Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kate Gosselin Dancing With The Stars Video: 2010 Voting tonight

Well, the overall performance of Kate Gosselin Dancing With The Stars on March 29 2010 was certainly dramatic. Because Kate Gosselin has made her name in reality TV, it’s not really a big shocker that her Dancing With The Stars performance has been drama-filled.

DWTS 2010 voting starts tonight, so the Kate Gosselin drama is sure to play some kind of role. To keep her reality TV career flourishing, Kate Gosselin may need to start looking for personal loan companies – TLC may drop her and she might not be on ABC for very long.

Kate Gosselin Dancing With The Stars March 29

It only took two weeks for Kate Gosselin to make her DWTS 2010 partner leave. He did eventually return, and the couple did power through their live-on-TV dance. The major conflict for Kate Gosselin on Dancing With The Stars seems to be that she and her partner don’t have well matched teaching / learning styles. Kate Gosselin may very well be given the boot off Dancing With The Stars soon. When queried how she felt about DWTS, Kate was the first to admit she “had two left feet”. She was apparently right – the judges did not have many nice things to say about Kate Gosselin’s Dancing With The Stars performance. With only 15 points from the judges, Kate Gosselin will need all the Dancing With The Stars voting help she can get to stay.

Dancing With The Stars 2010 Voting

Aside from Kate Gosselin, there are many other stars on DWTS. You can vote on who stays and who goes starting tonight. Unlike other shows, DWTS audience votes carry as much importance as judge votes.

If you want to get involved in DWTS 2010 voting, have your phone around. Plan in advance on getting an online personal loan if you want to vote so often you’ll go over your minutes. Either way, the Dancing With The Stars 2010 voting may be the only way Kate Gosselin can stay on DWTS for very long.

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