Saturday, July 24, 2010

Boeing Dreamliner flies to Europe for air show

The Boeing Dreamliner, the 787, is beginning to get more airtime. The Boeing Dreamliner arrived at the Farnborough Air Show for the plane’s debut in Europe. The plane has been stuck in what a movie studio would call “development hell” for a while, suffering various setbacks. Boeing appears to be gaining ground easily though. You will find already lots of them on order, so it looks like the Seattle firm is going to have cash dropped by the ton thanks to this plane.

Dreamliner crosses the pond

The Farnborough Air Show in southwestern England, in Hampshire, saw the July 18 European debut of the Boeing Dreamliner. It is the premiere air show in Great Britain, held every two years. The appearance of the Dreamliner, or the 787, is likely to be one of the crown jewels of this year’s event. The plane was hindered by some design issues and a machinist strike, but you will find already planes ordered, and Boeing is expecting to receive a couple of more as a result of air show, as outlined by The Telegraph.

Green, lean, and mean

Part of the plane’s design is greater fuel efficiency and eco-friendly construction. Half the plane is made of metal. The plane’s fuselage is made from a few pieces of carbon fiber composite, instead of sheets of aluminum riveted together. The lighter frame will increase fuel economy and the engines are engineered to produce 20 percent less carbon emissions than comparably sized planes. The interior is intended to be far more comfortable for passengers. The plane is intended to replace older aircraft of the very same size, especially the Boeing 767.

Finally taking off

The Boeing Dreamliner was at first conceived of within the late 1990s, and following the price of fuel went drastically up within the early 2000s (or “Noughties”) the need for an airliner with greater fuel efficiency got Boeing to head to the drawing board. The first flight for the plane was designed to be in 2007, but was postponed until 2009. There are more than 860 of the planes on order already.

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