Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Avastin as breast cancer treatment may get disapproved by the FDA

Avastin which is a breast cancer drug can be pulled by a committee on the Food and Drug Administration. Breast cancer may not even be affected by the drug as was shown in a second trial on the drug. The FDA has not ruled on whether the drug’s approval for marketing purposes is being canceled. If the drug loses its approval from the FDA, the manufacturers, Roche, might lose quite a bit. Article source – Avastin as breast cancer treatment may get disapproved by the FDA by Personal Money Store.

Selling all over is Avastin

Avastin is the name of Bevacizumab which is a cancer med. It can be called an angiogenesis inhibitor which stops blood vessels from growing. It works by stopping a hormone called vascular endothelial growth factor, which stimulates blood vessel growth. According to the Los Angeles Times, the FDA fast tracked the drug for approval in 2008, conditioned on follow up studies to prove the drug really works. The drug was tested in a second round of trials by Roche and Genentech which manufacture the drug, and in this second round of testing, it was shown to have little result in helping cancer. The drug sells about $ 6 billion worth annually, and up to $ 1 billion of that is for breast cancer patients.

Losses in Roche business

Following the FDA panel suggested a possible pulling of the drug, shares dropped 4.1 percent for the Genentech, Roche Holding Inc., according to Market Watch. There was also a lawsuit most recently against another drug the company makes called Accutane which treats acne. Numerous cancers other than breast cancer are helped by the drug, even if it was intended for breast cancer.

Drug not going to end

It takes a long time to develop effective medications, especially for diseases like cancer. There may well one day be a cure for cancer, but it will take a long time. Even if the FDA no longer approves Avastin, it will nevertheless sell, just less.

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