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IPhone Vs. Android – Droid Outsells IPhone In Q1 2010

IPhone Vs. Android - Droid Outsells IPhone In Q1 2010

The Android vs. iPhone battle got more entertaining as the Android underdog phone outsold the Apple iPhone in first quarter 2010. Although Android may have won one battle, Apple continues to win the war. In total smartphone sales, and Apple surely has the lead over Android. Blackberry, of course, dominates the field. The Android market is going up while the iPhone and Blackberry markets plummet. Some analysts think those trends will continue, allowing the Android phone to tighten the iPhone vs. Android margin.

Android vs. iPhone milestone

The NPD Group reports the Android vs. iPhone matchup hit a milestone when the Android phone captured 28 percent of smartphone sales in the last quarter. NPD reports that Apple’s iPhone won 21 percent of all the smartphone sales, while Research in Motion’s Blackberry took 36 percent. According to ComScore, a digital market research firm, a key stat in Android vs. iPhone is that Google’s Android operating system had just nine percent of the market as of February 2010, in contrast to the iPhone’s 25.4 percent.

Others falter with Android phone gains

In winning the latest round of iPhone vs. Droid, PC World reports that Google’s OS is the only smartphone OS whose share of sales grew exceptionally over the previous quarter. The iPhone, in the mean time, is flat, while Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and WebOS quarterly sales shares are falling like a mortgage loan modification. If this trend continues, PC World’s J.R. Raphael said Android will catch up to its competitors for total market share in a very short time.

How did Android beat iPhone?

Android phone sales may have overtaken Apple’s iPhone, as outlined by the Los Angeles Times, because of Google’s freewheeling partnering tactics that have gotten the Android operating system onto as numerous phones, served by as many wireless carriers, as possible. There are a lot more than 30 Android powered devices from 12 manufacturers. These devices contain T-mobile, Verizon, AT and T, and Sprint.

Will Verizon soon sell the iPhone?

The much speculated iPhone Verizon offering looms larger as Google wins the latest round of the iPhone vs. Droid scuffle. In a partnership that is very exclusive in a saturated market, Apple is tied to AT and T. Ezra Gottheil, an analyst with Technology Business Research, told Computerworld, “That’s your classic technology acquisition curve. Of those in the U.S. who are interested in an iPhone and willing to put up with AT and T, fairly much all have already bought one. What’s left for Apple — as long as it’s tied to AT and T in its exclusive partnership — is largely the iPhone replacement market”.

Worldwide iPhone soars

Most analysts expect iPhone Verizon to happen eventually in the U.S., but Apple’s not saying when. Apple is continuing the iPhone vs. Droid matchup everywhere else. Last month Apple announced Worldwide iPhone sales ended being up 131 percent within the first quarter compared to the exact same three-month stretch in 2009.

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