Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get a Jimmy Johns sub for one dollar

In Chicago and northern Illinois, sandwich shop Jimmy John’s is featuring $ 1 sub sandwiches. Home baked bread combined with super-fast delivery makes Jimmy John's popular just about anywhere it opens up. With expansion and franchising exploding in recent years, the company is celebrating its success with these low-cost sandwiches in and around the state where the business started.

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The Jimmy Johns $ 1 sub deal

At Jimmy Johns in Illinois today, it is “Customer Appreciation Day.” Any one of the first six sub sandwiches on the Jimmy Johns menu are offered from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Central Time for $ 1, so the stores are certain to be plenty busy. The first six sandwiches are the six sandwiches that Jimmy John Liautaud created in his mother’s kitchen in 1983.

The success of Jimmy John's

Jimmy John’s was never intended to be a sandwich shop. After graduating almost-last in his high school class, Jimmy John was given the option of starting a business with $ 25,000 or going into the Army. Jimmy John originally prepared on starting a hot dog store, but found startup costs to be too expensive. Instead, he baked his own bread and ordered local meats. When the first Jimmy John's opened in 1983, he delivered his four sandwich options to dorms also as from his store. Jimmy John opened a second store and bought his dad's half of the business in just two years. After that, Jimmy John asked Francorp to help him franchise the business. Now there are more than 1,200 Jimmy John’s.

The ownership structure of Jimmy John's

About 95 percent of the stores are franchise-owned. The "franchisee" is a person that pays the original business a fee to be able to use their business model, their products, and their management knowledge. In short, Jimmy John doesn't own each and every Jimmy John's, but he does license the business to other individuals.

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