Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Unvarnished: Yelp for individuals

On the new site Unvarnished, your personal and professional reputation is up for review. You are able to be reviewed by just about anybody on Unvarnished, though the site is currently in beta testing. Unvarnished walks the fine line of possibly being useful, and possibly being a headache. Denying you the best personal loan rates will, at least, hopefully not become a way that Unvarnished gets used.

Unvarnished bills itself as reputation management

Individuals are asked to post “unvarnished” reviews of one another. The claim of Unvarnished is that it will help you “manage your career growth”. Anybody can post a review of anyone else. User’s identities are verified using Facebook profiles. The Facebook link also means that Unvarnished could be much easier to cheat than a payday loan company – because a “verified” Facebook profile is just about anything but.

The problem with Unvarnished

The problem with Unvarnished will most likely be something comparable to other review websites. These websites can provide a very valuable service and caveat emptor reviews. Especially with bad reviews, there are two sides to every story. Bad reviews will supposedly be kept in check with a community system. Unfortunately, unhappy people are much more likely to speak out than unhappy people. This reality means that when the reviews are Unvarnished, they might be very skewed.

Should your profile go Unvarnished?

Yes, reviews on Unvarnished could possibly be very skewed. Managing an Unvarnished account could also be a real pain. However, within the end, most professionals and businesspeople would do well to get an Unvarnished account. It is important to know what other people have to say about you. An Unvarnished account will allow you to see and interact to feedback others have. Keeping an eye on your online reputation is important.

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  1. I don't see how unvarnished could be used in business without people suing a company for using it. As far as entertainment goes, unvarnished seems like it could be a bit of fun, but more corporate emphasis than something like DirtyPhoneBook which also works on peoples reputation.