Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fashion statement made by Gum wrapper prom dress

Elizibeth Rasmuson of Garner, Iowa right earned numerous attention by wearing a gum wrapper prom dress to her annual high school soiree.

Anyone creative and committed enough to fashion an elegant evening gown from gum wrappers, as well as have the discipline to collect them, deserves just a little good notoriety. The dress would be even more remarkable if she actually chewed all the gum, which we don't actually know.

Gum wrapper prom dress seems like a lot to chew on

Rasmuson’s gum wrapper prom dress is a piece of fashion that could even impress the likes of Donna Karan. Rasmuson started collecting blue and white gum wrappers with her boyfriend Jordan Weaver in August of 2009. Weaver also made a gum wrapper vest for himself. As reported on, the idea began after making a jacket of wrappers last year and after that she decided to be unique with her dress for prom also.

Gum wrapper prom dress: just the beginning?

A gum wrapper prom dress is many work in itself, but next time possibly Rasmuson will consider using gum wrappers to weave a chic fashion accessory, like a candy wrapper purse.

Individuals who are creative will make purses out of food wrappers, soft drink labels, magazines, wrapping paper, and even candy wrappers. All it takes is a simple weaving technique that originated from Mexican paper weaving.

Gum wrapper prom dress a unique art form

Weaving a gum wrapper prom dress is an art form often referred to as Tramp Art, or sometimes Prison Art. In fact, on you are able to read about an ex-con named George Vargas, who learned how make picture frames by folding cigarette packages into chains of rectangles that could possibly be threaded together.

He did this to help pass the time during his 60 day sentence for heroin possession. When he got out of the joint, he learned Mexican paper weaving and began using snack bags to make handbags for instant money. By cutting the bags into rectangular strips, he figured out how to fold and hook them together in a way that created dizzying patterns out of bar codes. Puffy, cloud-like designs emerged from the popcorn pictures on Smartfood bags. Cheetos packages were bent into bright blazes of orange and yellow. Think about a Vargas gum wrapper prom dress.

Using gum wrapper prom dress as a pay day?

Rasmuson can be led into a bright future with fashion after her gum wrapper prom dress. Vargas' Prison Art has designer handbags for as much as $ 200.

He uses the skills he found in prison to make a trust fund for his daughter and to support a substance abuse prevention program in his town. With college tuition increasing every year, Rasmuson’s gum wrapper prom dress might be an excellent way to make money now, or pay for higher education — unless she gets rich building a wrapper-weaving empire on her own.


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