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The basics of belts that run your engine

The major parts of your engine are generally run by belts. The belts are easy to forget about — they do not require attention as often as oil changes — however they are incredibly essential. Knowing how to care for engines is incredibly important – so how do you do it?

Article resource: Belt Basics– The belts that run your engine by Car Deal Expert

The basics of a belt

Most belts in vehicles are made from rubber or a combination of rubber and plastic. Rather than just snapping, belts will usually crack, decay, or wear. Belts can be prone to breaking or wearing out because of the conditions they’re used under. Belts generally run the cooling system, alternator, and accessories in a vehicle. Older engines used separate belts to run each component. A single "serpentine" belt generally runs anything in a newer engine.

Switching out the belts

A belt that squeaks or squeals means that it is stretching out. Every time you check your oil or take your car to the mechanic, you need to have your belts checked. Replace the belts all at once – if one is wearing out, replace them all. With basic car experience, replacing a belt is easy. First, copy down the diagram of how the belt runs around the engine. Remove the tension from the belt before you remove it. Put the new belt in the engine and re-tighten the tension.

Should you dress the belt?

Some mechanics claim that you need to "dress" the belt – lubricate it with a spray – to help it last. This theory only type of works most of the time. For a short time, if you dress a belt, it will get quieter. Remember, though, that a belt making noise is a warning that something is going wrong. You should only dress a belt for temporary silence while you get your car to the mechanic.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Personal finance savvy rising, but high credit card debt persists

Americans are more educated about credit than they were before the recession started up; however, their knowledge about personal finance isn’t resulting in better decisions about credit and lending. A survey indicates that most Americans know the interest rates they are paying on their credit card and they know their credit rating. Even so, they continue to carry high interest credit card debt and don’t even know how to improve their credit scores.

Article Resource: Personal finance savvy rising, but high credit card debt persists by Personal Money Store

The personal finance know-how is no good

A survey of personal financial knowledge by Harris Interactive on behalf of Lending Club shows that Americans still aren’t making the most of hard-learned instant cash credit lessons learned during the recession. Adults who are unaware of their credit score came in at 31 percent, compared to 45 percent who didn’t have a clue in 2007 according to a Bankrate, Inc. survey. Fewer adults (22 percent) who use a credit card don’t know the interest rate on the credit card they use most often (compared to 29 percent who reported not knowing in 2007, according to a National Foundation for Credit Counseling survey).

Credit card debt seems to prevail

Credit card companies will be glad to know that of those adults who do know the interest rates on their cards, the survey shows 31 percent have an interest rate of 20 percent or more and 64 percent pay 14 percent or more. Although 93 percent of credit card users know that it’s very possible to negotiate for a better rate, only 29 percent have ever tried to. Although closing a credit card account negatively impacts credit score, 18 percent believe it increases your credit score; 27 percent believed it has no impact. For those with debt other than a home mortgage, credit card debt is the most common type of debt overall (67 percent) and often the most expensive type of debt to carry.

Personal finance advice

To gain a lot of knowledge about personal finance, AOL Money Coach Jennifer Openshaw has advice for consumers who want to be smarter when it comes to credit. You need to figure out your card rates. Find out about all of the lower rates. About 68 percent of those who ask to get a lower rate are actually successful and build confidence in their financial savvy as well. Start with a target rate in mind, be assertive and ask for the supervisor if necessary.

You should know what makes a difference to your credit card

Openshaw makes the suggestion that you learn what affects your credit score. Know that closing older accounts reduces your balance-to-credit card limit ratio, which may actually lower your score. If you have any kind of trouble controlling your credit card spending, it may be better to take the temporary hit to your score so you have fewer sources of temptation. Finally, cut your costs on current debt, consider paying off all your debts with one lower interest rate bank loan, but don’t do it on a credit card.

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$ 65 trillion owed to North Korea according to Kim Jong-Il

Reparations payments were an inseparable part of post-war recovery for centuries, and now North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il wants a piece of the pie. It was reported by the Australian Broadcasting Company that North Korea is demanding – not suggesting; demanding – that the United States pay nearly $ 65 trillion U.S. in reparations for “six decades of hostility.” To be precise, KCNA, the official state-controlled news agency of North Korea, reports that just compensation for the tribulations suffered since the division of the Korean peninsula in 1945 is $ 64.96 trillion.

Source for this article: America owes North Korea $ 65 trillion, says Kim Jong-Il by Personal Money Store

What is North Korea going to buy with $ 65 trillion?

Perhaps with $ 65 trillion North Korea will be able to afford better industry, not to mention sensitivity training to help smooth over their issues with human rights violations. While it is difficult to take accurate assessment of North Korea’s human rights issues, Wikipedia decided to indicate that Amnesty International has enough data to suggest that major sanctions against North Korea are warranted. The Korean War created a mass refugee exodus and divided some of the Korean families, which in turn led to food shortages. UN troop movement under U.S. leadership allegedly led to the near-collapse of society in North Korea. The nation wasn't supposed to last but did. The strife of war caused 750,000 divided families according to Korean Studies Review, a problem that continues to haunt that area in modern times.

Commemorating anniversary number 60

The Korean War occurred 60 years ago, and North Korea and Kim Jong-Il likely decided it was an opportune time to remind the world of what they claimed was 5 million North Koreans “dead, wounded, kidnapped or missing.” In addition, they claim that U.S. sanctions have made their economic recovery almost impossible. These sanctions date before North Korea’s first nuclear test in 2006, explains KCNA. None of this takes into account any of the suffering world sources show that North Korea inflicted upon its own people.

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Reduce debt by carefully planning debt consolidation loans

To simplify your debt, debt consolidation loans work. Nevertheless, for real debt relief, debt consolidation is only the first step. You have to change your spending habits as well, or you’re simply trying to borrow your way out of debt, which doesn’t make any sense regardless how you check out it. If bundling all your debt into one payment lowers your rate of interest it makes sense. But if a longer term is the only reason the rate of interest is lower, you end up paying more in the end.

{|Article Source: For real debt reduction, plan your debt consolidation carefully by Personal Money Store

Planning can make debt consolidation worthwhile

It takes careful planning to set up debt consolidation that saves interest and reduces debt faster. Debt consolidation calculators are available on many sites for free. A debt consolidation calculator helps you consider all the factors that determine whether it makes sense to consolidate. Experiment with a variety of interest, payment and term situations that could be part of your plan.

Top possibilities for debt consolidation

Some debt consolidation approaches are better than others. M.P. Dunleavy at MSN MoneyCentral reports on some of the best debt consolidation moves. Consider a home equity loan when you have equity in yours. A home equity loan carries a fairly low interest rate, presently in the high single digits, and also the interest you do pay is tax-deductible. If your car has a secured loan, you can refinance it and use the additional cash to pay down debt. A personal loan to pay off credit card debt is a great choice, with less interest than you are paying to the credit card company.

Debt relief can grow like a rolling snowball

Many financial advisers think that you need to plan on keeping debt payments separate for debt reduction. Debt reduction guru Dave Ramsey advocates the "snowball approach". With the snowball approach, debs are paid off one at a time, from the smallest to the largest. Ramsey advocates listing your debts in order. Your first priority is paying off the smallest debt. The snowball approach motivates you with success by paying down the easiest debts first. But it takes a lot of financial discipline, budgeting and saving for the snowball approach to work.

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Fastbucks and New Mexico Attorney General in legal scuffle

In New Mexico, the lawsuits are going like crazy between the Attorney General and loan company Fastbucks. Attorney General Gary King filed a lawsuit against Fastbucks last year. Fastbucks sued back. What's the issue? New regulations on money lenders that Fastbucks fought in court in 2006.

Resource for this article: Fastbucks and New Mexico Attorney General in legal scuffle by Personal Money Store

The original lawsuit against Fastbucks

The lawsuit that started this tete-a-tete New Mexico was filed by Gary King against Fastbucks and one other instant payday loan company. The suit scheduled for July 6th was a civil suit. The suit claimed that Fastbucks was responsible for “unconscionable” loans. The judge ordered that Fastbucks and also the New Mexico Attorney General were to attend mediation, but the Attorney General didn't show up to the session.

Fastbucks’ countersuit

In the Roswell district court, Fastbucks filed a countersuit to the Attorney General’s civil suit. Fastbucks says that the Attorney General is suing them to “create legislation with litigation.” The suit also explains the case has been filed as a reaction to the failure of the legislation to pass in 2006. There is no court date set yet. It is possible that the New Mexico Attorney General may file for the judging of the suit to be moved. As the counter suit was filed in a different district than the original suit was filed in, there may be issues of jurisdiction.

One of the most essential arguments

The arguments in the New Mexico case come down to the question of “unconscionable trade practices.” The Attorney General of New Mexico claims that these instant paydayloans charge too much money for the lending service they provide. Fastbucks and other stores that deal in quick cash loans say that they’re being unfairly targeted for providing lending to high-risk customers. Providing an instant cash is an expensive proposition, so the interest rates are high. Many states and attorney generals have taken action against these companies, saying they take unfair advantage.

Verizon announces Flash, price, and features of the Droid X

All fans of the Verizon Droid, your day will arrive soon – the Droid X has been formally announced. New features and native Android 2.2 support make the Droid X a shiny new phone to have. Some reports also suggest the Verizon Droid X might just make phone calls!

Source for this article: Verizon Droid X – Features, price, release and Flash announced by Personal Money Store

The numbers of the Verizon

You will find a huge number of numbers attached to the Verizon Droid X. The 1 GHz processor chip will run just about any program you can throw at it. The 16 GB memory, expandable to 40 GB, is enough to store about 5,000 of the 8-megapixel camera’s photos. The eight-hour talk-time battery has enough juice to (reportedly) not need charging more than once every single day or two. The 3G mobile connection could be used as a hotspot for other devices with the right plan. The glass touchscreen has a 4.3 inch multi-touch interface. The built in video and photo camera has 720P recording, playback, and high-definition. Finally, the device will run on the latest Android operating system, which will contain Flash 10.1 within the “late summer,” possibly by the July 15 release date.

What you are able to do with the Verizon Droid X

Smartphones are attractive because you are able to do so many things with them. Verizon doesn’t throttle data or have a data-limiting plan, so Verizon is marketing the Droid X as the "anti-iPhone". Verizon's Droid X is supposed to be built as a "mobile media center with your pocket.” The numbers of the Droid X phone seem to say that the phone might just be capable of doing just that. App developers have been adding new programs to the Verizon store on a daily basis, and the functionality of the phone is easily expanding.

Day to day functionality of the Droid X

The Droid X could well decrease your daily cell phone bill and increase your productivity. This all comes with a heavy outlay though — $ 200 with a two year contract, including a $ 30-a-month add-on data package.

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With oil company holdings, drilling moratorium overturned by judge

A federal judge overturned the six-month deep water drilling moratorium within the Gulf of Mexico. The ruling issued Tuesday cited economic hardship due to the ban and explained the government overreached by suspending all deep-water drilling operations planned in the gulf. The ruling was hailed by oil companies. The Department of Justice said they would appeal the decision. Meanwhile, as the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico 2010 gushed, about 106 million gallons of crude and counting have spilled into the sea.

Source for this article: Drilling moratorium overturned by judge with oil company holdings

Drilling moratorium judge invested in oil

The drilling moratorium was overturned by the Judge named Martin L.C. Feldman after a group of oil rig service companies filed a complaint. According to ABC News, recent disclosure documents indicate that Feldman, who was appointed to the bench by Ronald Reagan, has had financial holdings in oil companies. Feldman said the Interior Department acted “arbitrarily and capriciously” when it issued a six-month moratorium on drilling new deep-water wells in the Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. Feldman given a preliminary injunction to Hornbeck Offshore Services to lift the drilling moratorium, saying that he believed the government “failed to cogently reflect the decision to issue a blanket, generic, indeed punitive, moratorium.”

Uncertain about a lot more deep-water drilling

The moratorium was imposed to give a presidential panel time to come up with recommendations on how to keep away from a repeat of the BP oil spill disaster. The Los Angeles Times reports that it remains uncertain whether the Interior Department would have to begin issuing new permits to drill. With an appeal virtually certain to have come from the Obama administration, some analysts are doubting that oil companies would want to start a major deep-water drilling operation in the Gulf of Mexico with the possibility it may have to shut down if the appeal succeeds.

Oil companies spin drilling moratorium

On today's ruling, the American Petroleum Institute explained in a written statement, “The moratorium was an initial reaction to concerns about the safety of offshore oil and natural gas operations. Nevertheless, an extended moratorium would have a tremendous impact on the nation’s energy security – and cause significant harm to the region of the country that was already suffering from the spill – without raising safety or improving industry procedures.”

BP oil spill has a containment failure

Meanwhile, within the gulf, CNN reports that government estimates indicate as much as 60,000 barrels (2.5 million gallons) of oil may be flowing into the Gulf each day, and also the gusher has already taken a significant toll on tourism and the fishing industry in Gulf Coast states. On Tuesday BP announced it had succeeded in collecting less than half of the estimated daily output: 25,830 barrels (1.08 million gallons) of oil over the past 24 hours. The amount is the most ever collected; the previous record was set June 18 when 25,290 barrels were collected. BP said it will donate net revenues it receives from the sale of oil recovered from the spill to help the National Fish and Wildlife Federation deal with the oil it won’t be collecting from the oil spill within the Gulf of Mexico 2010.

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After tax credit expires, new home sales fall to record low in May

New home sales fell to a record low as outlined by a report that was done by the Commerce Department released June 23. A slide in new home sales statistics was expected after the home buyer tax credit expired in April. But the 32.7 percent drop in May was a lot more than expected. Existing home sales also dropped, as forecasters expected them to rise. Unemployment seems to be the primary reason the housing market is flagging without the tax credit. Sharp declines in the housing market are threatening the fitful U.S. economic recovery.

Resource for this article: New home sales fall to record low in May after tax credit expires

A new low – new home sales

New home sales had surged in March and April as homebuyers hurried to purchase homes before the April 30 deadline for the tax credit. Homebuyers have until June 30 to close the deals for the home tax credit, but the Senate may vote to push that deadline back to Sept. 30. reports that the May decline of 32.7 percent is there to represent a drop to 300,000 homes from 446,000 in April. Sales year-over-year fell 18.3 percent. The Commerce Department explained the May figures are the slowest sales pace since it started tracking home sales statistics in 1963. It September 1981, the prior record was set when new homes sold at an annual rate of 338,000.

Consumer spending will take a hit

The decline in new home sales, if it continues, leads to a decline in housing prices, which will in turn lead to a decline consumer spending also — the biggest threat to economic recovery. Business Week reports the drop in residential construction is going to sap consumer spending that accounts for about 70 percent of the U.S. economy. There's direct correlation between home sales and spending on furniture, appliances and building materials. On June 11 the Commerce Department gave a report saying that sales at U.S. retailers fell 1.2 percent in May, the first decline in eight months, led by a record 9.3 percent plunge at building-material stores.

New home sales statistics makes government wary

New home sales fell sharply across the U.S., with sales down a lot more than 50 percent in the West. MarketWatch reports that housing market stats in May seemed dismal across the board. Housing stats fell 10 percent, building permits fell somewhere around 5.9 percent, mortgage applications dropped and the home builders’ index fell by five points. The dark cloud’s silver lining was mortgage rates, which stayed very low. Another glimmer of hope may be that government statisticians have low confidence within the monthly Commerce Department new home sales report, which is subject to major revisions, sampling flaws and statistical errors. The government explains that it can take up to four months to establish a statistically significant trend in sales.

U.S. unemployment rate to blame

New home sales are being affected by the U.S. job market. Edward Leamer, an economist at the University of California, Los Angeles, told MarketWatch that unemployment is the primary reason housing is weakening without the tax credit to spur demand. The U.S. economy would have to grow at a 5 percent to 6 percent rate to create "significant reductions" in joblessness. "People won't purchase homes when they are worried about their jobs," he explained.

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Val Kilmer and also the possible Pecos River Ranch Bed and Breakfast

The Pecos River Ranch, home of Val Kilmer in New Mexico, is turning into a flashpoint for debate. The Pecos River Ranch is actually a several-thousand-acre ranch just outside of Santa Fe. Val Kilmer applied to try and turn the ranch into a bed and breakfast, and when the application was initially approved, it has been contested by the ranch’s neighbors. At more than $ 200-per-night for each person, is the Pecos River Ranch going to be a great place to stay, or the center of controversy?

Article Source: Val Kilmer – Proposed Pecos River Ranch Bed and Breakfast

The history – Pecos River Ranch

Val Kilmer has lived on the Pecos River Ranch for nearly 15 years. In 2009, Kilmer put the Pecos River Ranch on the market for $ 33 million, but claimed he was not looking to move out. Instead, Val Kilmer said he hoped for “a partner for an off-the-grid community”. The ranch has seven miles of the Pecos River.

Val Kilmer's plan for the Pecos River Ranch

After living on the Pecos River Ranch for the last decade and a half, it appears that Val Kilmer has plans with the property. In March, Kilmer applied for a bed-and-breakfast permit for the property. On March 2nd, The county planning and zoning commission approved the application. Neighbor Abran Tapia appealed that decision, nevertheless. Tapia states that Val Kilmer is “not a good neighbor” and for that reason should have his application denied.

Is Val Kilmer a bad neighbor?

The appeal of Val Kilmer’s application to turn Pecos River Ranch into a bed and breakfast isn’t depending on all of the merits of the application. Instead, neighbors are uncomfortable with Val Kilmer’s comments in the media. Specifically, all of the rumors that Kilmer may be running for governor of New Mexico have been flying for years. In news stories, Val Kilmer has been quoted as saying that Vietnam veterans were mostly “poor and criminals.” Kilmer was also been quoted as saying that he lives in the “homicide capital” of the USA. None of this, nevertheless, may have any legal standing when it comes to deciding or blocking the Pecos River Ranch bed and breakfast.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

One congressman forgets $ 55,000 in personnel loans cash

One would think that getting a personel loans isn't usually an easy thing to forget. New York congressman Gregory Meeks from Queens, however, apparently just “forgot” a lot more than $ 55,000 in personel loans. As a senior member of the House Financial Services Committee, Meeks is one of the senior representatives from New York.

Resource for this article: Gregory Meeks forgets to disclose $ 55,000 in personal loans Personal Money Store

What Gregory Meeks calls an "oversight"

The New York Daily News last Sunday revealed that Gregory Meeks neglected to list two cash personnel loans on financial disclosure statements. Gregory Meeks refused to provide data on the purpose or progeny of the loans. These loans were one $ 40,000 loan in 2007 and one $ 15,000 loan in 2008. These loans were both listed as "personal quick unsecured loans.” A Queens-area businessman also has one loan to Meeks that is worth "between $ 50,000 to $ 100,000.

Needs of financial disclosure

Any member of the U.S. House has to disclose quite a bit about their financial situation. These disclosures are due by May 15 of each year and list assets, liabilities, incomes, gifts, board membership and real estate. Because his disclosure was sent in months late, the 2009 disclosure from Gregory Meeks was questioned. Meeks claims that a very complete overview was the reason it was late. Technically, these disclosures are supposed to be public, though the House Clerk and Secretary of State, with whom they must be filed, don’t post these disclosures online.

Consequences for Gregory Meeks?

Because of his “oversight” of forgetting to mention an extra $ 55,000-plus in personnel loans, Gregory Meeks may face discipline. A violation of the ethics code could mean that Gregory Meeks may be charged under House Rule XXVI. The constituents of Gregory Meeks' district could take legal action against him as well. These "small" cash loans probably won't lead to any charges unless there are additional issues or improprieties with the administration of these loans. The real question could be during the next election cycle where Gregory Meeks may face questions from his constituency.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ford beats out foreigners in auto quality rankings for first time

Auto quality rankings released Thursday listed U.S. automakers ahead of imports for mass-market new vehicles for the first time ever. Among mass-market brands, Ford Motor Co. ranked No. 1 for quality in the J.D. Power and Associates car review consumers use as a guide for auto quality rankings. Toyota, typically near the top, fell to 21st.

Source for this article: Auto quality rankings put Ford ahead of foreigners for first time By Personal Money Store

J.D. Power reliability study

Cars in the J.D. Power study are ranked by the number of customer complaints reported to dealers for each and every 100 automobiles sold. For the first 90 days of ownership, the Associated Press reports that U. S. automakers reported fewer problems on average than foreign automakers. Within the 24 years J.D. Power has conducted the annual quality survey that has never happened before.

Ford tops auto quality rankings

In contrast to other U.S. automakers, Ford avoided bankruptcy and a government bailout and achieved some of the biggest gains in auto quality rankings among individual brands, moving to no. 5 overall, its highest ranking ever. The top four spots are occupied by the luxury brands Porsche, Acura, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Reuters reports the outcome of the latest survey makes a statement about how far U.S. automakers have come in their effort to catch up with the quality of Asian automakers. Toyota dropped from sixth to 21st after its image took a beating from numerous safety recalls.

GM quality ranking below industry average

Buick was the only GM brand in the auto quality rankings with a lower number of reported problems than last year. All GM brands fell below the industry average, Business week reports. J.D. Power said that high scoring brands in the auto quality ranking survey do a better job of keeping customers, with owners of cars in the top quarter of the list buying the same brand 59 percent of the time when brands in the bottom quarter retain just 44 percent of owners.

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What the Sony Dash does and doesn't

Not quite an iPad, not quite a laptop and not quite an alarm clock, the Sony Dash is showing up at the top of a lot of Father’s Day gift lists. The Sony Dash is probably the most costly and interactive alarm clock you will ever purchase. The Sony Dash can connect you to the web and run applications although it is pricey.

Article Source: What the Sony Dash does and doesn’t By Personal Money Store

Sony Dash features

The tech specs of the Sony Dash first of all. The device is only plug in. On the top there is a power and snooze button and a seven inch touch screen. The display has about 800 x 480 pixels. The Sony Dash features a 500 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. There are built-in stereo speakers and WiFi connections. The operating system of the Dash is Linux, with a Chumby-based interface.

What the Sony Dash does

At first glance, the Sony Dash is essentially designed as an alarm clock media center. Youtube, Pandora, Netflix and other media applications will play on the Sony Dash.Downloads for other developed apps can be available also and these will allow you to access online websites like Twitter and Facebook.In order to use any or all of these applications, you will need wireless internet access as part of your house. Without wireless internet, the Sony Dash is really just a $ 200 alarm clock.

What the Sony Dash doesn't' do

The Sony Dash, like all good things, has limitations. First, the Dash doesn’t have a battery – which means you are stuck next to a power outlet. Second, there is no programming solution for streaming or downloading any of your own content; you are able to only stream things off the internet. The Sony Dash also doesn’t necessarily log you into all your preferred applications; you may have to go to your Sony Dash account on a computer to do so.

Who the Sony Dash is good for

A hardcore computer user might think the Sony Dash is just an costly toy. For others that only use computers once in a while to look at pictures and watch a TV show, though, the Sony Dash may be a great option. The only major limitation is that without a pre-existing wireless internet connection, the Sony Dash is pretty much useless.

Unless you can find a neighbor that is willing to share wifi with you, the device will set you back about $ 250 with connections.

Small Businesses to qualify for new small loans

With an estimated cost of $ 7 billion over 10 years, Congress has passed a package of small business stimulus measures. This should increase tax cuts, spur lending, and provide new equity financing. This bill is in response to the increasing costs of beginning a business, and will be overseen by all of the Treasury’s inspector general.

Article Source: Small Businesses to qualify for new small loans

Small business bill cuts taxes

The small business bill is a combined bill that closes a whole bunch of tax loopholes and renews tax cuts for small businesses. There would be $ 3.6 billion in tax breaks for small businesses to be implemented over the next decade. The tax breaks could be paid for by increases in tax for large businesses. Small businesses would also be able to deduct startup expenses from their taxes. This provision of the bill began as a separate measure in Congress, but is being combined as it is sent to the Senate.

Additional money to flow to small businesses

The small business lending bill probably could create 3 major avenues for small businesses to get money. First, there would be a $ 30 billion fund of “preferred stock” that banks would be allowed to tap based on their lending to farms and small businesses. There would also be $ 2 billion given to states to help increase state-funded loans to small businesses. Third, the Small Business Administration would be authorized to match $ 1 billion of private investment in startups.

Paying somehow for the small business bill

In order to pay for the estimated $ 7 billion cost of the small business loans bill, the government will be increasing some taxes. Specifically, tax breaks for Grantor-Retained Annuity Trusts — trusts set up to keep away from taxes on gifts — will be rescinded. Taxes on the sale of some stock would be increased to the point of standard income taxes as opposed to capital gains taxes.

The voting on the small business bill

The small business bill passed because of a 241-182 vote. The bill is combined with the $ 3.6 billion tax-cut bill for small businesses and will go to the Senate. The Senate is expected to pass the bill. Some Senate Republicans are arguing that this bill is really “another bank bailout” in disguise as a small business stimulus package. Democrats counter that the bill takes a balanced approach to traditional and non-traditional lending for all of the new businesses.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Solid Rock church hit by lightning, Big Butter Jesus starts on fire

During a thunderstorm in Monroe, Ohio, last night, the “Big Butter Jesus” statue — otherwise referred to as “Touchdown Jesus” — was hit by lightning and burned to the ground. When Touchdown Jesus was on fire, the statue managed to ignite a part of the Lawrence Bishop Music Theater at the Solid Rock Church also. The damages are estimated at $ 700,000 – and nobody was injured.

Article Resource: Big Butter Jesus on fire – Lightning strikes Solid Rock Church By Personal Money Store

Zeus' lightning strike drags down Big Butter Jesus

Taller than the church in the area, the Touchdown Jesus statue was over 60 feet tall. A large thunderstorm created lightning that was attracted to the tall statue. Effortlessly ignited, the buttery-yellow Styrofoam and fiberglass structure effortlessly ignited. Within six minutes, the fire crews were on the scene.

Ruins to Solid Rock Church

The Touchdown Jesus statue was built in Monroe, Ohio. the nearby theater on fire. Though the building was not badly damaged, the audio equipment was very severely damaged. In a press conference this morning, the Solid Rock Church representatives and fire department disclosed the damage will most likely cost about $ 700,000 to fix. The church has already said they intend on rebuilding everything damaged by the lightning strike fire.

Makeovers prepared for Big Butter Jesus

In 2004, the mega church Solid Rock built the "King of Kings" statue – which easily became known the Big Butter Jesus. James Lynch, a sculptor known for his work for Disney, designed and built Big Butter Jesus. The Big Butter Jesus was scheduled for repair work later this year. This fire does, nevertheless, give Solid Rock Church the chance to re-submit a new sculpture for the Guinness Book of World Records category of "World's Largest Christ".

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Gifts for Father’s Day to be avoided with one exception

For some reason it tends to be harder to get Father's day gifts than Mother's Day gifts. It’s not that men are that hard to purchase gifts for. It just seems to be that men don't care whether or not they get a gift. Most men just want a one day vacation from fatherhood for a gift. A round of golf with the fellas or a romantic evening with the wife could be appreciated more than one more tie, barbecue utensils, cheap gadgets or knick-knacks.

Resource for this article: Father’s Day gift ideas to be avoided, with one notable exception By Personal Money Store

Father's day gifts not to get

All online you discover gifts to avoid. Jessica’s Coupons gets a lot of hits by featuring junk like a basting brush that looks like a forked twig with two sets of bristles. Then there’s the mini charcoal grill that goes for $50 that looks like a cheap imitation of the one you are able to purchase at the hardware store for $30 — except it comes in six colors. Or how about a package of cheap cologne in containers that look like Cuban cigars for Father’s Day ? Then there’s the cocktail stir sticks that are shaped like guitars — and last but certainly least, the eco-friendly coffee cup.

Cheap Father’s Day gift ideas

This year there could be many individuals needing cheap Father's Day gifts. If you are looking for a great no-cost gift, Dad would probably settle for not having to mow the lawn. has some suggestions. Some gifts could be homemade. Although they may not cost a dime, think twice about shooting a video of the children telling stories about dad or describing their favored things about him. This is excruciating for children of all ages. Breakfast in bed is also a questionable Father’s Day gift idea. Putting the kids to work baking a cake or a pie should also be avoided.

Father's Day and getaways

It is always a good idea to do a Father's Day getaway. has on there a whole bunch of Father’s Day getaway suggestions, but the site is off when it suggests the kids have to come along. The last thing you think of when Club Med comes to mind is any kind of family gathering, but the Club Med Sandpiper Florida touts its children programs. It may be nice but not for Father's day. Other family Father’s Day getaways contain a few golfing spas in Pennsylvania and a Huck Finn festival in Victorville, Cali.

Father’s Day in Las Vegas

You will never go wrong with Father's Day in Vegas. This certainly doesn’t fall under the category of cheap Father’s Day gift ideas, but it does belong under a “gifts he’ll love” heading.

The Las Vegas Sun reports on plenty of activities — from barbecue festivals to fights to fishing — to keep him from thinking about the lawn on Father’s Day. The Eighth Annual Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival goes on all day at the Cannery Casino and Hotel. Then go ringside at The Ultimate Fighter Finale at The Pearl, which can be featuring the top four finalists from TUF Season 9’s battle between the United States and also the United Kingdom. From there, check out the Father’s Day Scotch and Cigar Experience at the Ritz-Carlton. Now that’s a Father’s Day to remember, plus, what happens in Vegas.

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Lee Farkas, mortgage lender, charged with TARP fraud

To help lenders and banks in trouble, the federal government created the Troubled Asset Relief Program. The cost of the TARP program has been considerably less than expected. The SEC is taking some lenders to task for a $ 1.9 billion fraudulent bill. Federal courts have charged Lee Farkas, a mortgage lender chairman, with fraud.

Article Source: Lee Farkas, mortgage lender, charged with TARP fraud By Personal Money Store

The mortgage lenders Lee Farkas headed up

All investments sold by Taylor, Bean and Whitaker were overseen by Lee Farkas, who was the chairman and majority owner. TBW sold over $ 1 billion of investments intended to defraud the TARP fund. Because of these investments, Colonial Bank was able to get TARP money from the bailout fund. While Taylor, Bean and Whitaker under Lee Farkas used to be one of the largest non-bank mortgage lenders within the U.S., it filed for bankruptcy in August of 2009.

Lee Farkas's alleged crimes against TARP

Lee Farkas, as outlined by the SEC, set up frauds that ended up costing the federal government's TARP fund $ 1.9 billion. The Securities and Exchange commission alleges that Farkas sold $ 1 billion in “damaged” mortgage loans and $ 500 million in fake loans. Colonial Bank also allegedly profited by receiving TARP funds that Lee Farkas helped them get. Along with other alleged crimes, the SEC claims that Lee Farkas cost them $ 1.9 billion.

Oversight by the Fed to increase

The amount of oversight that the Fed has is being ramped up under the watch of Ben Bernanke. The financial reform bill in Congress has gotten the support of the Fed. The oversight that both the Fed and also the SEC may have over the financial industry is also being ramped up – including increased prosecutions of those that have defrauded the funds.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Lithium from Afghanistan eyed for future electric car batteries

Lithium has been discovered in Afghanistan, in vast quantities. Batteries that will make future electric cars practical will be made from lithium, a rare-earth metal mined from salt flats and clay. Lithium batteries for cars, phones and computers could give the metal a lot more strategic value than oil within the 21st century. Much like most of the world’s oil, vast deposits of lithium are found in remote, backward countries hostile to the United States. Countries with confirmed mother lodes of lithium like Argentina, Boliva and now Afghanistan are being referred to as the “Saudi Arabias” of Lithium.

Source for this article: Lithium in Afghanistan for electric cars – a blessing and a curse By Personal Money Store

Afghan corruption could feed on lithium

American officials announced the discovery of rich lithium deposits in Afganistan on Monday. The New York Times reports that nearly $1 trillion worth of lithium and other minerals permeate Afghanistan, including cobat, iron, copper and gold. U.S. objectives for the Afganistan war could either be facilitated or debilitated by the presence of the mineral reserves, which exist in quantities far larger than anywhere else known. The Afghan people could possibly be liberated from generations of war by the vast mineral wealth. Or the known presence of lithium and other precious metals could increase Taliban resolve to control the country and intensify the Afghanistan war. Virtually any outcome will fuel the graft and theft typical of Afghan corruption.

Afghanistan, war and lithium

Afghanistan lithium and other strategic minerals could bring the international focus of mining to this failed nation. But Afghanistan’s economy, presently based on opium cultivation, has none of the heavy industry required to capitalize on its mineral wealth. Despite the irreplaceable blood and treasure The US has poured into Afghanistan, China may be better positioned to exploit and control Afghanistan lithium. Blogger Aziz Poonawalla postulates than U.S. strategic control of Afghanistan's minerals could be contested aggressively by China. Other analysts predict the corrupted Hamid Karzai will hop in bed with China and try to oust U.S. forces.

Boliva's lithium pipe dream

Afghanistan lithium is huge because a bleak country full of sheep, dust and landmines could supply the critical element that makes hundreds of millions of smartphones and laptops possible. Automakers are counting on a future of electric cars made possible by advanced lithium-ion batteries. A recent article within the New Yorker reports that Boliva has nearly half the world's known lithium lying undisturbed under vast salt flats. However, it's doubtful that Boliva will ever get rich from its trove of lithium, experts believe. Boliva’s socialist government is hostile to the U.S., and its infrastructure is little a lot more developed than Afghanistan’s. Before Bolivia can hope to exploit lithium as a twenty-first-century fuel, it must first develop the rudiments of a twentieth-century economy.

Or become the prize for opponents within the next 21st century war.

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Is suction or gravity better to change your oil?

Getting your oil changed, or changing your own oil, seems like a quite basic process. Empty the engine of oil, then replace the filter and oil. A method that changes the oil with a suction method is becoming even more popular. Given the rising popularity, though, is the suction method just as good?

Resource for this article: Suction vs. gravity – What is the best way to change your oil?

Oil changes as they typically are

Gravity has been the method of choice to drain oil out of an engine for a very long time. The oil is held in, in general, by a removable plug at the bottom of the engine. Remove the plug, and gravity pulls the engine out. Take your car to a mechanic, and this is the method they will likely use. Theoretically, the dirt within the oil pan is a lot more likely to be removed with this process.

The siphon/suction oil change

New machines that siphon or suction the oil out of the engine are making an appearance. Originally intended for boats, these machines attach to the dipstick tube and suck the oil out of the engine. These oil changes work just also as gravity changes, in theory. Some say that these siphon changes leave the engine cleaner, getting more gunk out of the engine. Some worry that the suction method of oil changing might miss some important things.

Is the suctioning method as good?

Gravity oil changes work equally well as suction oil changes. You should always make sure that an oil change includes a filter change. Feel free to ask your quick-lube place or mechanic which method they use. Changing your oil, no matter what method you use, is an important step in keeping your engine in good working order.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get a Jimmy Johns sub for one dollar

In Chicago and northern Illinois, sandwich shop Jimmy John’s is featuring $ 1 sub sandwiches. Home baked bread combined with super-fast delivery makes Jimmy John's popular just about anywhere it opens up. With expansion and franchising exploding in recent years, the company is celebrating its success with these low-cost sandwiches in and around the state where the business started.

Article Resource: Jimmy Johns offers one dollar customer appreciation subs By Personal Money Store

The Jimmy Johns $ 1 sub deal

At Jimmy Johns in Illinois today, it is “Customer Appreciation Day.” Any one of the first six sub sandwiches on the Jimmy Johns menu are offered from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Central Time for $ 1, so the stores are certain to be plenty busy. The first six sandwiches are the six sandwiches that Jimmy John Liautaud created in his mother’s kitchen in 1983.

The success of Jimmy John's

Jimmy John’s was never intended to be a sandwich shop. After graduating almost-last in his high school class, Jimmy John was given the option of starting a business with $ 25,000 or going into the Army. Jimmy John originally prepared on starting a hot dog store, but found startup costs to be too expensive. Instead, he baked his own bread and ordered local meats. When the first Jimmy John's opened in 1983, he delivered his four sandwich options to dorms also as from his store. Jimmy John opened a second store and bought his dad's half of the business in just two years. After that, Jimmy John asked Francorp to help him franchise the business. Now there are more than 1,200 Jimmy John’s.

The ownership structure of Jimmy John's

About 95 percent of the stores are franchise-owned. The "franchisee" is a person that pays the original business a fee to be able to use their business model, their products, and their management knowledge. In short, Jimmy John doesn't own each and every Jimmy John's, but he does license the business to other individuals.

Motion controlled gaming without a handset in Microsoft Kinect

During the E3 trade show, Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Kinect controller system. What had been code-named Microsoft Natal, the XBox Kinect is already creating excitement among gamers and non-gamers alike. The Xbox Kinect uses full-body motion capture to control games. The Kinect will release in October or November as an add-on to Xbox 360.

Resource for this article: Microsoft Xbox Kinect – Motion-controlled gaming goes hands free

The operation of the Kinect

A two-camera system is built to the Xbox Kinect. One RGB camera will recognize your face and joints, while another will be programmed specifically to recognize depth. Combined, these cameras can re-create full body motion.This user interface system will eliminate the need for a hand-held controller.

Games on the Kinect

Xbox will offer games bundled with the Kinect, as well as on Xbox Live and on discs. LucasArts is even working on a Star Wars game, complete with light sabers. You will find also six "base" games the Kinect will be released with. Numerous gamers are already drooling over the possibility of Halo Reach migrating to Kinect.

Is the Xbox Kinect your only option?

The success of the Nintendo Wii has encouraged other console makers to work on hands-free control systems. However, you will find other alternatives to the Microsoft Kinect. Sony's "Move" will be a comparable system, but will cost half as much. The Nintendo Wii did something that other game console makers had assumed would not be possible – sell games to a very wide audience. Though the Xbox proved very popular when it was first released, it commercially lost over $ 1 billion – - proving that games have to be sold to a lot more than just hard-core game enthusiasts.

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personal short term loans are a solid debt consolidation tool

Personal installment loans allow you to borrow cash for whatever you want. The best selection of lenders and terms for personal loan could be found online. Personel loans could be utilized for any financial purpose. If you are able to arrange a lower monthly payment than you make on credit card debt, personal installment loans for bad credit could be a useful approach for debt consolidation or relief. A secured personal cash loan requires you to provide the lender with an item or items of collateral.

Article Resource: Practical debt consolidation – personal short term loan online

Bad credit loans are accessible for people

Personal loans online are available for just about anyone, even individuals with a bad credit score, a limited credit history or no credit history at all. Personal cash loan are granted to individuals in all these situations. The interest rate can be higher and the term shorter, but once you get a personnel loans and always make the payments on time, you will boost your credit rating and future loans can be easier to get, with better rates and terms.

unsecured loans bad credit

A borrower can use a personal cash loan online for anything, in contrast to automobile loan or mortgage loans. Any financial need you may have: vacations, car repairs, school expenditures, unexpected medical bills, emergency home repairs could be addressed by setting up a personal loan online. The maximum loan amount for an unsecured personel loans online depends on the lender's personal loan guidelines. In addition to the money, the best part about an unsecured online personal loan is that you get the money in your account right away.

debt relief through loan consolidation

Debt consolidation and debt relief are some of probably the most practical reasons to get a personal loans online. Using these loans to consolidate debt into one payment rather than many is common. The objective debt consolidation is to lower monthly expenditures. That's why you make certain the monthly payment is less than all the payments you're making now before you take out an online personnel loans.

credit repair with online cash advance

Utilizing an online personal loan for debt consolidation that leads to credit repair can really pay off.A set monthly payment will free you from the endless minimum payment trap of credit card debt. But only borrow as much as you need, and try to manage the shortest term possible. Longer loan terms make for more expensive loans. And with discipline, you won't set yourself back by creating a lot more debt. Don't take out an online personal loan to consolidate debt unless you get your budget under control.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Operation Sunset to end personal loan company in Arizona

The Arizona legislature approved a bill that gave payday loan store 10 years of authorization to operate within the state in June 2000. In November of 2008, Arizona voters defeated a ballot proposition that would have permanently extended this authorization. As of June 30, 2010, payday loan company in Arizona will no longer have legal authorization to operate.

Article Resource: Operation Sunset to end loan company in Arizona By Personal Money Store

Arizona new lending limits

Lenders may have new regulations June 30, 2010. All loans, including any of the short term loans, will be limited to 36 percent interest plus 5 percent for administrative expenses. Auto title lending is a form of short term credit that will nevertheless be available to customers in Arizona. The Arizona attorney general has set up a Facebook page and tip line where they are encouraging all of the citizens to report any lenders they believe are operating outside the new legal framework.

The effects on all Arizona payday lenders

You will find 75 companies that can operate pay day stores in Arizona. There are 650 operating locations out of these 75 companies. Of those storefront locations, about 200 have filed applications to convert their licenses to auto loans for bad credit companies or pre-paid debit card businesses. Some companies have indicated they intend to stay open and will try to offer short-term credit at the 36 percent rate of interest cap. Most of the lenders plan to shut down. In the state, about 1,000 jobs can be lost. The Arizona Operation Sunset representatives have stated that the Attorney General could be scrutinizing the terms and conditions of all short-term credit transactions.

Reality of payday loans direct lender in Arizona

Arizona’s Operation Sunset says that by forcing money lender out of business in the state of Arizona, it is helping improve the financial stability of state citizens. A recent study by UC-Davis found that any short-term credit is simply too costly and risky for banks and credit unions to offer. Short-term credit markets often provide businesses the money to pay their bills, make payroll and generally operate on a day-to-day basis. Similarly, the check cashing, short term credit, and other financial services that numerous payday lenders offer are very useful for numerous individuals, including those who can’t or choose not to have bank accounts.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Mortgage rates near low records as the housing market doesn’t respond

Mortgage rates hit the lowest levels of the year this week. Shouldn't low mortgage rates be good news for the housing market? Shouldn't it be good news that sales were up in April too? But despite all of the attractive mortgage rates, mortgage applications plummeted after the home buyer tax credit deadline April 30. Plus, many of the different homeowners are nevertheless out of work, more than 1 million more foreclosures are expected to occur and banks still have yet to put the homes they’ve already seized on the market. The recovery of the housing market will have to wait. The market might nevertheless get worse.

Article Source: Mortgage rates near record lows – housing market not responding By Personal Money Store

All of the mortgage rate trends

The average mortgage rate dropped to 4.72 percent this week, which is actually down from 4.79 percent last week, as outlined by mortgage finance business Freddie Mac. It was above what was set last December in 4.71. All of the mortgage rate trends point even lower than that. The average rate on a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage hit somewhere around 4.17 percent, down from 4.2 percent last week and the lowest on record since August 1991. But the U.S. housing market is not responding. It was reported by the Associated Press that the market is struggling without a tax credit of up to $8,000 for first-time buyers, which expired at the end of April. A campaign that was done by the Federal Reserve to lower borrowing costs for consumers pushed mortgage rate trends down to extraordinarily low levels last year. Rates were expected to rise following the program ended this spring, but have fallen instead over the past two months.

Forecast of mortgage rate

The mortgage rate forecast is subject to a domino effect of economic setbacks. A jobs report that was released last week showed that private sector hiring was practically non-existent at 41,000 jobs. Investors worried quite a bit about the stock market shifted money to the safety of U.S. Treasury bonds. As outlined by the Los Angeles Times, investors have rushed to purchase Treasury securities given that late April, within the process driving market yields on the bonds sharply lower. Investors bought $21 billion of the securities at a Treasury auction Wednesday, even though they are paying just 3.20 percent. The yield on US treasury has been pushed down by it. The mortgage rate forecast tends to track that yield.

Housing market predictions 2010

With mortgage rates at near record lows, the number of customers applying for a mortgage to purchase a property fell to the lowest level in 13 years last week and was down 35 percent from a month ago, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. MarketWatch reports that any housing market recovery will likely continue to be slowed by additional homes on the market from “shadow inventory” and “sidelined sellers.” Shadow inventory is what we call foreclosed homes not on the market yet. There seems to also be quite a few homes that haven't foreclosed yet. At about 2 million, analysts think foreclosures will peak later his year or next.

On hold is housing market recovery

Sidelined sellers are people who want to sell their homes but are waiting for the housing market recovery. It was reported by MarketWatch that about 7 percent of homeowners — representing more than 5 million homes — fall into this category. They will wait a when. In May the US unemployment rate was 9.7 percent. Many salaries are cut or frozen. In a National Foundation for Credit Counseling survey of a lot more than 2,000 consumers, 49 percent said if they tried to buy a home they’d never be able to conserve enough money for a down payment. People underwater on their mortgages, about 25 percent of borrowers, can’t get the financing to move to another house. Individuals who are buying for mortgages aren’t only worried about getting a home, but additionally want to be able to keep it. Doug Duncan, who’s the chief economist at Fannie Mae, told MarketWatch that within the long run, that attitude is a good thing for the economy.

Finally we are getting some good news.


Associated Press
LA times

Understanding Electrical Control Units

The first cars with microprocessor-controlled actions were rolled off the General Motors line in the late 1970s. Vehicular innovation since then has come mostly from the use of these electronic control units. Because electronic control units have a hand in controlling almost everything in modern vehicles, understanding how they work is important.

Source for this article: The basics of electronic controls as part of your vehicle By Car Deal Expert

The Basics of an Electronic Control Unit

An electronic control unit, typically called ECU, is a microprocessor implanted in a car. An individual ECU is generally coded for just one purpose. For example, an ECU controls the anti-lock brakes on a vehicle, while a separate ECU controls the lights or radio volume. Electronic control units get their info from sensors that are placed around the vehicle. Each processor is coded (sometimes with up to 50,000 lines of code) to know what to do with the raw data it is being fed from the network of sensors.

The good things about an ECU

Electronic controls in vehicles are generally integrated for one of three reasons – to make something more consistent, more efficient or easier to use. An electronic control sensor is used to help your fuel injectors make better use of the fuel your engine burns. Electronic control sensors also help airbags deploy at the right time and with the right force. ECU sensors are put into hybrid autos at about twice the density of usual, because hybrids rely so heavily on computer calculations for efficiency.

Why ECUs aren’t always great

Over half of the time and energy put into developing a new car is generally put into the electronics. Given this, it is not surprising that about 40 percent of the cost of a new car is because of the electronics. On one premium car, like a BMW, software development can easily run to the billions of dollars. Hacking is a very real danger with electronically controlled vehicles as well. In the end, the only reliable way to opt-out of an electronic control system-controlled automobile is to get a car built before the 1970s and do your best to keep it running.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whenever you get short term cash advances, create a personal spending budget

The best way to get probably the most out of short term credit is to create a personal budget. Nobody wants to be on a spending budget. Unfortunately we still all have to live on one no matter how much money we make. When short term cash advances or paydayloans become part of your financial strategy, controlling spending with a budget is the way you can make certain the money being borrowed is used in the best way.

Why make a personal spending budget?

All data accessible about your finances should be incorporated in making a personal budget. It may sound elementary, but whenever you determine to get a pay day loans, you have to know where your money is coming from, how much you’ve and where it all goes. So numerous people avoid budgeting so they don't have to see where their money is really going.

Budget before you borrow money

Making a personal spending budget isn't really that bad. The majority of the work is at the beginning. Once your finances are dialed in, tracking income and expenditures is pretty much automatic, if you stay on top of it. As outlined by CNN, what may seem like drudgery gets spiced up by facing the reality of foolish spending habits . You might like learning on your own better. It is generally easy to eliminate most common spending.

Personal spending budget for debt reduction

Get began making a personal spending budget by making a list of all of your regular monthly expenditures, including every little thing you spend on fun things like eating out, entertainment and hobbies. It is very important to contain minimum payments toward debts, including payment in full of personal payroll loans at the end of their term. According to, you shouldn't forget to build in money for debt reduction. To make it easier, use software. These personal-finance programs have the built-in budget-making tools that can create your budget for you.

Settle emergencies with instant online payday loans

To see how much you’ve left at the end of the money, subtract expenditures from earnings. If your personal spending budget comes out to be negative rather than optimistic, go back over each expense, watch for places to make cuts, and figure out where you are willing to make sacrifices to get out of debt. Your first priority should be debt reduction. Then you are able to start saving money to meet your financial goals, like retirement investments or an emergency fund.

Living on a personal spending budget

All the time you spend creating a personal spending budget can be completely wasted if you aren't going to put your budget to work. Try living on that spending budget. Try to see how it feels. Look over your budget at the end of the month and see if it matches up. If things are nevertheless out of whack, consider small money loans when you determine how you are able to work harder to control spending. You may have to rework your personal budget to be a lot more realistic as far as how you actually spend your money. Keep changing all the numbers until you can get it all right.

Tips for personal budget:

Here are some money saving tips for you from

  • Do not use credit cards. If you’re using them, pay them in full each month
  • Credit cards and student loans should be consolidated at a better rate
  • Refinance your mortgage or car loan at a lower rate
  • Shop with coupons – try
  • Occasionally purchase generic, or non-name brand merchandise
  • Stop smoking
  • Try not to compare yourself to everyone else

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Variety is the Splice of life

A splice, in technical terms, is when two linear pieces of material are joined together. That’s kind of the idea behind the latest take on Frankenstein, called Splice. It looked like a remake of Species at first, but that may not be accurate. So far, the response from critics is really good, but whether or not it makes a positive cash flow for the studios could be up to moviegoers.

Article Resource: Variety is the Splice of life

Herbs and splices

This isn't the first movie to ponder what can go wrong tampering with genetics. Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley star in Splice, directed by Vincenzo Natali, as scientists splicing genes of various animals together. There are hybrids that occur in nature, but they’re generally somewhat related species. They mix human DNA with that of other animals, and then it turns on them and bad times are had by all. Essentially, its par for the course, as Hollywood thinks you can sucker everyone by taking an old plot and giving it a facelift with a bigger effects budget.

Adding some splice

So far, critic responses are good. In the Chicago Sun Times, Roger Ebert gave it 3 stars. He though the story lacked a bit, but he seemed to be pleased overall. Kurt Loder was impressed with the visual design. Rotten Tomatoes gives it over 70 percent. The Splice movie reviews seem to indicate the film is actually many fun. Solid visuals and a good scare make for a fun time.

One Splice-y meatball

The plot is not exactly new. Plots about nature going terribly awry when messed with goes back to the legend of Prometheus in Greek mythology, and there is Jurassic Park, Species, the Island of Dr Moreau, Frankenstein, etc. Splice seems like a good take on that.

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Loan Quality Initiative - second credit report can derail closings

The Loan Quality Initiative is a mortgage loan quality control measure enacted on June 1 to help cut down on Fannie Mae foreclosures. In most cases the Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative calls for lenders to pull a borrower’s credit report a second time when closing the deal. If the borrower has applied for credit given that the mortgage loan was approved, then the resulting change could squash the deal.

Source for this article: Loan Quality Initiative – second credit report can derail closings

The Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative

Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative means lenders can be checking up on all of the mortgage borrowers until the day they close. Individuals who make an effort to extend their credit to get a new washer-dryer or furniture for their new home could possibly be in for a rude surprise.

Lou Barnes, a mortgage banker in Boulder, Colo., told that the initiative will probably "blow up an unknown number of closings because of mistaken or ambiguous findings in new credit reports."

Debt-to-income ratio is the key

It was reported by that applying for credit of any type between the date of the loan approval and closing could snag the deal. The new lines of credit could affect the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio – which is the percentage of monthly gross income used to pay monthly debts is a primary tool lenders use to determine loan eligibility. Additional debt could very well push the borrower over Fannie Mae’s debt-to-income ratio threshold of 45 percent.

Control on mortgage loan quality reports that numerous lenders already pull second credit reports right before the closing, but the Fannie Mae Loan Quality Initiative makes this mandatory for all mortgage lenders who sell their loans to Fannie Mae. New loan quality control measures require lenders not only to pull two credit reports for each mortgage transaction but to perform additional verifications of a borrower’s plans for the property, plus Social Security numbers and Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, among other changes. These last minute credit checks could result in a closing delay, pricing adjustment or, at worst, loan approval cancellation.

How it is possible to hurt a second credit report

Lenders can verify nevertheless they want with the Loan Quality Initiative. But mortgage blogger Bob Phillips reports that most will pull one more credit report just prior to closing. Even following the loan has been approved, underwriters could be looking for 3 things:

  1. The credit card will show minimum monthly payments. Those numbers will replace the original numbers made at the time of application. If the numbers exceed Fannie Mae's threshold, the loan will likely be denied.
  2. The updated credit score. If the FICO has dropped below lending standards, the loan can be denied, or be subject to a new loan-level pricing adjustment. Loan level pricing adjustments are loan fee based on the credit score.
  3. The credit inquiry section of the credit report. They want to make certain no credit is being borrowed anywhere else. Underwriters can use this data at their discretion.

Foreclosures for Fannie Mae overwhelming

The Loan Quality Initiative is an try by Fannie Mae to stem the tide of foreclosures overwhelming. Fannie Mae reported an $11.5 billion loss in the first quarter of 2010. $8.4 billion was asked by Fannie Mae to be given by the US Treasury to keep them afloat. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac own or guarantee more than 50 percent of mortgages in the United States. Mortgage foreclosure statistics reached an all-time high in the first quarter of 2010. The combined share of foreclosures and mortgage delinquencies was around 14 percent, or about one in each and every seven U.S. mortgages. Mortgage foreclosure statistics are expected to peak with a lot more than 2 million borrowers losing their homes.

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Some surprises contained within the 2010 MLB Draft results

The first round of the 2010 MLB Draft is on the books, and it would be safe to say that there were some surprises tucked in among the a lot more expected 2010 MLB Draft results. Possibly the two biggest surprises are that Cal State Fullerton shortstop Christian Colon moved all the way up to the fourth pick for the Kansas City Royals and Texas A and M right-hander Barrett Loux made a splash as the sixth pick by the Arizona Diamondbacks. Bleacher Report wrote that both players went higher than projected.

Article Source: 2010 MLB Draft results contain some surprises By Personal Money Store

Bryce Harper in 2010 MLB Draft results as expected

Bryce Harper was the first overall selection. The Washington Nationals anticipate proving that their own 2010 MLB Draft results are a signpost pointing toward better days for the franchise. Following the Stephen Strasburg draft in 2009, the draft is being viewed as an additional jackpot for the talent-starved D.C. team. Getting Strasburg and Harper in two drafts is akin to winning the lottery twice, or finding a golden ticket for free payday advances. Those tickets were locked up by Willy Wonka.

You can never have enough pitching

Barrett Loux was selected sixth, but this shouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise, indicates Bleacher Report. He faced quite a bit of competition for a major college program, which counts substantially a lot more than achievements in high school competition. He also has control of four quality pitches (fastball, curve, slider and changeup) Another pick that raised some eyebrows was right-hander Anthony Ranaudo from Louisiana State University at number 39 for the Boston Red Sox. Ranaudo’s difficulty this past season was caused by an elbow problem. He was outstanding within the last season, nevertheless, and he’s still considered one of the best college arms in America.

An arm was went for by the San Diego Padres too

Numerous of the really good experts had forecasted that the Padres would take University of Texas-Arlington outfielder Michael Choice with the ninth pick in the 2010 MLB Draft. Nevertheless, San Diego instead opted for family, drafting someone who was the son of former Padres pitching standout Ed Whitson, Karsten. Karsten Whitson has a good fastball-curveball-changeup mix that served him well at Chipley High School in Florida. Choice went to the Oakland Athletics with the very next pick of the first round. It is appropriate, as his willingness to take a walk fits in very well with Oakland GM Billy Beane’s offensive philosophy.

The Wither and Wimmers

Alex Wimmers was selected by the Minnesota Twins. This pick left a lot of the scouts confused, as the right-handed pitcher out of Ohio State University doesn’t blow hitters away with a big-time fastball like some of the pitchers on the board. He is a strike-thrower who works quickly, however, which translates well in the Major Leagues. Considering that he went 9-0 with a 1.60 ERA in 73 innings pitched for the Buckeyes, striking out 86 while allowing only 58 hits, Wimmers’ mound routine definitely is working well. All the 2010 MLB Draft wants results.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nitrogen inflation is more than hot air

Rather than using standard air to inflate your tires, consider nitrogen inflation – it is become increasingly popular with consumers. The site Why Nitrogen? suggests that using nitrogen inflation will enhance a vehicle’s handling capabilities, improve fuel efficiency, extend the life of a set of tires and reduce the carbon footprint. Nitrogen inflation is scientifically sound, a fact that is borne out by the findings of notable studies conducted by such well-known sources as Consumer Reports.

Article Source: Nitrogen inflation – Adding life to your tires

Nitrogen inflation stays in tires longer

When nitrogen is dry and non-flammable, what makes it good for tire inflation is that is escapes from the tire four times a lot more slowly than standard air. According to Why Nitrogen?, this phenomenon occurs because nitrogen molecules are rather large. Tires that stay inflated at the proper level for longer periods of time stay in better contact with the highway. Thus, traction is maintained and the engine doesn’t have to crank out quite as many RPMs to maintain the desired speed. Happy engines mean better fuel efficiency and a smiley face for the environment. Maintaining that proper inflation via nitrogen inflation keeps the tread on the road rather than the sidewall, which saves both tire and rim.

How pure is pure?

Ideas about just how high the nitrogen purity level must be for effective nitrogen inflation are somewhat variable. If you’re somewhere between 93 and 98 percent pure on your tires’ nitrogen gas concentration, it should work. That’s what NASCAR does, so consumers looking for automotive loans for their hybrid sedans should also be satisfied.

NASCAR wants nitrogen’s reliability

Losing tire pressure during a NASCAR event can turn the tide. Not only does it require a quick pit stop that can cause a car to fall behind in a race, underinflated tires can cause serious accidents on the track. Thus, NASCAR uses nitrogen inflation. Why Nitrogen? indicates that this is partly because nitrogen doesn’t fluctuate under temperature extremes as oxygen does. Thus, inflation levels fluctuate much less when nitrogen is used. This is why the airlines and also the government like nitrogen inflation, as well.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get Apple WWDC 2010 live stream info – New iPhone

The World Wide Developer Conference for Apple started Monday, June 7. People seem to expect the WWDC 2010 live stream to consist of an announcement of the new iPhone. This new iPhone may very well be called the iPhone HD or iPhone 4G, but either way, the Apple WWDC is sure to garner attention.

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New iPhone intended to be announced at Apple WWDC 2010 live stream

In recent years, Apple used the WWDC to introduce new iPhones. With the recent Gizmodo coverage of a new iPhone – a possible iPhone HD or iPhone 4G — that was found in a California bar, expectations are high. There are a few new iPhone features that are confirmed for certain yet, but Steve Jobs will likely lay out each feature of the new iPhone during the Apple WWDC 2010 keynote speech.

You are able to follow the Apple WWDC 2010 live stream

Steve Jobs’ Apple WWDC keynote speech is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Pacific Time today, June 7. There could be tech bloggers and journalists providing an Apple WWDC 2010 live steam. Some of the best places to discover the Apple WWDC 2010 live stream and possibly get data on the new iPhone, if it is announced, contain:

  • Engadget WWDC 2010 live stream blog
  • CNet News WWDC 2010 live stream
  • Mac Rumors Live WWDC 2010 live Twitter

What other features could possibly be announced at WWDC 2010?

Much more than just an iPhone could be talked about at the Apple WWDC. Subtitled “the center of the app universe,” WWDC 2010 is set for quite a couple of large announcements. Likely the new iPhone operating system could be announced. An operating system upgrade to the iPad will likely be announced. A new iPhone release date can be given to the masses. In short, programmers that specialize in apps, as well as all of the tech geeks around the world, will have plenty to be excited about. All the same, unsigned applications and any non-Apple-approved applications will still be blocked from use on products running the iPhone OS.

Will tradition be broken with the release of the new iPhone?

Normally, the announcement of a new iPhone follows a period of waiting for it to be officially released. Nevertheless, there have been some signs that point to the iPhone 4G being released simultaneously with the Apple WWDC announcement. For example, AT and T has pushed upgrade eligibility forward as much as five months, with an iPhone upgrade option.

AT and T data plan for new iPhone

There is no longer an unlimited data plan for users of AT and T anymore. Instead, AT and T is introducing a two-tier data plan. The top tier will let users of the new iPhone download just 2GB of data per month and cost an additional $10 per gigabyte of data. While 2GB would be plenty for most users, anyone who streams TV or radio on their new iPhone will quickly discover themselves bumping up against the limit. Most AT and T iPhone users will save money on this plan. Unless a Verizon iPhone comes out with an unlimited plan, though (which likely will not happen for a couple of years if at all), then the new applications for the iPhone will quickly end up costing users even more.

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Maytag Dishwasher Recall - 1.7 million fire hazards

1.7 million Maytag dishwashers are recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Maytag business. Twelve fires have been blamed on the recalled dishwashers. The Maytag dishwasher recall includes not just Maytag branded products, but Jenn-Air, Admiral, Amana, Crosley, Performa, and Magic Chef brands.

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The underlying problem of the Maytag dishwasher recall

The Maytag dishwasher recall has been initiated because of a severe safety concern. The heating element that helps dry the dishes can overheat, which causes a fire. The fire can effortlessly spread into a kitchen or house and cause very significant damage.

How to react to the Maytag dishwasher recall

Serial numbers in a wide range are affected by the Maytag dishwasher recall. You can opt for small cash loans to buy a new dishwasher, or have a Maytag repairman come to your home. You can search your dishwasher's serial number at

Maytag recalls keeping the repairman busy

Maytag has always said that their repairman is bored. The kitchen appliance manufacturer has had several other recalls in current years. Last year, in 2009, Maytag recalled 1.7 million fridges for a fire-causing issue. Maytag recalled 2.3 million dishwashers in 2007, because they, too, could start fires.

Whirlpool Corporation expenditures for the Maytag Recall

Maytag corporation, which is owned by Whirlpool, is facing financial consequences for the recall. In early March, the stock for Whirlpool was at about $ 86. The stock has made significant gains – and today is at $ 102. However, news of these recalls is competing with news of a Whirlpool machining plant closing. Whirlpool corporation, in short, will end up paying a lot in cash and reputation for this recall. Despite almost $ 3 billion in corporate debt, Whirlpool is rated as a "stable" investment.

Monday, June 7, 2010

With the Rue McClanahan death, the third Golden Girl passes away

At about 1 a.m. on Thursday, Rue McClanahan’s death was declared in a NYC hospital. “The Golden Girls” star suffered from a massive stroke. The news of Rue McClanahan’s death comes after a number of medical incidents.

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Rue McClanahan’s Death
The death of Rue McClanahan was announced Thursday morning. At the time of her death, the 76-year-old actress had family with her. Rue McClanahan was recovering from a triple bypass surgery at the time of her massive stroke. This follows a minor stroke that occurred a few months ago. Rue also survived breast cancer in 1997.

Rue McClanahan playing Blanche Devereaux

When Rue McClanahan had a 50-year career, she was best known for her “Golden Girls” role. Only one Golden Girl still lives, Betty White. As Blanche Devereaux, Rue McClanahan played an “oversexed, self-involved, man-crazy, vein Southern Belle.” For playing Blanche Devereaux, Rue got an Emmy. Rue McClanahan also acted in “The Love Boat,” “Law and Order,” “Starship Troopers” and “Maude.”

The life of Rue McClanahan

A lot of individuals have been affected by Rue's death. Rue was active in more than her career in her lifetime. She also was a vegetarian in support of PETA. She started her career by acting on the stage. In 1970, she received an Obie. After “Golden Girls” was canceled in 1992, Rue McClanahan returned to the stage in “Wicked.” Mark Bish, her son, and Morrow Wilson, her husband have survived her. Rue McClanahan’s previous husbands involved Tom Bish, Norman Hartweg, Peter D’Maio, Gus Fisher and Tom Keel. Rue also wrote a book with the title “My Five Husbands And also the One Who Got Away.”

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Google bans Windows over security concerns

Windows OS banned in Google offices

Google's corporate offices have officially given Windows operating system machines the boot. Google's Chrome OS is a part of this lead-up, though the security difficulties with Windows are a major part of this decision. Google employees will only be allowed to use Windows with special permission.

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Google dumps Windows officially

The official Google Windows policy has been very flexible. When a new employee starts at Google, they’re given an option of which operating system they want to use. Now, if Google employees want to keep Windows as an operating system, they have to get CIO approval. Google's Chrome OS is being offered as an alternative. Google decided to make this change after the hacking of Google’s China channels.

Google cites Windows security concerns

From credit counseling to office management, about 80 percent of computers run Windows. This homogeneity across the system makes Windows an easy target for hackers and computer viruses. At Google, the security concerns surrounding Windows are the reason for a general move to Mac and Linux computer systems. Because Google’s dedicated developers design programs for wide use, they’re able to avoid numerous of the downfalls of Windows security holes.

Is the Google Windows fight a marketing ploy?

Some say the Google Windows move is about publicity, not security. Google has been creating a Chrome OS, a competitor to the Windows operating system. The Google Chrome web browser was the first public release of this operating system. Google's Chrome OS is an open-source operating system. Some may think an open-source programmed operating system may be less secure, but that has not proven true. Yes, Google can be introducing a competitor to the Windows operating system — but that is not the only reason Windows has been banned from the Google corporate operating system.