Sunday, August 15, 2010

Elias Abuelazam as a serial killer

A man was arrested within the Atlanta airport who is believed to have killed five but stabbed 20. He was attempting to board a flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. The man in question, Elias Abuelazam, is an Israeli citizen who came to the United States legally. 16 of these incidents happened in Michigan, three happened in Virginia, and one occurred in Ohio. African American is the race that was believed to be targeted in these crimes as a majority of the victims were from that race. Article source – Elias Abuelazam believed to be serial killer by Personal Money Store.

Beginning attacks in May

May was when reports of a man coming up and asking for help with a automobile or getting directions started coming in, and the man fit Elias Abuelazam’s description. The man would then stab the victims with a knife and run. According to ABC, Elias Abuelazam was lately arrested for a simple assault, which led police to believe that he was the person behind the stabbings. Law enforcement officials in Michigan, Virginia and Ohio began coordinating efforts and trying to get leads from the public to identifying the man.

Killing for race

The crimes are thought to be motivated by race considering most of the victims were male African Americans. Since 16 of these victims were stabbed in Flint, Michigan, that is where the police did most of their research. Three other stabbings took place in Leesburg, Va., and one took place in Toledo, Ohio. The stabbings caused a Flint judge to issue a warrant for the arrest of this man. A tip was given to Michigan police where they found him boarding a flight to Tel Aviv, Israel at the Atlanta International Airport. Police took him into custody after a page was issued through the intercom.

Nevertheless hasn’t been convicted of crimes

He is only a suspect right now although there is plenty of evidence suggesting otherwise. He won’t be sentenced to death considering Michigan, where five deaths happened, isn’t a death penalty state, and that is where he is being convicted.

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