Friday, June 18, 2010

Is suction or gravity better to change your oil?

Getting your oil changed, or changing your own oil, seems like a quite basic process. Empty the engine of oil, then replace the filter and oil. A method that changes the oil with a suction method is becoming even more popular. Given the rising popularity, though, is the suction method just as good?

Resource for this article: Suction vs. gravity – What is the best way to change your oil?

Oil changes as they typically are

Gravity has been the method of choice to drain oil out of an engine for a very long time. The oil is held in, in general, by a removable plug at the bottom of the engine. Remove the plug, and gravity pulls the engine out. Take your car to a mechanic, and this is the method they will likely use. Theoretically, the dirt within the oil pan is a lot more likely to be removed with this process.

The siphon/suction oil change

New machines that siphon or suction the oil out of the engine are making an appearance. Originally intended for boats, these machines attach to the dipstick tube and suck the oil out of the engine. These oil changes work just also as gravity changes, in theory. Some say that these siphon changes leave the engine cleaner, getting more gunk out of the engine. Some worry that the suction method of oil changing might miss some important things.

Is the suctioning method as good?

Gravity oil changes work equally well as suction oil changes. You should always make sure that an oil change includes a filter change. Feel free to ask your quick-lube place or mechanic which method they use. Changing your oil, no matter what method you use, is an important step in keeping your engine in good working order.

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