Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get In On Halo Reach Beta - How To Get And Play The Game

Get And Play Halo Reach Beta - Get In On The Game

Officially released today, the Halo Reach Beta is available, and numerous fans are wondering how to get Halo Reach Beta. Monday, May 3 was the beginning of wide Halo Reach Beta testing – and Halo Reach Beta is relatively easy to get and to play. The bad news, though, is the Halo Reach Beta is a walled garden game that not everybody was given access to. So, if you are one of those that wants to play the Master Chief in Halo Reach Beta, how do you get to play?

How to play Halo Reach Beta

If you’re looking for a way to get into the Halo Reach Beta group, you should brace yourself. First, look into loan till payday, because you’ll need an XBox with an active XBox Live account. You will also need an original copy of Halo ODST. Each and each package of Halo ODST came with a legitimate copy of the Halo Reach Beta. If you find a copy of the Halo Reach Beta download somewhere online, you could be assured that it is certainly illegal. Downloaded Halo Reach Beta May also be unsafe for Xbox – so be warned.

Halo Reach Beta – how to play

You May wonder how to play once you’ve a copy of the Halo Reach Beta game. A code from Bungie or Microsoft is needed to play the Halo Reach Beta game. To access the Halo Reach Beta servers, you’ll need a code from Microsoft, Bungie, or one of the many websites offering a code. These codes are what allowed pre-reviews of the Halo Reach Beta video game.

What you will find new on Halo Reach Beta

The interface of Halo Reach Beta is very comparable to previous Halo games. One of the biggest changes to the Halo series is the option of choosing an additional “power” for character – 3 classes, each with a different skill. There are other changes to the Halo Reach system, but because this can be a beta test, things May change before Halo Reach goes into wide release.

See Halo Reach Beta videos

Of course, one of the first things to come out after the Halo Reach Beta began up was video of players in the Halo Reach Beta universe. This is one of probably the most popular Halo Reach Beta videos that Bungie favored on their website.

Halo Reach – Top 10 Kills (warning – contains significant animated violence)



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