioli: Stripping down and speaking up

Dancing With The Stars judge Bruno Tonioli has never been known for keeping his opinions to himself.

He was loved and hated for this trait; nobody would disagree about his unique personality.

Recently, news for two very different things was made by Bruno: calling Kate Gosselin a “raving bitch from hell” (yes, it was a compliment) and stripping down so a good cause could get some instant cash loans.

DWTS allows Bruno Tonioli to speak his mind

Bruno has continued to be a judge for the show ever since it came to the US. While he always voices his mind, Bruno has been particularly polarizing this year with his comments to Kate Gosselin.

Bruno Tonioli really let loose on the George Lopez show last night. Bruno Tonioli called Kate Gosselin “dreadful” and said that she is such a “disaster movie” that watching her is like watching 2012. Youch. Bruno Tonioli is certainly being shown to not like Kate Gosselin.

Watch Bruno Tonioli talk about Dancing With The Stars

Be aware. Bruno and Lopez get just a little risqué in this clip, so don't watch more than 2 minutes if you don't want to hear talk of profanity about Pamela Anderson's Chest, things that Bruno has done in the past for quick cash, or about his tight pants.

See the clip here at×243_embed.swf?context=lopez_embed_offsite&videoId=213729

Bruno Tonioli strips for charity

Beyond making headlines for his stripped-down commentary, Bruno Tonioli has recently literally stripped down. The Give Up Clothes For Good campaign in Britian aims to get clothing and housewares donated to help fight childhood cancers.

Most who get naked for photos would not be recognized within the US but Bruno was defiantly noticed.

Showing off his dancing and choreography skills, Bruno Tonioli creates a long, elegant, and definitely nude line in the Give Up Clothes For Good campaign shots. You can see Bruno Tonioli and others in this nude-but-not-pornographic campaign On the Daily Mail.

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