Friday, July 30, 2010

Apple Magic Trackpad brings multi-touch to the desktop

The Magic Trackpad was finally introduced at the Apple Store Tuesday, enhancing the desktop with the multi-touch gestures used for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. A new wireless device that connects via Bluetooth, the Magic Trackpad lets you use your computer with gestures, rather than pointing and clicking. Some industry insiders say the Magic Trackpad provides a glimpse to the future computer interface. The demise of the mouse at the hand of Apple industrial design is premature, others believe. Article source – Apple Magic Trackpad – The beginning of the end of the mouse? by

Magic Trackpad – an Apple industrial design classic

The Magic Trackpad bears Apple’s distinctive industrial design. The sleek, glass-covered aluminum device matches the very same angle and height as the Mac desktop keyboard it is designed to sit next to. reports that Tuesday morning the Apple Store began selling the multi-touch Magic Trackpad. The online store went down for a when shortly before the Magic Trackpad went live, causing the usual intense blogging about what Apple industrial design would come up with next.

Enhanced multi-touch for the desktop

The Apple Magic Trackpad enables two-finger scrolling, pinching to zoom, rotating with your fingertips, three-finger swiping or switching between applications with four fingers among its multi-touch gestures . Apple product details says that inertial scrolling makes moving up or down a page feel totally natural. And users can switch from typing to gesturing seamlessly, or do both simultaneously, as well as swipe through pages online like flipping through a magazine.

Was the Magic Trackpad made for 3D computing?

The Magic Trackpad might be a part of Apple’s long-term plans for changing the future of computing with a 3D interface. Johnny Evans at Computer world believes that since Apple owns patents for 3D user interfaces, the Magic Trackpad is the first step in a plan to get users accustomed to the gestured required to operate it. Evans imagines a 3D user interface in which you virtually reach into your computer screen using MultiTouch. He also described the possibility of computing with head and arm movements or voice via Apple’s motion-detecting iSight camera .

Is the Magic Trackpad a better mousetrap?

The Magic Trackpad may be the device of the moment, said Jared Newman at PC World, but the mouse isn’t dead quite yet. Newman said old habits die hard. His fingers got tired, he said, because of the Magic Trackpad’s absence of ergonomics. He also didn’t like the truth that when you’re dragging something, you cannot hold down a mouse button, lift the mouse and move it back to the center when you hit the edge of the mouse pad. But his number one reason the mouse will never die is that gamers can’t play shooter games without pointing and clicking .

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