Sunday, June 6, 2010

Google bans Windows over security concerns

Windows OS banned in Google offices

Google's corporate offices have officially given Windows operating system machines the boot. Google's Chrome OS is a part of this lead-up, though the security difficulties with Windows are a major part of this decision. Google employees will only be allowed to use Windows with special permission.

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Google dumps Windows officially

The official Google Windows policy has been very flexible. When a new employee starts at Google, they’re given an option of which operating system they want to use. Now, if Google employees want to keep Windows as an operating system, they have to get CIO approval. Google's Chrome OS is being offered as an alternative. Google decided to make this change after the hacking of Google’s China channels.

Google cites Windows security concerns

From credit counseling to office management, about 80 percent of computers run Windows. This homogeneity across the system makes Windows an easy target for hackers and computer viruses. At Google, the security concerns surrounding Windows are the reason for a general move to Mac and Linux computer systems. Because Google’s dedicated developers design programs for wide use, they’re able to avoid numerous of the downfalls of Windows security holes.

Is the Google Windows fight a marketing ploy?

Some say the Google Windows move is about publicity, not security. Google has been creating a Chrome OS, a competitor to the Windows operating system. The Google Chrome web browser was the first public release of this operating system. Google's Chrome OS is an open-source operating system. Some may think an open-source programmed operating system may be less secure, but that has not proven true. Yes, Google can be introducing a competitor to the Windows operating system — but that is not the only reason Windows has been banned from the Google corporate operating system.

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