Tuesday, June 1, 2010

DWTS 2010 Winner - Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger

When Dancing With The Stars 2010 started, theories about who the DWTS winner might be abounded, and Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls was always near the top of that list. Nicole Scherzinger has been on top of the scores almost every week, so who won Dancing With The Stars 2010 isn’t a huge surprise.

Nicole Scherzinger wins Dancing With The Stars 2010

When creating a list of possible DWTS winners, Nicole Scherzinger was always near the top of the list. During the final show, she got a perfect score for her jive. The scores Nicole and her partner got have always been very close to the top of the competition. For every week except two, Nicole and Derek had the top score.

DWTS winner isn’t the only one with drama

What kept people coming back to Dancing With The Stars 2010 wasn’t just the question of who would be the DWTS winner. The drama of each week was what made the show especially exciting to watch. Kate Gosselin was accused of getting low interest loans from the producers to stay on the show. Erin Andrews, who took third place, is rumored to possibly be dating her partner. Buzz Aldrin, while he was on the show, was also the most fun to watch.

The final post-DWTS winner performance

The highlight of the final DWTS winner show was the performance of former competitors. In a shiny spaceman outfit, Buzz Aldrin was again the star of the show. Pamela Anderson and Niecy Nash in … well, practically nothing, shook their “jiggly parts.” The finale that answered who won Dancing With The Stars 2010 was fun – but not just because of the DWTS winner announcement. Nicole Scherzinger may be the DWTS winner, but all the stars were part of a great season.

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