Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jennifer Hudson is the Weight watchers spokeswoman

Jennifer Hudson, Grammy and Academy award winner, is now the new face of Weight Watchers.

Even though she has always been happy with her body, she says she would like to be an example and hero to her son, David Daniel Otunga Jr. who she just gave birth to last August. ”I have a child now, and I want to set an excellent example for him,” Hudson says.

How did she do it, Jennifer Hudson losing weight?

Jennifer Hudson says that by using Weight Watchers, she was able to lose all of the baby weight she gained. Although she didn’t gain a huge amount of weight during her pregnancy, it was enough to spark a showdown between her body and inner self, and direct some of that cash now to good, healthy use.

“How can I make a better me, or grow or do some changes, anything, just experiment, because I have me back now,” she said. “And then at the very same time, having the baby. … It’s like, OK, this could be a good way of how I’d want my child to grow up because so many times in growing up, you gain really bad habits … so I want to make certain that he’s going into this and I’m being a good example for him.”

Teamwork is just what it's called!

Even fiancé David Otunga (aka “Punk” from “I Love New York 2″) is inspired by Jennifer Hudson being the brand new spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. “Now he’s in the habit of writing down just what he’s eating,” said Hudson. She also said, “He’s doing weigh-ins. He’s super healthy, and he’s a bodybuilder type, but he is inspired by it.”

Making a difference for others – Jennifer Hudson

Like millions of others, Jennifer Hudson struggles with weight problems, not matter how much quick cash she has.

Rather than ignoring her problem, she is making a better change for herself, her son, her fiancé, and millions of other people who feel they’ll never win by losing. Jennifer Hudson is proving them wrong, and she is getting the word out by becoming the new Weight Watchers spokeswoman.

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