Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fugitives exercise comes to an end as Casslyn Welch and John McCluskey behind bars

Two of the most wanted criminals within the nation, Casslyn Welch and John McCluskey, are arrested. For some reason, you will find repeated comparisons to Bonnie and Clyde. They escaped from an Arizona State prison about a month ago. They’ve been on the run ever since. Places the two were thought to have been spotted in ranged from Yellowstone National Park to Arkansas. The two were captured because a Park Ranger called in their vehicle’s license plate in an AZ state park.

Park Ranger makes the difference

A Forest Service Park Ranger was patrolling the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest. The park ranger found a campsite, with a suspiciously parked car, as outlined by ABC, which he called in to have checked out. When it came back stolen, he alerted police. Officers arrived to take them into custody, and they found the people who had the automobile were the two criminals. They were arrested peacefully. John McCluskey said that he would have fired on police had he not been caught off guard. Casslyn Welch, his fiancé and also his cousin, went peacefully also.

The actual hunt is actually off

John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch didn’t break out alone. Inmates Daniel Renwick and Tracy Province went with them. Province and Renwick were captured soon after, and McCluskey and Welch were spotted in Yellowstone National Park and in Butte, Mon. Butte was the last sighting of the two. McCluskey and Welch are thought to be connected to the murder of Gary and Linda Haas in New Mexico, according to the Associated Press. The bodies of the Haases were found in their burnt trailer around Aug. 4. The stolen car Welch and McCluskey were driving had New Mexico plates.

A lot more like Stalin and Hitler as compared to Bonnie and Clyde

For some reason, people idolize violent criminals. These two have been compared to Bonnie and Clyde. The actual Bonnie and Clyde weren’t romantic at all. Clyde was supposedly gay, and they robbed banks before the FDIC existed, so the very same people they were stealing from were the ones rooting for them. They are violent criminals, and it is better they go back to behind bars. The ranger who called police is to be commended.

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