Friday, April 23, 2010

In Touch says Charlie Sheen is cheating with Angelina Tracy

According to In Touch magazine, Charlie Sheen and lingerie model/escort Angelina Tracy have been seen together. The Huffington Post reveals that it was not a normal shady rendezvous however. Brooke Mueller's husband – who’s going through rehab like she is right now – was spotted outside of Angelina Tracy's Studio City apartment wearing dark glasses, a hooded sweatshirt, and…wait for it… a fake mustache! Yes, Charlie Sheen jokes write themselves at this point. Like no faxing payday loans, they’re just too easy.

Is Angelina Tracy an enabler?

Rehab programs – at least those of the 12-step variety – typically don’t advise patients like Charlie Sheen to date anyone, Angelina Tracy included. They typically don't advise this until patients have things under control anyway, which Charlie sheen definitely isn't under control since he is sprinting around in fake mustaches. Unhealthy relationships don't help with recovery, which includes anything that will exploit addictions or otherwise enable inappropriate behavior. All reports – including those from In Touch, a publication that isn't officially licensed therapist but plays one on paper – claim that Sheen struggled ever since the Brook Mueller's 911 call at Christmas when he was arrested. All of his rendezvous with $3,000/hour escorts while in rehab doesn't indicate that his issues are clearing up.

Some nuggets from the In Touch Angelina Tracy/Charlie Sheen story

If Sheen wants to show Brooke that he has changed, then he may have to bite the bullet, face reality, and adhere to no matter what fidelity cliche his conscience suggests. In Touch writes that “He is seeing Brooke and the kids a lot and is good about continuing treatment,” and that he has been “sweet” to his estranged wife. However, Mueller has rightfully taken it all with a grain of salt. In other salty news Angelina Tracy (professional name: Nina) loves many salt on her margarita glass. Exactly what with rehab and all, Charlie probably shouldn't be drinking the non-virgin stuff.

There are no virgins here given that Sheen takes his shenanigans 100 proof

You’ve yourself a train wreck if you mix that with over proof libations. In Touch quotes one onlooker who saw Sheen leaving Angelina Tracy’s apartment as saying that “He ran down to his car. … It seemed like he wanted to leave as quickly as possible.” He certain did. So many lives to wreck with so little time. Perhaps he’ll get it eventually and think of his kids, but don’t count on it. Angelina Tracy and women like her are eating up that college fund, enabling the creation of yet another dysfunctional wave of celebrity offspring.

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