Friday, July 16, 2010

Emcore Fiber Optics in Albuquerque attacked by armed gunman

In Albuquerque at 9 am local time, a 911 call reported a shooter at Emcore Fiber Optics. Reports are nevertheless mixed as to how numerous employees were injured or killed by the Emcore shooter. Classified as a “domestic dispute in the workplace,” this act of violence doesn’t appear to be related to Emcore’s business or recent patent infringement rulings.

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Albuquerque offices hit by the Emcore shooter

The Albuquerque shooting at the Emcore offices appear to are carried out by a former employee. At 9:29 a.m. local time, the 911 call reported “multiple individuals injured.” Police officers that were on the scene found between two and five individuals dead on the scene and at least four more have been transported to local hospitals. The believed shooter was also found dead on the scene of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Albuquerque shooting was a ‘domestic workplace dispute’

According to police on the scene, the Albuquerque shooting was most likely a “domestic workplace dispute.” This means that a domestic dispute between the shooter and his wife had been taken to the Emcore offices. There isn’t really any reports saying what the situation of the shooter was. The shooter was a previous employee of Emcore, and his wife is a current employee. There is no report on how the shooter’s wife is doing.

Business difficulties faced by Emcore

The specific office where the Albuquerque shootings took place, Emcore, is the headquarters of an embattled fiber optic and solar manufacturing company. On the very same day as the Albuquerque shootings, Emcore was barred from importing some of their fiber optics. The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that some of Emcore’s technology violated a patent. Today, the U.S. Trade panel officially barred the business from importing the products that infringe a patent owned by competitor Avago Technologies.


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