Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What the Sony Dash does and doesn't

Not quite an iPad, not quite a laptop and not quite an alarm clock, the Sony Dash is showing up at the top of a lot of Father’s Day gift lists. The Sony Dash is probably the most costly and interactive alarm clock you will ever purchase. The Sony Dash can connect you to the web and run applications although it is pricey.

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Sony Dash features

The tech specs of the Sony Dash first of all. The device is only plug in. On the top there is a power and snooze button and a seven inch touch screen. The display has about 800 x 480 pixels. The Sony Dash features a 500 MHz processor and 256 MB of RAM. There are built-in stereo speakers and WiFi connections. The operating system of the Dash is Linux, with a Chumby-based interface.

What the Sony Dash does

At first glance, the Sony Dash is essentially designed as an alarm clock media center. Youtube, Pandora, Netflix and other media applications will play on the Sony Dash.Downloads for other developed apps can be available also and these will allow you to access online websites like Twitter and Facebook.In order to use any or all of these applications, you will need wireless internet access as part of your house. Without wireless internet, the Sony Dash is really just a $ 200 alarm clock.

What the Sony Dash doesn't' do

The Sony Dash, like all good things, has limitations. First, the Dash doesn’t have a battery – which means you are stuck next to a power outlet. Second, there is no programming solution for streaming or downloading any of your own content; you are able to only stream things off the internet. The Sony Dash also doesn’t necessarily log you into all your preferred applications; you may have to go to your Sony Dash account on a computer to do so.

Who the Sony Dash is good for

A hardcore computer user might think the Sony Dash is just an costly toy. For others that only use computers once in a while to look at pictures and watch a TV show, though, the Sony Dash may be a great option. The only major limitation is that without a pre-existing wireless internet connection, the Sony Dash is pretty much useless.

Unless you can find a neighbor that is willing to share wifi with you, the device will set you back about $ 250 with connections.

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