Thursday, August 26, 2010

Apple seeks patent to stop everyone jailbreaking iPhones

Jailbreaking iPhones with Apple patent

Copyright laws say jailbreaking your iPhone is currently legal , even though Apple is pretty mad about all of the stuff going on with their iPhone devices they have put together. Apple wants their technology to be exclusive to itself. The Register made reports on the patent apple seeks that can be “covering an elaborate series of methods.” This will make certain to “protect iPhone owners from thieves” or anyone else a user wants from their iPhone. The patent is called “Systems and Methods for Identifying Unauthorized Users of an Electronic Device,” and will make sure a user’s iPhone gets locked down supposedly with jailbreaking exploits.

Jailbroken iPhones can offer up data to prying eyes

Apple has an excellent story when trying to convince individuals not to jailbreak their iPhones. This is that personal info is available to identity thieves when an iPhone has been jailbroken. Private data such as geotagging or also being able to turn on an iPhone’s camera is easier when the iPhone has been jailbroken, says Apple. If the patent is approved, Apple would be able to tag and lock down any jailbroken iPhone it detects – and also the business says it’s for the user’s own good.

Apple and Big Brother one in the same

If a user’s iPhone suddenly shows a rise in memory usage, The Register suggests, then Apple could identify the phone as having been jailbroken, as such activity is, in Apple’s estimation, consistent with hacking programs. Unlocking an iPhone means it can be used on other networks besides AT and T. If the patent goes through, Apple can be able to detect which of its phones do that as well. ”Thieves in transit” is what Apple is trying to detect when tapping an iPhone’s accelerometer. This helps Apple determine, as outlined by the Register, which iPhones have “fraudulent use.” Thus, the company believes that such new security measures as required voice-print identification is necessary, although technical experts and consumer rights groups are having a field day with that idea.

Who can active your iPhone camera with this patent?

Apple will be able to activate your iPhone camera if the patent is approved. Imagine yourself in a world where Steve Jobs can see what you are doing at any time. It is just a little scary to think of Apple having the power to watch you all the time. Is that really something you want? Steve Jobs could know more about your life than anything else at that point.

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