Monday, April 12, 2010

Spirit Airlines will charge for carry-on bags

Small carrier Spirit Airlines is preparing to take airline baggage fees one step further. In a move that can be closely watched, Spirit Airlines will start charging for carry-on luggage. There has been no word if the airline is going to also offer cheap payday loans to cover the new fees.

Spirit Airlines can be a no-frills carrier

Spirit Airlines offers only no-frills service. Some customers could get Spirit Airline fares for as little as $ 9 each way, but only if they pay a $ 40 yearly membership. Each way, an average Spirit Airlines ticket costs $ 50 to $ 150. Spirit Airlines charges $ 25 for one checked bag, and $ 45 for a second checked bag. Spirit Airlines claims that at the very same time the bag fee is instituted, they’ll drop their average fare by $ 40, saving some customers from getting no fax payday loans no credit check to pay for their travel.

Spirit Airlines to charge for carry-on bags

Checked baggage fees have led to more people carrying on luggage. Spirit Airlines plans on charging for those carry-on bags on August 1. Spirit Airline “members” will be charged $ 20. Passengers that aren’t members could be charged $ 30 for pre-registered bags. Non-registered bags will cost $ 45 at the gate. Self-service kiosks are also under consideration to replace front desk service. ”Personal items” that will fit within the space under the seat in front of you will not be charged.

Is Spirit Airlines the first?

No major airline has yet said they will even institute these fees. JetBlue and Southwest airlines have not yet started charging for checked baggage. In the third quarter of last year, checked baggage fees brought in $ 700 million to airlines. Average ticket prices dropped by 14% in that same period of time.


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