Monday, July 26, 2010

Will T-Mobile and iPhone 4 be a match in 2010?

Antenna issues aside, Apple isn’t recalling iPhone 4and aren’t too afraid of potential costs. The iPad made Q3 2010 a tremendous success for the business, writes PC Magazine. Apple took away a $ 3.25 billion profit after raking in a total of $ 15.7 billion for the quarter. However, there may be even more excitement in store for fans of the technology business. Cult of Mac insists they have a “highly placed source” that has leaked that T-Mobile will begin selling iPhone 4 by Q3 2010. PC World writes that talks are far along between Apple and the carrier, and that there’s an “80 percent chance” this will happen in two months.

T-Mobile and iPhone 4 would be a powerful combo

Currently the fourth-largest carrier within the U.S., T-Mobile would certainly vault over AT and T, Verizon and Sprint if the iPhone 4 deal happens. Frequency issues could get in the way, indicates PC World. T-Mobile uses a non-standard band, and iPhone 4 hasn’t been tested on all the carrier’s ranges.

Perhaps this should go in the iPhone 4 rumor discard pile

PC World writes that Cult of Mac has missed the mark numerous times before, so don’t count your iPhone 4 chickens before they’re hatched. Yes, T-Mobile may have the available bandwidth for the customer load, as they presently have fewer subscribers than AT and T or Verizon, and yes, T-Mobile isn’t fighting with Steve Jobs. Another plus on T-Mobile’s side is that Apple already works with its parent company (Deustche Telekom) in Europe.

Is T-Mobile your next carrier of choice?

If T-Mobile does indeed enter a partnership with Apple, the pool won’t stay sparsely populated for long. Even with antenna difficulties, iPhone 4 is quite attractive to tech buyers. It more than competes against Droid and other U.S. smartphones. Do you see it differently? Sound off.


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