Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pete Rose girlfriend Kiana Kim reveals bunny plans on Stern

29-year-old native of Seoul, South Korea, Kiana Kim, moved to Los Angeles, California with her family when she was only five years old. She graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in business marketing and stint working for Korean Airlines as a flight attendant, and afterwards she started up a salon in California. Even though it nevertheless is not known whether or not she used pay day loans for business purposes, it is clear that Kiana Kim became the new Pete Rose Girlfriend after opening her salon and announced on the Howard Stern Show that she has a spread in the Playboy magazine soon. Is Pete Rose just a waypoint on the way to "Dancing with the Stars" or is how the American Dream?

Kiana Kim might be betting on the Hit King to steer her career in the right direction

She may have figured out that "Charlie Hustle" might be the high profile front man needed to get her name famous since Pete Rose's girlfriend knows that it will take more than one person to build the Kiana Kim Empire. Being in Playboy, obviously, won't hurt in that department, and Howard Stern devotees on Sirius satellite radio network now know the kind of drive this South Korean woman has.

Kiana Kim is 29; Rose is approaching 69

It doesn't bother Kiana Kim that her Svengali boyfriend is 40 years older than her. Pete Rose, who is getting his share of lumps from the media for his sports gambling and tax evasion issues, certainly doesn't mind this difference. All reports purport that he’s on the straight and narrow now, so the Kiana Kim Empire could possibly be a solid business path that might keep them from needing too many easy payday loans. Here’s what else the lovely couple had to say to Howard Stern:

The physical relationship between Rose and Kim is very vigorous and doesn't require medical aid.

Rose doesn't imagine anyone, even Derek Jeter, beating his MLB hit record of 4,256.

Although Rose is a gambler, he has never smoked or imbibed in a drink.

Pete Rose and Kiana Kim are very much in love – allegedly.

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