Friday, July 23, 2010

Removing the inside car door panel quickly

If your car is having troubles with its power locks, there’s plenty of DIY checklists accessible online. Typically, removing the inside car door panel is necessary to do the job. While this may sound like a daunting task, the reality is that when it comes to fixing car door issues, removing the inside car door panel is not all that difficult. Follow along, and thank WikiHow for getting this rolling. For this undertaking, you’ll want to have a flathead, Phillips and 12-point screwdriver handy. An Allen wrench may also be necessary. Keep in mind that this is general info; consult your owner’s guide for specific information concerning your automobile. Having illustrations is a good idea too, so start Googling. Source of article – Removing your inside car door panel is simple auto repair by Car Deal Expert.

Open the door before removing the inside car door panel

It is all but difficult to generate the necessary leverage if you attempt to do this from inside the car with the door closed. Without the leverage angle, you’re doing it wrong.

Need to spring that pop-up lock?

That is, does your lock extend from out of the top of the inner door panel? If it does, you will have to get it out of there before you are able to proceed. Fortunately, they typically unscrew in a simply manner.

Removing the lever from the scene

The car manage now must be removed from the middle area of the panel. Underneath it, there should be a visible screw. Lift the lever so you can get at the screw. Upon completion of the unscrew, the plastic around the deal with should come out.

Get the armrest now

Look under the armrest. That’s commonly where screws are found. You may have to deal with covers, but a simple screwdriver wedge will take care of those. Get the screws out and the armrest off. One additional step would be unplugging the wires if you have power windows. Don’t worry, it is very safe – they have modular plastic ends. With a simple squeeze or two, the plastic ends will pull out.

Take care of manual window cranks

You may have to remove a plastic case and a snap ring from the base of the crank. The flathead will help you here.

The putty knife’s debut

A putty knife between the plastic panel and the metal door frame is the best method. Pry gently, popping the grommets from the cardboard panel underneath. Do not overdo it – easy does it. You’re almost done, but don’t go for total separation until completing the next step.

Airlift the window out of there

Shattered glass ready to be stepped on isn’t really desirable, so gently lift the window from its housing slot. Once you’re window-safe, pop the panel from the grommets. Take care of your repair issues, then follow the above process in reverse order. Lock and armrest are done last. Use the sticky stuff to ensure the plastic panel adheres to the metal.

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