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This Summer, Get Your Car Ready With 10 Top Tips

Summer is around the corner with inevitable road trips prepared. Preparing your automobile for summer excursions is just as essential as preparing it for the ravages of winter. There are many significant steps you should take to ensure that your summer fun isn’t really ruined by car trouble, and here they’re in convenient, bite-sized format, thanks to Edmunds.

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10 suggestions to summerize your car

  1. Get snow tires off your car. In numerous parts of the country, studded tires aren't legal after a certain date. A citation from a highway patrolman could really ruin your summer. You should have tires mounted on separate wheels already. You’ll conserve $ 40 to $ 50 per season in mounting and balancing fees that way.
  2. Check tire pressure. Check your owner’s manual or read the tire sidewall for the recommended PSI. Too little or too much and your MPG will suffer, as will the condition of your tires in the long run. It is important that you check your tires when it is cooler outside.
  3. Make certain to change your oil. Heat buildup will cause a thermal breakdown if your engine isn't properly lubricated. Using a thicker grade of oil like 10W-40 is also recommended for summer driving. Cars just pulled out of winter storage are probably if you changed the oil. Check the level to be safe, nevertheless. It's also good to check for possible leaks.
  4. Check hoses and belts. It is vital if there is obvious wear and tear you don't remember from the last time you changed them. A snapped serpentine belt will leave you on the side of the road while the Joneses are off in search of the perfect wave.
  5. Check wipers and wiper fluid. During a summer storm, it would be a shame to be caught with wipers that don't work on an unfamiliar road.
  6. Try checking your battery. Plug it into a tester when you have one, or do this at your battery shop of choice. If your car sat over the winter, this is even a lot more important. But of course you disconnected it before putting the car into storage right?
  7. Check on the radiator. Inseparable are summer sun and summer heat. Make certain your radiator is full. Antifreeze testers will check the mix if you just aren't sure. If you haven't flushed the radiator in a while, do that.
  8. Check the power steering, brake, and transmission fluids. Keep yourself safe on the road and your car running.
  9. Keep your emergency kit prepped at all times. Jumper cables, towels, gloves, extra fluids (water incorporated), wrenches, sockets, ratchets, screwdrivers and even additional clothing and food are all good to have around.
  10. What if your car won't start after storage? It could be the fuel filter that’s giving you trouble. See if replacing it does the trick.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

If you like Dutch Colonials, try the Amityville Horror House

If you want real estate on Long Island, check out the Amityville Horror House

In the market for real estate? Why not look into a three story, six bedroom, Dutch Colonial? There is also a swimming pool and a boat house. It’s located in a quaint Long Island suburb. It’s only a few minutes from the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. The asking price is pretty reasonable, only a cheeky $ 1.15 million. Oh, and it's the house where The Amityville Horror took place.

Article Resource: If you like Dutch Colonials, try the Amityville Horror House

The Amityville Horror

The book, The Amityville Horror, and later the film, are about the experiences of George and Kathy Lutz and their children. The couple got the vacant large Dutch Colonial on the cheap. The house had been where Robert DeFeo Jr murdered his entire family the year before. It cost the Lutzes just $ 80,000. You would never need payday loans to keep up with those payments. The house, according to the Lutzes, was either haunted or demon possessed, and they abandoned the home less than a month after moving in.

At the movies

A book was written about the Lutzes and their experiences the year after they moved out. The accuracy of the book, The Amityville Horror, has been in doubt for some time. That aside, a film was made in 1970, along with several sequels. Ryan Reynolds starred in the 2005 remake. The interesting thing is that the Lutzes left in 1976, and a new owner, James Cromarty, moved in the next year and lived there for a decade. According to him, "Nothing weird ever happened, except for people coming by because of the book and the movie."

Making a killing buying a home

This is something the National Association of Realtors probably won't tell you, but when a murder takes place at a residence, the bank or loan company holding the mortgage will list it for sale at rock bottom prices. They want to get rid of the home quietly and quickly. Oh, you think I’m full of it, right? See for yourself at The only thing you have to ask yourself is if you're alright with knowing someone met a grisly end in your living room.


The Amityville Horror


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Does ZabaSearch Make Your Private Information Public?

One of the many public record search engines available online, ZabaSearch is wading into the sticky issue of internet privacy. A basic ZabaSearch might provide information that some people would rather not have available online. The results you get from ZabaSearch aren't always accurate, though.

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How ZabaSearch works

Just about any public records search operates the same – Spokeo or ZabaSearch. ZabaSearch uses a computer program to scour and compile publicly available information. When you enter a name into ZabaSearch, it returns the information it has compiled. Basic search results are provided for free, and extended search results are available for a fee.

What information does ZabaSearch provide?

When you type a name into Zabasearch, it will return a phone number, an address, and the Google Maps view of the address. If a customer pays for a Zabasearch report, they can get information that ranges from tax resolution records to average home value in the area. Intelius is the company name that paid Zabasearch results are paid through.

Is it possible to remove info from ZabaSearch?

Seeing all of your public information in one place can be eye-opening. While information such as this has been public for years, the fact it is so easy to find is relatively new. ZabaSearch is known for getting results wrong as often as right. Humans are not used to connect the dots with the ZabaSearch program. So if your name is listed as “Mary A. Rice” in one place, and “Mary Rice” in another, ZabaSearch will see it as two different people. Opting-out of ZabaSearch is not necessarily easy, because the service relies on publicly available information. You can opt out of ZabaSearch results by faxing the company proof of your identity. You have to request your public records be legally sealed in order to remove your information from all public records searches.

Will the Interstate Highway system be killed by the electric car?

As The US shifts more and a lot more toward electric automobiles and efficiency standards that require that all vehicles to achieve at least 35 mpg, there may be a hidden peril lurking for the Interstate Highway System. As Keith Crain points out in a recent op-ed piece for Automotive News, the funding mechanism for building and maintaining the IHS – the Highway Trust Fund – depends heavily upon gasoline tax. As drivers consume more gasoline, a lot more tax dollars are funneled to the Highway Trust Fund. Eventually, the new breed of efficient internal combustion and electronic vehicles will require no gas to operate. That is the reason why Crain is asking Congress to discover a new way to maintain the Highway Trust Fund.

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The Interstate Highway System’s short-term stimulus

During President Dwight Eisenhower’s administration, the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act of 1956 (which established the Interstate Highway System) was considered a landmark public works law. The network of highways remains the largest system of its kind within the world, and also the ways in which it has furthered commerce, travel and defense in The US cannot be discounted. But lawmakers at that time were unable to predict just how much money would be required to maintain the IHS over time. Following the Highway Trust Fund had initially expired, Congress has found ways to keep it open. This has only helped the fund for a short term. President Obama’s green initiatives look good on paper, but transitioning the American public to using public transport instead of private autos for daily tasks may be a difficult goal.

Complicated is the Highway Trust Fund debate

C-Span recently posted a three-plus hour debate on funding the highway system. Part of the problem, according to Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain, is that Congress too often “raids the cookie jar,” taking money out of the Highway Trust Fund in order to finance no matter what projects they want. Ray Lahood, Transportation Secretary, proposed a tax on vehicle miles traveled (VMT) to make up for gas tax shortages. According to the Washington Post, this idea is quite unpopular because numerous fear that the government will use mileage counters to monitor drivers.

Where will the money come from?

Nobody has agreed on any one answer. Crain advises that Congress seriously consider solutions right now, rather than waiting until the last moment and deciding hastily. The number of hybrid cars on America's roads grew by about 1.6 million as outlined by a 2009 study published by Assuming this trend continues, the problems the Interstate Highway System and Highway Trust Fund face are only going to increase.


American Trails

The Washington Post

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John Travolta - Dogs Killed, Wife Expecting After Jett Tragedy

Dogs Killed, Wife Expecting After Jett Tragedy – John Travolta

Just barely after having the case wrapped up and 17 months after Jett Travolta's tragic death, John Travolta's dogs were killed in a Maine airport. A statement was released by Bangor airport saying the accident where dogs were killed could be investigated. Also, John Travolta and his wife are expecting a child.

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Just wrapped up Jett Travolta lawsuit

Just months after Jett Travolta's death lawsuit ended, John Travolta's dogs died. Jett Travolta died while on a trip with the family in the Bahamas. John Travolta filed an extortion lawsuit against a parliamentarian in the Bahamas who was looking for a payday cash advances of $ 25 million for not releasing a document to the press. John Travolta instead chose to go to the authorities, and three people were arrested in connection with the Jett Travolta extortion plot.

Dogs of John Travolta killed

Two of John Travolta's dogs were killed last week in a "freak accident" at the Bangor airport. After a plane had landed with the dogs in it, a “person who was not a family member” took the two dogs for a walk. During that walk, an “airport service vehicle” that was going to service the plane that has just landed hit and killed the dogs. John Travolta hasn't made a statement about the death of the dogs yet.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta pregnant

John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, announced on May 18 that they’re expecting a 3rd child. Rather than discussing the dogs killed or the lawsuit, the couple is choosing instead to celebrate the new life they are expecting. The couple announced their pregnancy to People Magazine and other news sources 17 months after Jett Travolta’s death. John Travolta and Kelly Preston are also parents to Ella Bleu, who is 10 years old.

Havoc Wreaked By I-24 And Canada Sinkholes

If your evening commute consists of I-24 in Tennessee, the I-24 sinkhole is sure to throw a wrench into your plans. A deep sinkhole opened up between Chattanooga and Nashville, and shut down a 13-mile stretch of the heavily traveled road. In Canada, a wide sinkhole that opened last week killed a family who was in their basement. So what is the deal with all of of these sinkholes?

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I-24 Sinkhole snarls Tennessee traffic

The I-24 sinkhole opened up Tuesday according to the Tennessee Department of Transportation. A tractor-trailer missed the sinkhole just barely after it opened up, and nobody was injured or had to take out new car loan as a result of the sinkhole. At 40 feet long and 25 feet deep, the sinkhole will take $ 266,960 to fix, and authority hopes repairs can be completed by May 22. A private contractor took it upon him to have the contract. Between mile marker 127 and exit 127 is where the sinkhole is located. Eastbound lanes are close although westbound lanes are not.

Canadian sink hole responsible for family of four's deaths

On the northern side of the continent, a sinkhole that recently opened up in Canada killed a family of four. Just outside Montreal, a sinkhole appeared under a number of homes, and one family who was in their basement at the time was encased within the sloshing mud. Neighboring houses were evacuated, and also the area is being treated as a disaster rehabilitation area by the Canadian government.

What really is a sinkhole?

You will find a number of causes for sinkholes to open. Usually, water either running below bedrock or seeping in from above works away at the underlying support of an area. The water will dissolve the rock and also the area's weight becomes too much. A sudden sinkhole will appear. Sewer piping, abandoned mines, and sub-surface waterways are common causes. Though Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri and Pennsylvania tend to have the most sinkholes among U.S. states, sinkholes can be difficult to predict.

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Tesla and Toyota team to top electric car market

Recently, it was announced Toyota would buy a large stake in Tesla Motors, the electric car company. Tesla has a claim to fame of making high end totally electric roadsters that can do 100 miles per hour with impunity. Any car going from 0 to 60 is an achievement, but the flagship model for Tesla, the Tesla Roadster does it without the use of gasoline. Toyota announced the purchase after Tesla filed for an Initial Public Offering after a loss of revenue.

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The Tesla Toyota Deal

Toyota is already one of the leaders in the field of hybrid cars, as the Toyota Prius retains the top spot for hybrid sales. Toyota pledged to put up $ 50 million after Tesla Motors announced a forthcoming IPO to raise capital after some losses. According to the New York Times, Tesla Motors had suffered losses of more than $ 56 million in 2009, and it filed for an Initial Public Offering of stock to boost capital. The Tesla Roadster starts at about $ 109,000, so auto loans for bad credit for the car are considerable.

The flagship Tesla Roadster

The claim to fame for Tesla Motors is the Tesla Roadster, the fastest production electric or hybrid car. The basic model is capable of going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.9 seconds. The slightly faster Tesla Roadster Sport is capable of the 0 to 60 miles per hour feat in 3.7 seconds, and costs $ 20,000 a lot more. That won’t get Guinness involved, but as far as hybrid or electric cars go it is a miracle. (Should you wonder, the fastest non-boutique production car from a major domestic manufacturer is the Corvette ZR1.)

Good for both

Tesla and Toyota stand to benefit. Tesla is a green manufacturer, already producing an eco-friendly sports car, and soon the business will start manufacturing the Tesla Model S, a family sedan that will retail for under $ 60,000. Part of the Toyota venture is allowing the Model S could be manufactured at the NUMMI manufacturing facility, which was recently closed. It appears a Tesla of any sort creates sparks wherever it goes.

Article resources

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Bangkok Curfew Imposed To Curb Violence In Thailand

Bangkok Curfew Imposed As Violence And Fires Rage In Thailand

As protests and violence are still taking place, officials have declared a curfew for Bangkok and other areas. Worse may come if Thailand doesn’t have some type of order restored. The Red Shirt protesters are not backing down entirely, and anti-government protests are nevertheless going on. Several foreign governments are urging their citizens to keep away from Thailand altogether or to leave as soon as possible.

Article Resource: Bangkok curfew imposed as violence and fires rage in Thailand

Bangkok protester camp raided

The damage that has been done will take a lot more than a little quick cash to undo and restore order and confidence in leadership among the citizens. According to the Christian Science Monitor, troops from the Thai military entered an encampment of anti-government protesters. After the raid, a curfew was imposed in Bangkok also as in other areas of Thailand. As soon as government troops had taken over the camp, leaders of the Red Shirt protesters announced they would surrender to avoid further violence and bloodshed. Following this announcement, further violence broke out in Bangkok streets, and a number of buildings were set on fire in apparent arson attacks.

British Government issues travel advisory

Any subjects of Great Britain at the moment in Thailand are issued an advisory by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, as outlined by the BBC. On May 14, the British Embassy was forced to close due to violence. Any Britons in Bangkok or in Thailand are advised to stay indoors and not to travel within the country, or if they must to do so after curfew hours to ensure safety and to carry all appropriate identification and paperwork with them. Thai officials have confirmed that travel after curfew will be safe as along as all necessary paperwork is in order and available.

Uneasy times ahead

After the raid on the encampments of Red Shirts, numerous buildings were set on fire, and emergency services had difficulty extinguishing the blazes. Red shirt protesters are calling for an entirely new election to be held, as they are deeply dissatisfied with the current government. It may be some time before order is restored.

Find more info on this topic

Christian Science Monitor


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Adam Wheeler Catches Harvard With Elaborate Con

When Adam Wheeler strolled the halls of Harvard, he no doubt felt like he was essential. He had the grades, the references and more extracurricular activities than Batman. Sadly, Mr. Wheeler was spinning quite a tall tale. The prince charming Adam Wheeler faked his entire educational career, as outlined by ABC News. The young man had secured well over $ 45,000 in grants and installment loan in order to attend Harvard. Wheeler’s indiscretions earned him 20 criminal charges, including I.D. fraud, forgery and larceny.

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Administrators had to wake up early to catch Adam Wheeler

Schools like Harvard saw what appeared to be a great asset to their student body, and Wheeler was all too happy to lead them on. They didn’t take the time to follow up on any of Mr. Wheeler’s outstanding claims. Could it be that Adam Wheeler was that smooth a criminal? Regardless, Rhodes and Fulbright scholarship staff caught on to Wheeler’s scam when they looked over his work samples. He was exposed as a plagiarist. A further background check revealed the man to be a fraud.

Wheeler spun an elaborate tale that ended in tragedy

Middlesex County DA Gerry Leone characterized Adam Wheeler's game in these terms. From the sterling prep school grades to allegedly perfect SAT scores that led to a stint at MIT, Adam Wheeler rode his lies into Harvard. Sensing he’d need an escape route at some time, Wheeler even applied to other Ivy League schools for transfer (Brown and Yale). Little did he know that his reality of average SATs and being kicked out of a small college in Maine would rise to the surface.

Wheeler’s colleagues were baffled by how he was able to fool them all

”What are these accomplishments if they’re not something that you kind of have done yourself?” wondered one of Wheeler’s classmates. College life and whether students get real value for their money is one potential scam, but Wheeler rises to the top as the scam king here. Then again, it can also be said that college indeed has value, but not quite as much as when a bachelor’s degree actually meant something.

Additional data at these websites

ABC News

BP Oil Leak Tackled By Kevin Costner’s Oil Spill Cleanup Machine

Oil Spill Cleanup Machine By Kevin Costner To Tackle BP Oil Leak

The next project for Kevin Costner is the oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico 2010. Thursday, Costner and scientists demonstrated a centrifuge machine to BP officials. Next week BP is expected to test the Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup machine. The gulf oil spill cleanup has been intensifying since an oil rig leased by BP exploded and sank on April 20. A gushing oil geyser on the ocean floor that has poured millions of gallons of crude to the gulf has yet to be capped. The spreading oil slick is fouling the Louisiana shoreline and has entered a current that will carry it to Florida and beyond.

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The Kevin Costner machine to clean up the oil spill

The Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup machine was created because of a past oil spill disaster. Costner was affected quite a bit by the Exxon Valdez oil spill which dumped 11 million gallons of crude into Alaska's Prince William Sound. ABC News reports that Costner has contributed $ 15 million – which is no mere instant payday loans — over the past 15 years to fund a team of scientists in developing the technology to clean up massive oil spills. Costner bankrolled a company called Ocean Therapy Solutions, which created a powerful centrifuge that separates oil from water, stores it in a holding tank and sends the water back to the ocean.

Ideas pouring in for the oil spill cleanup

The Kevin Costner oil spill cleanup machine was demonstrated to BP officials in New Orleans last week. At the time the New Orleans Times-Picayune mocked Costner's centrifuge in an article, listing it along with a growing number of other ideas people have submitted to a BP oil spill hotline for addressing the oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico 2010. Bombs, a device that resembles a giant shower curtain, and oil-eating bacteria are among the 10,000 fixes people have proposed to counter the environmental disaster. The New York Times reports that BP had approved six of Ocean Therapy Solutions’ 32 machines for testing. The giant vacuum machine will suck oil from the water and then separate it. Costner also plans to donate $ 26 million to the cause.

Is the solution Ocean Therapy?

BP oil spill officials and Ocean Therapy Solutions are working to determine where to test the Kevin Costner’s oil spill machines. Depending on the results of the tests, the Ocean Therapy Solutions technology could be running within a week. Ocean Therapy Solutions claims the largest machine can separate 210,000 gallons of oil from in one day, which just about matches the volume of oil that BP and the U.S. Coast Guard have estimated is pouring to the Gulf Other Scientists seem to think that the volume of the BP oil leak is as much as 3.4 million gallons a day.

BP oil spill gushes away

The Gulf of Mexico 2010 oil spill is using Kevin Costner's oil spill cleanup machine as just its latest approach. It is reported by the Associated Press that heavy oil is beginning to clog Louisiana marshes, while out at sea huge plumes of partly submerged crude have reached the loop current, a powerful stream of ocean water that could transport the BP oil leak to Florida and beyond. A procedure called "top kill" is said by BP to be something that pumps mud and could plug the oil leak.

Additional info at these websites

ABC News reports

New Orleans Times-Picayune

New York Times reports

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Juan-Carlos Cruz - Food Network Chef Arrested

Juan-Carlos Cruz - Food Network Chef Arrested

Despite the fact that it is usually humorous to think of a Food Network chef being arrested, the arrest of Juan-Carlos Cruz is not funny. The Food Network chef arrested no longer works for the Food Network, which may explain why he was “very cheap” when he allegedly hired three individuals to kill his wife. Maybe he used no faxing payday loans to pay for it?

Arrested in Santa Monica is Food Network Chef

The Food Network Chef arrested, Juan-Carlos Cruz, should appear in a Santa Monica courtroom Monday morning. His plot of hiring three homeless individuals to kill his wife didn't work out so well when one of them turned him in. Identified as “Big Dave,” “Little Dave” and “Shane,” these 3 men said Cruz was “very meticulous” and “very cheap.” Right now he is being held on $ 5 million in bail.

Food Network chef arrested specializes in low-calorie cooking

Juan-Carols Cruz, the Food Network chef arrested, has made his public celebrity chef name on low-calorie cooking. Juan-Carlos Cruz dropped many weight after appearing on a Discovery Channel Body Challenge Show. A former pastry chef, Cruz changed his cooking focus to low-calorie meals. The Food Network chef that was arrested had once starred in Calorie Commando, a show dedicated to “replacing the junk in food with healthy alternatives.”

Watch the demo reel of the Food Network Chef arrested

Arrest of Food Network chef part of the weight loss industry

The U.S. weight loss market is estimated to be worth more than $ 65 billion. The Food Network Chef who was arrested has been a part of this industry most recently with his cookbook. The $ 7.49 cookbook, "Juan-Carlos Cruz Calorie Countdown Cookbook" got 4 ½ star ratings. Juan hired himself out as a speaker and consultant as this cheap cookbook probably isn't paying the bills.

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The New Swagger Wagon – Minivan Rap Song

Minivan Rap Song - Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon

Suburban chic no longer means just a white picket fence – numerous hipster parents are bringing "cool" back to parenthood, complete with a minivan rap song. The Minivan rap song tries the equivalent of getting an no faxing payday loan for the minivans’ image – proving they are “awesome” by doing what all the cool kids are doing. Could this rap song be considered offensive, if effective?

Minivan rap song combines irony, parody, and trendy?

The Toyota Sienna minivan rap song seems intended to be very ironic. Two rather average-ish looking parents rap about loving being parents and loving their "swagger wagon.” By mixing irony and parody, the video is very funny. The humor, though, stems from the stereotypical premise that white individuals from the suburbs “shouldn’t” be rapping. The real irony, though, is when most hip-hop music is performed by minority musicians, within the billion-dollar hip-hop industry a lot more than 70 percent of music sales are made to white individuals. Genre-crossing hip hop music and performances have also been "taking over" top 40 pop charts for the last few years.

Minivan rap song continues an advertising trend

Far from the first, the minivan rap song is one of a long list of advertisements that have "ironic rap". Comparable commercials are put together by the ad agencies for Taco Bell, Chicago-Lake Liquors, Baskin-Robbins, and Smirnoff. Comedians, including Saturday Night Live, have long used this schtick to get laughs.

Minivan rap song offensive?

While most people are just watching and giggling at the minivan rap song, a few are calling it offensive. The head of Cultural Trends at an ad agency that specializes in “campaigns that target minorities” has written extensively about advertisements like this. She poses a question that is worth discussion:

What is supposed to be amusing about this video? White individuals posturing in (stereotypically) non-white scenarios? When is race role-play and cultural appropriation okay? When is it acceptable, and when is it derogatory?

How do you see this question?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

While Twitter Was Hacked, Twitter Follower Stats Vanished

When Twitter Was Hacked, Twitter Follower Stats Vanished

As users saw their Twitter follower stats fall to zero, “Twitter hacked” was the headline on Monday. In just one second of time, Twitter users saw their Twitter follow stats disappear. But “Twitter hacked” was just one more social media wildfire rumor. There was a bug forcing some to make other follow them that Twitter had to disable all Twitter Follow stats to fix. It’s the latest of many recent social media security issues. Twitter hacked could have been worse compared to Blippy exposing credit card numbers online and Facebook phishing scams.

Twitter follow bug exposed in Twitter hacked scandal

Part of the Twitter being hacked rumor was that Twitter users were led to believe that Twitter was hacked after a Turkish blog exposed the Twitter follow bug and offered instructions on how to exploit it. Caroline Mccarthy at CNET reports that one more blog jumped on board the installment loans no credit check of scandalous intel. Webrazzi ended up forcing the Twitter accounts of Twitter CEO Evan Williams and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to follow a dummy profile. The bug allowed Twitter members to add followers by tweeting “accept” followed by “@” and any registered Twitter user name.

Falling to zero is Twitter followers

After “Twitter hacked” headlines broke loose Monday, Twitter sent a notice on the company’s Twitter feed that everyone’s Twitter follower states were affected while the bug was being fixed. ”Follow count display is set to zero and follow/unfollow is temporarily offline while we fix a bug,” Twitter explained at 1:02 p.m. eastern time. MSNBC reported that the follower lists were restored back to where they were at first by 2:15 p.m.

Facebook phishing before Twitter hacked

The Facebook phishing scam came directly before the Twitter hacked story. According to, a Facebook event invitation was sent to some of the over 2,300 friends of Jim Breyer, a venture capitalist who sits on Facebook’s board of directors. Breyer’s Facebook friends checking their E-mail Sunday morning saw a note asking “Would you like a Facebook phone number?” Those who entered their password to respond to the message from Breyer had the thing sent to their friends also.

Beware Blippy , Twitter followers

Twitter being hacked and Facebook phishing has sparked a huge debate that has social media users wondering very much just how secure their personal info is and what companies like Facebook and Twitter are doing with it. One social media security incident adding to this debate is that of Blippy exposing credit card numbers online. Blippy will use their social networking to inform their friends what they are getting online. If you are concerned about financial security, you need to know that someone learned how to find Blippy members' credit card numbers online. A search returned 127 results that involved full credit card numbers before Blippy fixed the flaw.


Caroline Mccarthy at CNET

MSNBC reported's-account-is-breached/

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Is Matt Lauer Cheating On His Supermodel Wife?

Is Matt Lauer Cheating On His Supermodel Wife?

Matt Lauer is cheating, according to the New York Daily News, and also the recent Vancouver Winter Olympics may have something to do with it. The charms of curling ensnared NBC Sports broadcaster Tiki Barber previously; add these helpless men are putty. Supposedly, Matt Lauer, age 52, cheated on his supermodel wife while covering the Winder Games up in Vancouver. According to the National Enquirer, Lauer and Roque have split over these allegations, possibly ending their 12-year marriage and placing Lauer in a very difficult financial situation where he might need a lot more than just a simple installment payday loans to pay his attorney’s fees and child support.

Matt Lauer adds cheating points to a checkered history

Was Matt Lauer considered a cheater before? It isn't clear but there are bumps in his relationship history. The Matt Lauer Wikipedia page explains that he was married from 1982 until 1989 to TV producer Nancy Alspaugh. At the end of that, he got a divorce. He dated TV newscaster Kristen Gesswein and even got engaged from 1989 to 1996. Of course that engagement was soon broken, as just two years later, Matt Lauer married Annette Roque, aka “Jade.” Roque has appeared in ads for Revlon and Victoria’s Secret, among others. While she was pregnant with their third child, they were separated and even on Sept. 13, 2006, filed for divorce. They made up before it became official, possibly because Lauer saw a future where he wouldn’t be able to maintain his “Today” show jet-set lifestyle.

He stood Annette up on Valentine’s Day

That’s a dead giveaway, as far as women are concerned. Matt Lauer partied hardy after his duties at the Vancouver Games were complete, and as the Daily News puts it, he “caught the eye of two good-looking Canadian broadcasters.” After he got back to New York, Annette was ready for a showdown. Annette's ring is now nowhere to be seen after numerous things were said. Matt Lauer and Annette Rogue have three children together: there's 8-year-old son Jack, 6-year-old daughter Romy and also the 2-year-old son Thijs (pronounced “tice”).

Keepin’ it down low

That's what the "Today" show and NBC are asking of Matt Lauer. They believe his audience wants a family man. And as everyone knows, television is all about appearances. Al Roker seems to every person a kind weatherman and interviewer, but for all we know, he could possibly be a super villain. Viewers will never really know thanks to the illusion of TV. Although Matt Lauer might seem the family man on TV, his real life is more complicated.

Article Resources

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Steam For Mac - Gaming In the Steam Cloud

Steam For Mac Allows Mac Users To Game Within the Crowd Cloud

Gamers the world over who are also Mac lovers can now rejoice: Steam for Mac can be accessible for download today. The rumor from the business is that Steam for Mac will work just like Steam for Windows – by integrating gaming, downloading, and content settings. If you're excited about Steam for Mac, get an money nownow, because you'll be gaming for a while.

Steam for Mac – how it will work

The Steam for Mac download is intended to provide the successful Steam platform for OS X. Steam allows gamers to download and play games digitally. Steam is accessible for simple games like PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies all the way up to intensive games like Left 4 Dead . Once a player pays for a game, they can play it on any Steam enabled system.

Steam for Mac increases Valve value

Washington state corporation Valve owns and develops the Steam system. Valve develops various of its own games, as well as providing a distribution channel for third-party publishers. Valve corporation supports open source program development as well as game hacking. Because Valve is privately held, they are not required to provide info on their balance sheets to the public. In general, Valve is considered a market leader.

The logistics of Steam for Mac

If you need Steam for Mac, there are a couple of logical questions to answer. You are able to re-download games you've already purchased once you’ve Steam for Mac. The Steam Cloud system will also work with Steam for Mac, letting you conserve games across systems. Steamworks development tools will even be integrated with the Steam for Mac resource download.

Get the Steam for Mac download

Steam for Mac press release

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Box Office Set To Be Pillaged By New Robin Hood

Robin Hood Poised To Raid The Box Office

The newest film version of Robin Hood, directed by Ridley Scott and starring Russell Crowe will be debut at the Cannes Film Festival. It will open on May 14 within the United States and seems to be poised as late spring action blockbuster. One wonders how well this Robin Hood will fare at the box office. Ironically, considering the pay scales of studio heads and actors, the no fax payday loans no credit check generated from the grosses will actually be doing the exact opposite of Robin Hood.

New Robin Hood with slight twist

The Ridley Scott Robin Hood is largely the same. Robin returns from the Third Crusade, having fought for Richard the Lionheart, and finds King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham terrorizing the populace. Robin rebels, and with the Merry Men of Sherwood Forest fights the evil king off, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. The new version looks action packed, and tries to be more accurate to the time period.

Cannes Premiere

The film will be premiering at the Cannes Film Festival. Sadly, Ridley Scott won’t be there. According to USA Today, he recently had knee surgery and hasn’t recovered enough to travel. The cast must walk the red carpet without the director. The relationship between Scott and Crowe has been fruitful, as this was their fifth film together.

Robin Hood doesn’t seem to have really existed

There isn’t really any evidence for an actual Robin Hood, though the story is a wonderful tale of rebellion against an evil government. The James Gang, Bonnie and Clyde, and John Dillinger never did anything for the common people except steal from them. Also, King Richard spent little time in England, ruling mostly from France. In fact, he barely spoke a word of English. Furthermore, the actual rebellion against King John was within the interests of the nobles, not actually the commoners. However, the result of that rebellion, the Magna Carta, was a step within the right direction.


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DeKalb County Schools - Should School Budgets Be Spent On PR?

School Budget In DeKalb County Spent On A PR Firm?

The proper use of school funds for DeKalb County Schools is the question facing officials in DeKalb County, Georgia. The DeKalb County Schools are cutting $ 115 million out of their yearly budget. At the same time, the school district seems to have money to lend – at least, to a PR firm they are hoping to hire. What's the story behind this DeKalb County Schools move?

Cutting budgets at DeKalb County Schools

Next Monday, DeKalb County Schools are poised to take on the very-difficult issue of spending budget cuts. Like most school districts around the country, DeKalb County Schools are faced with shrinking budgets and increasing costs. Parents have raised concerns about the potential of closing schools, and also the district could be cutting up to 430 jobs.

DeKalb County Schools buying for a PR Firm?

It is no surprise that the DeKalb County Schools district feels that they have a PR problem – spending budget cuts and pending lawsuits and a lot more. It's not surprise that DeKalb County Schools feel they need help, given all these issues. According to the website for DeKalb County Schools, the PR firm would be responsible for "creation of good will" and "crisis response management".

What this will cost DeKalb County Schools

DeKalb County Schools is now finding itself answering questions about using school funds to hire a PR Firm. The directors are saying the contract would be capped at $ 25,000 – relatively little in the world of PR budgets. The school district is not preparing on cutting any line items to pay for the PR firm contract, however they will take the money out of "communications budget".

Should DeKalb County Schools make this PR firm hire?

In the end, the question is should DeKalb County Schools be spending $ 25k on a PR firm? This question can be a really tough one to answer. The school district already employs five separate communications employees. At the very same time, the school district is self-aware enough to know they have a bad PR problem. Most schools are funded with local tax dollars. Without good public relations, a school district can find itself floundering. However, should a district spend cash on public relations when they are cutting teachers' jobs? When the job is already taken care of by five separate internal employees, should they pay an outside firm to do the same thing. What's your opinion?


Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Automobile – Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell By 2015?

Car - Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell By 2015?

Just a couple of years ago, most car-industry estimates were that a hydrogen-powered vehicle would cost $ 1 million or more. However, Toyota motors has said that they’ll be able to offer a $50,000 MSRP hydrogen car as early as 2015. How is it that Toyota can cut the price so it is only 5% of the original estimate? Even if the car's value does drop that much, does it even make economic sense?

Hydrogen Fuel Cell automobiles on the go

For numerous years, Hydrogen fuel cell cars have been under research. Unfortunately, numerous carmakers gave up their hydrogen fuel cell automobile programs. In general, hydrogen fuel cell electric automobiles convert hydrogen to electric power, which drives an engine. Because hydrogen fuel cells require platinum, they tend to be very costly to produce.

Toyota and also the hydrogen vehicle

By 2015, the Toyota hydrogen automobile should be on the market. Although it would be the first hydrogen fuel cell automobile on the market, it would not be the first HFCV on the road. The Honda FCX Clarity could be leased (not purchased) for $600 a month in the L.A. area. Toyota explains the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle they have will have a range like gas engines. The 95% drop in price will come from better mass-manufacturing processes and reducing the amount of platinum needed by two-thirds.

Infrastructure questions for Hydrogen fuel cell automobiles

The largest challenge to hydrogen fuel cell automobiles is the lack of infrastructure. Most carmakers have decided to invest resources in electric cars for the little fact that a recharging or refueling infrastructure is going to be much a lot more accessible. Hydrogen is also generally made of fossil fuel. Fossil fuel is the least expensive way of getting hydrogen although you will find other ways. Toyota and Honda are the only carmakers that are continuing research into mass-market HFCV’s. A hydrogen infrastructure would have to look much like a petroleum fuel infrastructure, with fueling stations that are around the country.

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IPhone Vs. Android – Droid Outsells IPhone In Q1 2010

IPhone Vs. Android - Droid Outsells IPhone In Q1 2010

The Android vs. iPhone battle got more entertaining as the Android underdog phone outsold the Apple iPhone in first quarter 2010. Although Android may have won one battle, Apple continues to win the war. In total smartphone sales, and Apple surely has the lead over Android. Blackberry, of course, dominates the field. The Android market is going up while the iPhone and Blackberry markets plummet. Some analysts think those trends will continue, allowing the Android phone to tighten the iPhone vs. Android margin.

Android vs. iPhone milestone

The NPD Group reports the Android vs. iPhone matchup hit a milestone when the Android phone captured 28 percent of smartphone sales in the last quarter. NPD reports that Apple’s iPhone won 21 percent of all the smartphone sales, while Research in Motion’s Blackberry took 36 percent. According to ComScore, a digital market research firm, a key stat in Android vs. iPhone is that Google’s Android operating system had just nine percent of the market as of February 2010, in contrast to the iPhone’s 25.4 percent.

Others falter with Android phone gains

In winning the latest round of iPhone vs. Droid, PC World reports that Google’s OS is the only smartphone OS whose share of sales grew exceptionally over the previous quarter. The iPhone, in the mean time, is flat, while Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and WebOS quarterly sales shares are falling like a mortgage loan modification. If this trend continues, PC World’s J.R. Raphael said Android will catch up to its competitors for total market share in a very short time.

How did Android beat iPhone?

Android phone sales may have overtaken Apple’s iPhone, as outlined by the Los Angeles Times, because of Google’s freewheeling partnering tactics that have gotten the Android operating system onto as numerous phones, served by as many wireless carriers, as possible. There are a lot more than 30 Android powered devices from 12 manufacturers. These devices contain T-mobile, Verizon, AT and T, and Sprint.

Will Verizon soon sell the iPhone?

The much speculated iPhone Verizon offering looms larger as Google wins the latest round of the iPhone vs. Droid scuffle. In a partnership that is very exclusive in a saturated market, Apple is tied to AT and T. Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research, told Computerworld, “That’s your classic technology acquisition curve. Of those in the U.S. who are interested in an iPhone and willing to put up with AT and T, fairly much all have already bought one. What’s left for Apple — as long as it’s tied to AT and T in its exclusive partnership — is largely the iPhone replacement market”.

Worldwide iPhone soars

Most analysts expect iPhone Verizon to happen eventually in the U.S., but Apple’s not saying when. Apple is continuing the iPhone vs. Droid matchup everywhere else. Last month Apple announced Worldwide iPhone sales ended being up 131 percent within the first quarter compared to the exact same three-month stretch in 2009.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get In On Halo Reach Beta - How To Get And Play The Game

Get And Play Halo Reach Beta - Get In On The Game

Officially released today, the Halo Reach Beta is available, and numerous fans are wondering how to get Halo Reach Beta. Monday, May 3 was the beginning of wide Halo Reach Beta testing – and Halo Reach Beta is relatively easy to get and to play. The bad news, though, is the Halo Reach Beta is a walled garden game that not everybody was given access to. So, if you are one of those that wants to play the Master Chief in Halo Reach Beta, how do you get to play?

How to play Halo Reach Beta

If you’re looking for a way to get into the Halo Reach Beta group, you should brace yourself. First, look into loan till payday, because you’ll need an XBox with an active XBox Live account. You will also need an original copy of Halo ODST. Each and each package of Halo ODST came with a legitimate copy of the Halo Reach Beta. If you find a copy of the Halo Reach Beta download somewhere online, you could be assured that it is certainly illegal. Downloaded Halo Reach Beta May also be unsafe for Xbox – so be warned.

Halo Reach Beta – how to play

You May wonder how to play once you’ve a copy of the Halo Reach Beta game. A code from Bungie or Microsoft is needed to play the Halo Reach Beta game. To access the Halo Reach Beta servers, you’ll need a code from Microsoft, Bungie, or one of the many websites offering a code. These codes are what allowed pre-reviews of the Halo Reach Beta video game.

What you will find new on Halo Reach Beta

The interface of Halo Reach Beta is very comparable to previous Halo games. One of the biggest changes to the Halo series is the option of choosing an additional “power” for character – 3 classes, each with a different skill. There are other changes to the Halo Reach system, but because this can be a beta test, things May change before Halo Reach goes into wide release.

See Halo Reach Beta videos

Of course, one of the first things to come out after the Halo Reach Beta began up was video of players in the Halo Reach Beta universe. This is one of probably the most popular Halo Reach Beta videos that Bungie favored on their website.

Halo Reach – Top 10 Kills (warning – contains significant animated violence)


Crunch Gear

Known Safety Violations At San Antonio Refinery That Caught Fire

Known Safety Violations At San Antonio Refinery That Caught Fire

Wednesday morning, just a couple of hours after the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama exploded, a San Antonio refinery fire sent a plume of black smoke to the air. The San Antonio refinery fire started when an 18-wheeler truck being loaded with fuel exploded. The San Antonio refinery explosion set off a series of chain-reaction explosions at the refinery that lasted 45 minutes or a lot more.

Fire nevertheless burning in the San Antonio refinery

More than 100 firefighters and emergency responders were at the scene of the San Antonio refinery fire today. Anybody who lives within a half mile of the explosion was evacuated. Private money enders as well as other financers are set to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. Up to 40 miles away the smoke can nevertheless be seen. The fire will probably burn hot and for a long time considering the San Antonio refinery fire is fuel based.

18 wheeler starts San Antonio refinery explosion

The San Antonio refinery explosion all began with an 18 wheeler truck. When the truck exploded, it was in a loading dock being pumped with fuel. The fire is expected to burn for numerous days as this explosion was the first of many within the refinery. Firefighters and hazmat crews were working to shut off the valves that nevertheless pumped fuel following the fire started.

OSHA violations before the San Antonio refinery explosion

Before the San Antonio refinery fire this morning, AGE Refining, Inc., had been cited several times for safety violations. In 2007, the San Antonio refinery was fined for 13 “serious violations”. Apparently the violations are nevertheless “current” says the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. AGE refining, as the only refinery in San Antonio, provides jet fuel and diesel to the US Air Force and many other customers.

Watch many reports on the San Antonio refinery fire

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Supreme Court Makes Mojave Cross Ruling

The Mojave Cross case, involving a cross put up as a veterans memorial in the Mojave desert, has been decided by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court narrowly ruled 5 – 4 in favor of the cross staying, overruling lower court decisions which had deemed the cross should go. The case has been ongoing for 10 years. Who knows how many low interest loans worth have gone into this particular court case.

Mojave Cross saved by narrow majority

The Mojave Cross case has been closely monitored, as it is the first case involving First Amendment issues of the Roberts Court. The opinion, as outlined by Fox News , was authored by Justice Anthony Kennedy. The consensus was the cross was deemed worthy to stay, as any veterans memorial being removed on grounds of the memorial being a cross would be a grave injustice to those who gave their lives in service. Justice Ailito added “is likely to have been seen by more rattlesnakes than humans.” The location is remote in a 1 million acre plus national park. You’d have to get instant cashjust to afford the gas money.

Original suit brought 10 years ago

The original suit started over 10 years ago with Frank Buono. Buono, along with the American Civil Liberties Union, originally brought suit after a request for a Buddhist shrine alongside the cross was denied. The Houston Chronicle reports that Jewish and Muslim vets also object to the monument, as they believe it precludes them from being honored.

The only veteran on the Supreme Court weighs in

John Paul Stevens dissented with the opinion, but agreed with keeping the memorial and is the only veteran on the Court. He asserted the cross is “dramatically inadequate and inappropriate tribute” for all veterans of all faiths.

There were some tries to fix things

The cross was ordered by Federal courts to be removed in the wake of the original suit. Congress made a quick act to deed the land to private ownership, but this was enjoined by federal courts. The case was picked in October of 2009 up by the Supreme Court. The land transfer is pending, but the Mojave cross will stay.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ford Stock Price And Earnings Soaring Beyond Expectations

Ford Earnings And Stock Soaring Beyond Expectation

Ford stock is blowing up and also the Ford earnings report released Tuesday shows its best quarterly performance in six years at $ 2.1 billion. The Ford Motor Co., the only Detroit automaker not bailed out of bankruptcy with paydayloans from the Federal government last year, has earned a profit for four consecutive quarters when its domestic rivals flounder. By slashing costs and increasing sales, Ford stock price and Ford earnings report numbers have shifted from negative to optimistic a year ahead of schedule, even as the market for new cars has yet to recover.

Ford stock price soars

Ford stock hit a five-year high Monday at $ 14.57. When Wall Street only expected it to gain 32 cents a share, it actually went up 50 cents a share as outlined by the Ford earnings report. Just a year ago, Ford stock traded at $ 1.91 a share, and the earnings report for Ford showed a $ 1.4 billion loss which is more than 60 cents a share in loss. When Ford boss Alan R. Mulally took over four years ago, he said introducing new products, closing plants, and eliminating tens of thousands of jobs is working. For executives said that within the instant future, they plan to continue to sell cars for positive money flow when they were presenting the earnings report.

Ford earnings report helps to fuel production

Ford said it planned to build 625,000 automobiles within the United States and Canada within the second quarter, which is 9 percent a lot more than the first quarter and 39 percent a lot more than same period a year ago. It plans to introduce new models later this year with the aim to capture a bigger piece of the growing market for smaller, more fuel efficient cars. Ford fans could be getting auto loans quite soon for new versions of the Fiesta and Focus, plus a retooled Edge crossover and a a lot more fuel efficient Explorer SUV.

Ford stock analysis

An analysis of Ford stock will show an increase in price of more than 40 percent so far in 2010. Ford's market share in the US rose to 16.6 percent in the first quarter, which is up 2.7 percent from the first quarter 2009. It outsold General Motors in February for the very first time in 50 years. In addition to cost cutting and focus on quality, Ford’s gamble to forgo the government bailout appears to have paid off in spades as the images, and sales, of GM and Chrysler have suffered. Toyota’s recall of more than nine million vehicles and the resulting publicity nightmare of the past six months probably hasn’t hurt Ford stock either.

Ford stock outlook

The Ford stock outlook suggests that it probably won't sustain its current rally. The New York Times reports that Ford’s chief financial officer Lewis W.K. Booth said the business does not necessarily expect each of the next three quarters to be as strong as the first, particularly if an improving economy leads to higher interest rates later within the year. Tuesday, following the earnings report was released, stock began falling as though on cue. As of noon Eastern Time the Ford stock price was down about 6.5 percent at $ 13.50 a share. Closing price for stock on Monday was the highest given that January 2005. In the Ford stock outlook, debt survival may be an issue. The company still has much more debt $ 34.3 billion, than money, $ 25.3 billion.

Has Radar Online Found A Chelsea Handler Sex Tape?

A recording of Chelsea Handler when she was 23 years old has surfaced, and Radar Online insists that it is a sex tape. At first glance it appears to be Handler practicing her standup routine at home, but it quickly explodes into a sex tape featuring Chelsea Handler and a male sporting a British accent. In what seems like a flash, the recording easily cuts back to the standup routine. In response to Radar’s claim of the sex tape Handler cleared the air on her E! Network celebrity news talk show “Chelsea Lately” when she announced that she had made the tape for a comedy club audition when she first moved to Los Angeles and was in need of a loan. ”I would like to say to Radar Online: A) thanks for ruin! ing my surprise Christmas gift to my staff, and number two, it was made as a joke,” Handler said to her loyal “Chelsea Lately” viewers. “I put it on an audition tape for a comedy club because I’m a comedian.”

Chelsea Handler’s comedy is built around sex

In her standup routines and self-penned books like “My Horizontal Life,” “Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea” and “Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang,” Chelsea Handler has spoken at length about her sexual experiences and other Vodka-fueled ventures as a gregarious single woman. The stories are quite humorous and definitely not for family consumption. It is not a stretch to assume that the so-called Chelsea Handler sex tape was simply a laugh-and-shock means to an end: getting a job.

What’s with the editing and who’s that Brit?

Blogs the caliber of The Hollywood Gossip doubt that Chelsea Handler is telling the full truth about whether the sex was actually part of an audition. Chelsea says that’s ridiculous. It’s a wonder that the gossip rags have not made the connection between the British man in the video and also the British boyfriend Handler writes about in her books. The books indicate Chelsea Handler once cared for the Briton, but he wounded her by cheating. Now that “Chelsea Handler” is one of the biggest brand names in comedy, could it be that the former British boyfriend was looking for a payoff or wanted to knock her down a peg?

If he has returned, then “British Bob” has bitten off a lot more than he can chew. Handler revealed on her program that “someone” once tried to get her to pay $ 1,000,000 to keep the tape from hitting the tabloids. Handler’s retort to the extortion attempt was self-effacement: “No thanks. I am not worth it,” she said, smiling.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kelley Blue Book IPhone App Shows Used Car's Trade-in Value

IPhone App Shows Used Car's Trade In Value Called Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book happens to be the universal source in determining the market value of used cars for auto financing. But Kelley Blue Book has come a long way since Les Kelley published his first guide to used auto values in 1926. Kelley Blue Book has evolved from a small pocket sized pamphlet to a resource library on the web and an automobile search engine with its one free Kelley blue Book iPhone app.

Kelley Blue Book, used cars and much a lot more

With its release of its choices for the Top 10 Green Cars for 2010, Kelley Blue Book demonstrated its clout on Monday. The announcement that ranks the Toyota Prius at the top of the list, received major coverage from news outlets across the US. From the Honda Insight Hybrid at number two to the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid at number 10, the Kelley Blue Book list of Top 10 green cars for 2010 consists of a selection of vehicles for all purposes. Whenever somebody decides they want one of these cars, they can go to Kelley Blue Book and enter their zip code to discover the location of a dealer willing to give them a decent price.

Kelley Blue Book free iPhone app

The Kelley Blue Book free iPhone app will let sellers plug into the Kelley Blue Book database directly so you are able to access the book value of the vehicle you're looking at. You will be able to find trade in value, locations of dealers, reviews, and take a look at 360 degree views of the auto. If you’re selling a car, the Kelley Blue Book free iPhone app has quicklinks to Kelley Blue Book’s site so buyers can find your vehicle, and tools to create slick ads for craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or blog.

Used cars trade in value by Kelley Blue Book

A used cars trade in value is determined by Kelley Blue Book by more than just the make, model, and miles. For car loans, the condition of a used car is judged with tough criteria. Unless the used vehicle is showroom immaculate, a well-kept vehicle will likely be judged as “good,” instead of “excellent.” Cars that need just a little a lot more work are “fair” and smoking, sputtering heaps are “poor.” You should enter a zip code when entering the Kelley Blue Book website because location is a large factor used in determining a used vehicle price on Kelley Blue Book. An example would be an SUV which will be worth more in Montana than in Miami. Corvette Convertibles are worth a lot more when sold in San Diego than in North Dakota.

The used cars bible is Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book has been successful in identifying its brand with its services the term "book" is understood universally as the price for used cars and trade in value. Wheeling and dealing now and days involves standard terms like “what’s the book?” “over book” and “under book.” The terms blue book and blue book value are trademarked by Kelley Blue Book.

Thomas Hagan, Malcolm X Assassin, Released From Prison

Thomas Hagan, Malcolm X Assassin, Released From Prison

During a speaking engagement within the Audubon ballroom on Feb. 21, 1965, civil rights leader, Malcolm X, was shot to death. The prime over in the shooting was Thomas Hagan although three men were arrested for the crime. Hagan served 44 years for the crime. Thomas Hagan, previously known as Talmadge X Hayer or Talmadge Hayer, is 69 and was given parole after dozens of requests, and probably will need a instant cash loans or two for legal expenses.

Assassination of Malcolm X

On that day in 1965, Malcolm X took the podium at the Audubon Ballroom. As he started to address the crowd, a sudden disturbance broke out. Thomas Hagan, then Talmadge Hayer, shot him within the chest with a sawed off shotgun at point blank range as he tried to calm the situation. Two other men started shooting him with handguns. Malcolm X was shot more than 16 times and was pronounced dead just after arrival at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, at 3:30 pm. Hagan was the only person who confessed to the crime after being severely beaten by the crowd and being arrested.

The other men that shot

Two additional persons were arrested, Norman 3X Butler and Thomas 15X Johnson, now known as Muhammed Abdul Aziz and Khalil Islam, respectively. Both have stayed out of jail as Hagan has always said they had nothing to do with the crime. Even low interest loans can't help yield other results as to who the other gunmen were. They were both paroled within the mid-1980s.

Ecumenical split is the shooting over

Malcolm X split from the Nation of Islam, which he had been a member of for a dozen years, in 1964. The shooting was due to some tensions between him and Elijah Muhammad, who was the leader. Hagan said that had been the inspiration for himself and conspirators to gun him down.

Thomas Hagan of course 17th attempt parole

Hagan has expressed regret over the shooting according to the Los Angeles Times . This was his 17th appeal for parole, which was of course. He is married, has a daughter, as outlined by New York Times, and given that 1988 has been on work release, working in a fast food restaurant among other endeavors. He also earned a Masters in Sociology given that his incarceration.

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