Friday, June 25, 2010

Val Kilmer and also the possible Pecos River Ranch Bed and Breakfast

The Pecos River Ranch, home of Val Kilmer in New Mexico, is turning into a flashpoint for debate. The Pecos River Ranch is actually a several-thousand-acre ranch just outside of Santa Fe. Val Kilmer applied to try and turn the ranch into a bed and breakfast, and when the application was initially approved, it has been contested by the ranch’s neighbors. At more than $ 200-per-night for each person, is the Pecos River Ranch going to be a great place to stay, or the center of controversy?

Article Source: Val Kilmer – Proposed Pecos River Ranch Bed and Breakfast

The history – Pecos River Ranch

Val Kilmer has lived on the Pecos River Ranch for nearly 15 years. In 2009, Kilmer put the Pecos River Ranch on the market for $ 33 million, but claimed he was not looking to move out. Instead, Val Kilmer said he hoped for “a partner for an off-the-grid community”. The ranch has seven miles of the Pecos River.

Val Kilmer's plan for the Pecos River Ranch

After living on the Pecos River Ranch for the last decade and a half, it appears that Val Kilmer has plans with the property. In March, Kilmer applied for a bed-and-breakfast permit for the property. On March 2nd, The county planning and zoning commission approved the application. Neighbor Abran Tapia appealed that decision, nevertheless. Tapia states that Val Kilmer is “not a good neighbor” and for that reason should have his application denied.

Is Val Kilmer a bad neighbor?

The appeal of Val Kilmer’s application to turn Pecos River Ranch into a bed and breakfast isn’t depending on all of the merits of the application. Instead, neighbors are uncomfortable with Val Kilmer’s comments in the media. Specifically, all of the rumors that Kilmer may be running for governor of New Mexico have been flying for years. In news stories, Val Kilmer has been quoted as saying that Vietnam veterans were mostly “poor and criminals.” Kilmer was also been quoted as saying that he lives in the “homicide capital” of the USA. None of this, nevertheless, may have any legal standing when it comes to deciding or blocking the Pecos River Ranch bed and breakfast.

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