Monday, June 21, 2010

Solid Rock church hit by lightning, Big Butter Jesus starts on fire

During a thunderstorm in Monroe, Ohio, last night, the “Big Butter Jesus” statue — otherwise referred to as “Touchdown Jesus” — was hit by lightning and burned to the ground. When Touchdown Jesus was on fire, the statue managed to ignite a part of the Lawrence Bishop Music Theater at the Solid Rock Church also. The damages are estimated at $ 700,000 – and nobody was injured.

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Zeus' lightning strike drags down Big Butter Jesus

Taller than the church in the area, the Touchdown Jesus statue was over 60 feet tall. A large thunderstorm created lightning that was attracted to the tall statue. Effortlessly ignited, the buttery-yellow Styrofoam and fiberglass structure effortlessly ignited. Within six minutes, the fire crews were on the scene.

Ruins to Solid Rock Church

The Touchdown Jesus statue was built in Monroe, Ohio. the nearby theater on fire. Though the building was not badly damaged, the audio equipment was very severely damaged. In a press conference this morning, the Solid Rock Church representatives and fire department disclosed the damage will most likely cost about $ 700,000 to fix. The church has already said they intend on rebuilding everything damaged by the lightning strike fire.

Makeovers prepared for Big Butter Jesus

In 2004, the mega church Solid Rock built the "King of Kings" statue – which easily became known the Big Butter Jesus. James Lynch, a sculptor known for his work for Disney, designed and built Big Butter Jesus. The Big Butter Jesus was scheduled for repair work later this year. This fire does, nevertheless, give Solid Rock Church the chance to re-submit a new sculpture for the Guinness Book of World Records category of "World's Largest Christ".

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