Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nitrogen inflation is more than hot air

Rather than using standard air to inflate your tires, consider nitrogen inflation – it is become increasingly popular with consumers. The site Why Nitrogen? suggests that using nitrogen inflation will enhance a vehicle’s handling capabilities, improve fuel efficiency, extend the life of a set of tires and reduce the carbon footprint. Nitrogen inflation is scientifically sound, a fact that is borne out by the findings of notable studies conducted by such well-known sources as Consumer Reports.

Article Source: Nitrogen inflation – Adding life to your tires

Nitrogen inflation stays in tires longer

When nitrogen is dry and non-flammable, what makes it good for tire inflation is that is escapes from the tire four times a lot more slowly than standard air. According to Why Nitrogen?, this phenomenon occurs because nitrogen molecules are rather large. Tires that stay inflated at the proper level for longer periods of time stay in better contact with the highway. Thus, traction is maintained and the engine doesn’t have to crank out quite as many RPMs to maintain the desired speed. Happy engines mean better fuel efficiency and a smiley face for the environment. Maintaining that proper inflation via nitrogen inflation keeps the tread on the road rather than the sidewall, which saves both tire and rim.

How pure is pure?

Ideas about just how high the nitrogen purity level must be for effective nitrogen inflation are somewhat variable. If you’re somewhere between 93 and 98 percent pure on your tires’ nitrogen gas concentration, it should work. That’s what NASCAR does, so consumers looking for automotive loans for their hybrid sedans should also be satisfied.

NASCAR wants nitrogen’s reliability

Losing tire pressure during a NASCAR event can turn the tide. Not only does it require a quick pit stop that can cause a car to fall behind in a race, underinflated tires can cause serious accidents on the track. Thus, NASCAR uses nitrogen inflation. Why Nitrogen? indicates that this is partly because nitrogen doesn’t fluctuate under temperature extremes as oxygen does. Thus, inflation levels fluctuate much less when nitrogen is used. This is why the airlines and also the government like nitrogen inflation, as well.

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