Monday, July 12, 2010

Collision in Philadelphia stops Ride The Ducks tours

Ride The Ducks may sound like a funny name, but Ride The Ducks tours are a severe business. A Ride The Ducks tour vehicle collided with a sludge barge. While the incident is being investigated, the Ride The Ducks tours in every city are stopped.

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The Ride The Decks amphibious tours

Family company Hirschend Family Entertainment operates Ride The Ducks Tours, among other things. Hirschend Family Entertainment owns and operates multiple parks, including Dollywood. Ride The Ducks tours are amphibious sightseeing tours that go both around cities and into the waterways around them.

Philadelphia Ride The Ducks accident

A barge rammed into a disabled Ride The Ducks boat, as outlined by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 35 passengers and two employees were dumped to the river. Two people are still missing.

Philly Ride The Ducks accident under investigation

In Philadelphia, the National Transportation Safety Board has began investigating the accident. Depending on who’s at fault for the accident, the NTSB may levy fines. Tours in every city are shut down until the investigation is well under way.

The business of Hirschend Family Entertainment

A private business that is very quiet and family owned, Hirschend Family Entertainment tends to not broadcast business information. The business moved to Norcross, Georgia in 2005. Though they have only been around for 60 years, the company is a growing player in theme park companies.As the company is family-owned, it is not required to publish any financial data, and has not in any year of operation. The business began out with a lease on just one entertainment park, but quickly grew to their current portfolio of 24 different “themed entertainment parks” in nine different states, centered mostly within the Southern and Eastern United States.

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