Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finding the money trail in the Obama Deception

Recently re-released on YouTube, “The Obama Deception” is a two-hour film. “The Obama Deception” claims to track the lies within the U.S. Government and plans of the “New World Order.” Some believers say that “The Obama Deception” is complete truth, others say it is a proven-invalid conspiracy theory.

The claims in ‘The Obama Deception’

You will find hundreds of arguments in the two hours of “The Obama Deception”. ”The Obama Deception” claims that the current U.S. Government is “a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of The New World Order… the international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves .”

The way ‘The Obama Deception’ makes financial arguments

According to “The Obama Deception,” banks are behind plots and plans to take over governments. Because the near-failure of the banking system and global recession are huge in the minds of most Americans, this is an easy villain to pick. In other writings and movies, though, Alex Jones has claimed that this “New World Order” organization has been created by FEMA, the United Nations, China, Michael Gorbechev, or even “America and England.” In short, Jones has changed who he believes is heading up the New World Order multiple times.

Following the money

You are asked to “follow the money” in order to verify claims in “The Obama Deception.” Applying this argument to both sides of the debate is essential, though. You will find multiple TV series, talk shows, movies, and books created by media mogul Alex Jones. One time each year for the last couple of years, Jones has held a “money bomb” fundraiser. The goal for all of these “money bomb” events are listed as the same things, but Jones never seems to reach the goal, besides $ 250,000 raised each year:

“Alex will use this money to build a studio, a sound stage, purchase cameras and equipment, computers, expand office space and hire additional staff. Alex hopes to launch a new television show on the Dish Network, thus reaching thousands, possibly millions of additional people…”

Is there truth to be found in ‘The Obama Deception’?

You will find numerous, numerous individual arguments within “The Obama Deception”. Doing your own research on both sides is the best way to choose any argument. No matter what you believe, taking all arguments in financial, social and political context will give you a more complete view. There are some quotes and statistics in the movie that are somewhat questionable. All conspiracy theories, including “The Obama Deception,” need to be taken with a grain of salt.

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