Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ford beats out foreigners in auto quality rankings for first time

Auto quality rankings released Thursday listed U.S. automakers ahead of imports for mass-market new vehicles for the first time ever. Among mass-market brands, Ford Motor Co. ranked No. 1 for quality in the J.D. Power and Associates car review consumers use as a guide for auto quality rankings. Toyota, typically near the top, fell to 21st.

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J.D. Power reliability study

Cars in the J.D. Power study are ranked by the number of customer complaints reported to dealers for each and every 100 automobiles sold. For the first 90 days of ownership, the Associated Press reports that U. S. automakers reported fewer problems on average than foreign automakers. Within the 24 years J.D. Power has conducted the annual quality survey that has never happened before.

Ford tops auto quality rankings

In contrast to other U.S. automakers, Ford avoided bankruptcy and a government bailout and achieved some of the biggest gains in auto quality rankings among individual brands, moving to no. 5 overall, its highest ranking ever. The top four spots are occupied by the luxury brands Porsche, Acura, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus. Reuters reports the outcome of the latest survey makes a statement about how far U.S. automakers have come in their effort to catch up with the quality of Asian automakers. Toyota dropped from sixth to 21st after its image took a beating from numerous safety recalls.

GM quality ranking below industry average

Buick was the only GM brand in the auto quality rankings with a lower number of reported problems than last year. All GM brands fell below the industry average, Business week reports. J.D. Power said that high scoring brands in the auto quality ranking survey do a better job of keeping customers, with owners of cars in the top quarter of the list buying the same brand 59 percent of the time when brands in the bottom quarter retain just 44 percent of owners.

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