Saturday, May 29, 2010

Does ZabaSearch Make Your Private Information Public?

One of the many public record search engines available online, ZabaSearch is wading into the sticky issue of internet privacy. A basic ZabaSearch might provide information that some people would rather not have available online. The results you get from ZabaSearch aren't always accurate, though.

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How ZabaSearch works

Just about any public records search operates the same – Spokeo or ZabaSearch. ZabaSearch uses a computer program to scour and compile publicly available information. When you enter a name into ZabaSearch, it returns the information it has compiled. Basic search results are provided for free, and extended search results are available for a fee.

What information does ZabaSearch provide?

When you type a name into Zabasearch, it will return a phone number, an address, and the Google Maps view of the address. If a customer pays for a Zabasearch report, they can get information that ranges from tax resolution records to average home value in the area. Intelius is the company name that paid Zabasearch results are paid through.

Is it possible to remove info from ZabaSearch?

Seeing all of your public information in one place can be eye-opening. While information such as this has been public for years, the fact it is so easy to find is relatively new. ZabaSearch is known for getting results wrong as often as right. Humans are not used to connect the dots with the ZabaSearch program. So if your name is listed as “Mary A. Rice” in one place, and “Mary Rice” in another, ZabaSearch will see it as two different people. Opting-out of ZabaSearch is not necessarily easy, because the service relies on publicly available information. You can opt out of ZabaSearch results by faxing the company proof of your identity. You have to request your public records be legally sealed in order to remove your information from all public records searches.

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