Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Motion controlled gaming without a handset in Microsoft Kinect

During the E3 trade show, Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Kinect controller system. What had been code-named Microsoft Natal, the XBox Kinect is already creating excitement among gamers and non-gamers alike. The Xbox Kinect uses full-body motion capture to control games. The Kinect will release in October or November as an add-on to Xbox 360.

Resource for this article: Microsoft Xbox Kinect – Motion-controlled gaming goes hands free

The operation of the Kinect

A two-camera system is built to the Xbox Kinect. One RGB camera will recognize your face and joints, while another will be programmed specifically to recognize depth. Combined, these cameras can re-create full body motion.This user interface system will eliminate the need for a hand-held controller.

Games on the Kinect

Xbox will offer games bundled with the Kinect, as well as on Xbox Live and on discs. LucasArts is even working on a Star Wars game, complete with light sabers. You will find also six "base" games the Kinect will be released with. Numerous gamers are already drooling over the possibility of Halo Reach migrating to Kinect.

Is the Xbox Kinect your only option?

The success of the Nintendo Wii has encouraged other console makers to work on hands-free control systems. However, you will find other alternatives to the Microsoft Kinect. Sony's "Move" will be a comparable system, but will cost half as much. The Nintendo Wii did something that other game console makers had assumed would not be possible – sell games to a very wide audience. Though the Xbox proved very popular when it was first released, it commercially lost over $ 1 billion – - proving that games have to be sold to a lot more than just hard-core game enthusiasts.

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