Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Google Voice and Gmail user interface intertwined

Within the United States and Canada numerous would love making free calls. They don’t care whether it comes or goes to a cell phone, land line or desktop virtual phone. Everybody but phone services like the idea a lot. Making free phone calls is easier for Google users now. It helps a lot to have Gmail and Google Voice being connected. You are able to make free calls wherever you discover Gmail.

Active phone service comes from Gmail contacts with Google Voice

An internet connection is all you have to access Google Voice and make a free phone call, even if you’re someplace cell phone coverage is not. Two cents per minute is the rate if the call is outside the U.S. or Canada. Tech Crunch reports what is needed for this. All you’ve to do is get the Google Talk plug-in. Your Gmail inbox will save voicemails and your Gmail interface allows you to make and receive calls. There is also another really cool thing. Just transfer calls from Google Voice to your cell phone if you are on the run but want to keep talking.

In Gmail, Google Voice could be here soon

Google is rolling out the new Google Voice features over the next few days to U.S.-based Gmail accounts, according to the official Google Voice Blog. Watch for “Call Phone” to show up in your Google Chat list. There could be a Google Voice feature for those using Google Apps for academic or business purposes. Of course that might take just a little longer to appear and be useable.

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