Sunday, June 27, 2010

Verizon announces Flash, price, and features of the Droid X

All fans of the Verizon Droid, your day will arrive soon – the Droid X has been formally announced. New features and native Android 2.2 support make the Droid X a shiny new phone to have. Some reports also suggest the Verizon Droid X might just make phone calls!

Source for this article: Verizon Droid X – Features, price, release and Flash announced by Personal Money Store

The numbers of the Verizon

You will find a huge number of numbers attached to the Verizon Droid X. The 1 GHz processor chip will run just about any program you can throw at it. The 16 GB memory, expandable to 40 GB, is enough to store about 5,000 of the 8-megapixel camera’s photos. The eight-hour talk-time battery has enough juice to (reportedly) not need charging more than once every single day or two. The 3G mobile connection could be used as a hotspot for other devices with the right plan. The glass touchscreen has a 4.3 inch multi-touch interface. The built in video and photo camera has 720P recording, playback, and high-definition. Finally, the device will run on the latest Android operating system, which will contain Flash 10.1 within the “late summer,” possibly by the July 15 release date.

What you are able to do with the Verizon Droid X

Smartphones are attractive because you are able to do so many things with them. Verizon doesn’t throttle data or have a data-limiting plan, so Verizon is marketing the Droid X as the "anti-iPhone". Verizon's Droid X is supposed to be built as a "mobile media center with your pocket.” The numbers of the Droid X phone seem to say that the phone might just be capable of doing just that. App developers have been adding new programs to the Verizon store on a daily basis, and the functionality of the phone is easily expanding.

Day to day functionality of the Droid X

The Droid X could well decrease your daily cell phone bill and increase your productivity. This all comes with a heavy outlay though — $ 200 with a two year contract, including a $ 30-a-month add-on data package.

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