Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shear Genius Winner: Brig takes it

Shear Genius is supposedly supposed to be a competition about hairstyling. The Shear Genius winner for Season three on Bravo has stirred up some controversy.

Whether she deserved it or not, Brig is getting the Shear Genius winner prize of $ 100,000 in cash advance prize cash and a photo shoot for Allure Magazine.

Brig is the Shear Genius Winner

It’s for certain that Brig was not the finest hairstylist on Shear Genius. However, Brig was definitely the best competitor on Shear Genius. Winner positions on reality shows are likely to go to the competitor that provides the best TV, not necessarily probably the most skilled.

So it’s only somewhat surprising that Brig, known for her crazy outfits and over-the-top hair bows, took the Shear Genius Winner prize and won’t have to borrow instant money to feed her big-bow addiction.

Shear Genius and the way it works

Shear Genius has a hairstyling theme much like Top Chef and Project Runway. Every week the contestants are required to complete a challenge that won't eliminate them, (the short cut challenge) and an elimination challenge.

Each elimination challenge has a theme that each competitor must style to match and then the styles are seen by a panel when they sent their hairstyles down the runway.

The Brig Drama

On Shear Genius, the drama bucket of the show all went to Brig. She typically worked for the drama instead of the competition with her big bows and making herself the center of controversy. The two other finalists, Matthew Morris and Janine Jarman, were more well-liked by Shear Genius watchers, but within the end Brig’s buns with lacquered extensions won. Something the Brig's story of "triumph over adversity" was pushed over the top.

Whatever the reasons were, Brig managed to talk herself on to the show, and then work her way up to become the Shear Genius winner.

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