Thursday, May 27, 2010

John Travolta - Dogs Killed, Wife Expecting After Jett Tragedy

Dogs Killed, Wife Expecting After Jett Tragedy – John Travolta

Just barely after having the case wrapped up and 17 months after Jett Travolta's tragic death, John Travolta's dogs were killed in a Maine airport. A statement was released by Bangor airport saying the accident where dogs were killed could be investigated. Also, John Travolta and his wife are expecting a child.

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Just wrapped up Jett Travolta lawsuit

Just months after Jett Travolta's death lawsuit ended, John Travolta's dogs died. Jett Travolta died while on a trip with the family in the Bahamas. John Travolta filed an extortion lawsuit against a parliamentarian in the Bahamas who was looking for a payday cash advances of $ 25 million for not releasing a document to the press. John Travolta instead chose to go to the authorities, and three people were arrested in connection with the Jett Travolta extortion plot.

Dogs of John Travolta killed

Two of John Travolta's dogs were killed last week in a "freak accident" at the Bangor airport. After a plane had landed with the dogs in it, a “person who was not a family member” took the two dogs for a walk. During that walk, an “airport service vehicle” that was going to service the plane that has just landed hit and killed the dogs. John Travolta hasn't made a statement about the death of the dogs yet.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta pregnant

John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, announced on May 18 that they’re expecting a 3rd child. Rather than discussing the dogs killed or the lawsuit, the couple is choosing instead to celebrate the new life they are expecting. The couple announced their pregnancy to People Magazine and other news sources 17 months after Jett Travolta’s death. John Travolta and Kelly Preston are also parents to Ella Bleu, who is 10 years old.

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