Sunday, May 23, 2010

Juan-Carlos Cruz - Food Network Chef Arrested

Juan-Carlos Cruz - Food Network Chef Arrested

Despite the fact that it is usually humorous to think of a Food Network chef being arrested, the arrest of Juan-Carlos Cruz is not funny. The Food Network chef arrested no longer works for the Food Network, which may explain why he was “very cheap” when he allegedly hired three individuals to kill his wife. Maybe he used no faxing payday loans to pay for it?

Arrested in Santa Monica is Food Network Chef

The Food Network Chef arrested, Juan-Carlos Cruz, should appear in a Santa Monica courtroom Monday morning. His plot of hiring three homeless individuals to kill his wife didn't work out so well when one of them turned him in. Identified as “Big Dave,” “Little Dave” and “Shane,” these 3 men said Cruz was “very meticulous” and “very cheap.” Right now he is being held on $ 5 million in bail.

Food Network chef arrested specializes in low-calorie cooking

Juan-Carols Cruz, the Food Network chef arrested, has made his public celebrity chef name on low-calorie cooking. Juan-Carlos Cruz dropped many weight after appearing on a Discovery Channel Body Challenge Show. A former pastry chef, Cruz changed his cooking focus to low-calorie meals. The Food Network chef that was arrested had once starred in Calorie Commando, a show dedicated to “replacing the junk in food with healthy alternatives.”

Watch the demo reel of the Food Network Chef arrested

Arrest of Food Network chef part of the weight loss industry

The U.S. weight loss market is estimated to be worth more than $ 65 billion. The Food Network Chef who was arrested has been a part of this industry most recently with his cookbook. The $ 7.49 cookbook, "Juan-Carlos Cruz Calorie Countdown Cookbook" got 4 ½ star ratings. Juan hired himself out as a speaker and consultant as this cheap cookbook probably isn't paying the bills.

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