Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just what Promoted Tweets will really do to Twitter

Is it possible to describe what promoted tweets mean for most twitter users in 140 characters or less? Promoted tweets will highlight search results, and can be the first step of Twitter into advertising. The overwhelming Twitter chatter is apparently against the Promoted Tweets program, but Twitter cannot run forever on short term installment loans from venture capitalists.

How Promoted Tweets will work

Built to be similar to, but more “organic” than Google advertisements, Promoted Tweets will operate on search results. Results on will display with a relevant promoted tweet on top. For example, if you search Twitter for “mocha,” a “promoted tweet” by Starbucks that mentions a mocha will appear above the current Twitter chatter. A few companies have already signed up for Promoted Tweets, including Starbucks, Sony, Bravo, Best Buy, and Red Bull.

Promoted Tweets to be rated by users

Promoted Tweets will use tweets that paying companies would post anyhow. The hope is that twitterers will reply, bookmark, or retweet the promoted tweets. Twitter promises that any results that users don’t interact with will be removed from search results. Debt settlement relief might be in the future for Twitter if the promoted tweets program is successful.

Plans for the growth of Promoted Tweets

The Promoted Tweets program does not stop just with the display of search results. Instead, Twitter has outlined that, if Promoted Tweets is successful, they’ll expand the program. Promoted Tweets can be injected to the timelines of individuals who already follow that business account. Second, these Promoted Tweets will even be displayed by Twitter clients such as Tweetie and Seesmic, also as clients being developed by companies that have chosen to hire a dedicated programmer to create iPhone and Android apps.

The financial reality of Promoted Tweets

The Twitter microblogging site is using Promoted Tweets as the first step into “monetizing” the immensely popular site. Until now, the site has refused to monetize itself, growing as a free service since 2006. Twitter has consistently focused on creating value, instead of revenue streams. Over $ 57 million has been invested in Twitter, and Promoted Tweets might help the company pay back their investors. If the addition of advertising to other social networks is any indication, users will most likely be fine with advertising supporting their favorite service.


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