Sunday, August 22, 2010

Android OS causes problems when Oracle sues Google over copyright issues

While Google Android smartphone sales may have passed the iPhone worldwide in the second quarter of 2010, it doesn’t take an Oracle to see that there’s trouble ahead for the company whose unofficial motto is “Do no evil.”. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Android OS violates Oracle’s Java copyrights which is why Oracle Corp. is suing Google Inc.. The suit makes it seem like Google’s founder, previous Sun chief technology officer, Eric Schmidt, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison are enemies. Oracle became the owner of the company that made Java, Sun, in January 2010. The Android Smartphone also as hundreds of other electronic devices use Java. Article resource – Oracle sues Google over Android OS copyright violations by Personal Money Store.

All damages sued for in Oracle lawsuit

WSJ explains that the Oracle lawsuit would like “unspecific damages and an injunction against ‘continued acts of infringement’ by Google.” Google has not officially responded to Oracle’s lawsuit yet, but it had been widely assumed that it was allowed to use free open-source Java licenses, as Sun traditionally authorized use of such licenses. However, no licensing deal between Oracle and Google had been officially announced. If the California court decides to grant the injunction, developers would be barred from creating applications for Android OS while any and all Android shipments would cease.

Protecting all of your intellectual property

The Journal interviewed tech analyst Ray Wang who said that the Oracle “takes a lot more care in terms of protecting its IP, and Java is one of the crown jewels of the Sun acquisition,” although Sun would traditionally be respectful of open-source software and free exchange of ideas. PC World thinks the Oracle is scared because if its tax evasion which is why it needs its IP. Now that the company is rivaling Google rather than Microsoft, a court system is looked to in order to get some more money flowing in.

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