Thursday, April 8, 2010

Celebrate Doctors Day 2010 and stay out of the hospital

Even on Doctors Day, there are few professions made the butt as often for jokes as doctors. Despite the jokes, the 2010 rendition of the 77-year-old honorary holiday is yet another reminder that doctors are worthy of our respect and an indispensable part of society. March 30 has officially been Doctors' Day since 1990 when Congress designated the holiday, and it has been celebrated across the United States for all these years. Since March 30, 1933, people have been celebrating Doctor's Day. The Huffington Post says that that's when the wife of Dr. Charles Almond, Eudora Brown Almond, (based out of Winder, Georgia) began honoring physicians.

Give thanks to your doctor on Doctors Day 2010

Doctors Day 2010 is a fantastic day to thank a doctor who saved or improved the life of yourself or a loved one. Despite the razzing jokes and the need for payday loans to pay their bills, it's a day to recognize that there are more telling insights on the noble profession. Doctors are vital to the human race. Doctors Day 2010 "is a day to celebrate the contribution of physicians who serve our country by caring for its citizen, as stated on the web site On an everyday basis, doctors are in charge of our well-being and take on the weight of that responsibility. Without them, the typical lifespan of human beings would be significantly shorter. Not needing quick payday loans to fund the expense of a doctor's visit is not a good trade-off.

Solutions to honor your doctor on Doctors Day 2010

It's now too late to send cards through the postal service, for today is Doctors Day 2010, but even still, the thought surely counts. You can get flowers like the red carnation (associated with the National Doctors Day Holiday), which are definitely apropos. Creative gift ideas can be found anyway, like the squeezable stress ball or Rx chocolate bar ideas suggested by the Huffington Post. Since that card by mail idea is out of the picture, you need to sign up for a service like Jib Jab or any other free E-card services. If you are a doctor yourself, there’s a Doctors Day 2010 poster you may like, plus more fun Doctors Day stuff.

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