Friday, July 23, 2010

Oil seep causing BP to start over

Oil seep causing BP to start over

The New York Times reports the US government is requiring BP to open the cap that was placed on the oil spill. After 10 tries by BP to seal the oil spill, it seemed that all was progressing as prepared. Now it has become a big concern that the ocean floor itself is leaking oil. Resource for this article – Possible oil seep may force BP to try again by Personal Money Store.

Government difficulties with BP

BP continues to live through the PR and financial disaster of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and it appears that there’s more seep to come. The Jones Act has hurt the response from Obama and is going to hurt the Democrats in elections. Oil seeping out of the floor will make the public angry once again. The Times shows us that although the seep is being investigated nevertheless, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen over the spill is allowing pressure testing to continue Tuesday.

Pressure tests had signaled no warnings as yet

Capping the well just means pressure tests have to be done so the well can be monitored for seep or a possible blowout. Since the well is three miles long past the seabed, monitoring it is a big job. Oil and gas might start seeping into the ground, even if it doesn’t explode. Allen explained that not much can be done if that happens.

Friends with Russia?

Despite the fact that Obama has his own plans, an “independent set of eyes” could possibly be just what we have to fix this thing, according to Andrew Revkin within the Times? Ocean floor oil seep could possibly be occurring at even lower depths. A suggestion was offered to the Obama administration by a panel of deep sea experts organized by filmmaker James Cameron. Russian submarines could help us monitor the spill at lower depths. A seep might be searched for.

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