Friday, April 2, 2010

Tiger Woods dated LeAnn Rimes when she was in her teens

Tiger Woods seems to equally love all the blondes like LeAnn Rimes- Us magazine says anyway. Us magazine, tell us: How much does golf's high-profile playa Woods love to scorch the course con las chicas rubias? Quite a bit if you actually care. Adding Rimes to the Tiger list is different since Ms. Rimes was once a feature of mainstream American entertainment as a pop culture darling. She might have even done payday loans with no credit check commercials, for all we know. LeAnn Rimes nevertheless does operate on a more family-friendly level than Tiger’s mistress cabal, but Rimes’ recent involvement with Eddie Cibrian has tainted the songstress’s reputation.

LeAnn Rimes was only a teenager in the early 2000s

This didn't stop her from believing she was older and having the excitement of being with Tiger Woods, who was seven years older than her. According to Us, Rimes' father, Wilbur Rimes, wasn't pleased with their relationship.

Unaware that online payday loans with instant approval could help with the purchase of nitro pills, an unnamed source in Us said, "He almost had a heart attack". This occurred before Tiger Woods’ marriage to Elin Nordegren in October 2004, but it is unknown whether LeAnn Rimes and Tiger were nevertheless seeing each other in 2001 when golfer Jesper Parnevik introduced Tiger to Elin at the British Open. Parnevik eats volcanic sand, for an interesting side note. This is an anecdote known well in golf circles.

Dean Sheremet was left by LeAnn staring at the 'Northern Lights'

After getting married in 2002 to actor and dancer Dean Sheremet, Rimes filed for divorce December 2009. Evidently Cibrian, who is 36 years old, is still with LeAnn Rimes. The relationship started on the set of "Northern Lights", a Nora Roberts movie, and kept on in attempted secrets thereafter.

While Sheremet sat at home grinding his teeth, LeAnn Rimes cheated. While Elin Nordegren made a good home and raised the kids, Tiger swung away in more ways than most of us can imagine. And to think that LeAnn Rimes and Tiger Woods once swung together! It is such a small world.

It can't possibly be Nora Roberts' fault

Some might say it’s the juju of Nora Roberts movies. Rimes was in one with Cibrian at age 27. Look at Stephen Collins and Selleca for that matter. There is nothing inherently wrong with them and they were in Nora Roberts movies in the past, just look at them!

They have their committed relationship to fall back on at least, but if they were to put on some blonde wigs they would be going right into Tiger country. Better be careful! Tiger has all of Nora Roberts’ books on his nightstand, or so we would like to imagine. It makes the pain of Tiger inundation easier to take.

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