Thursday, July 15, 2010

Toyota asserts Matrix power steering not defective

Toyota claims Matrix steering defect is not a defect

During the height of the Toyota recalls earlier this year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigated nearly three-quarters of a billion 2009 and 2010 Toyota Matrix and Corolla cars. Power steering issues were up for analysis. Toyota says the possible safety defect isn’t a defect, according to Auto Blog. Toyota is prepared to fix it for free, but do not feel the need for a recall. Source of article – Toyota claims Matrix steering defect is not a defect by Car Deal Expert.

Toyota Matrix power steering can suffer locking or drift

Shockingly, reports of Toyota Matrix and Corolla power steering units causing drift of freezing completely do not register as safety defects with the automaker. The automaker has 437 complaints (11 of those related to injury and 18 to crashes), but their term for the issue is that it’s a “customer satisfaction” problem, rather than a safety defect. That did warrant a Technical Service Bulletin from the brain trust to Toyota dealers, says AutoBlog. If that does not fix the steering issue, then a new unit that has been tuned with a different feel should be inserted into the Matrix or Corolla in question.

It should be noted that General Motor’s has a Matrix twin call the Pontiac Vibe, and that may have the same power steering troubles, as outlined by AutoBlog.

Bottom line – Toyota could save money

Toyota may be allowed to forego recalling the 2009 and 2010 Toyota Matrix and Corolla, which would conserve them an excellent deal of capital and keep them out of the regulator’s office. However, the NHTSA may have to agree with Toyota’s assessment of the “non-defect”. At this time, they’re still investigating. Toyota would rather stay away from a PR nightmare. Another recall would knock down the flimsy rebuild Toyota has managed to this point.



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