Friday, August 20, 2010

Groupawn tries to live on nothing but Groupon coupons for a year

Groupons are assisting the lifestyle of Josh Stevens for a year. Earlier this year the online coupon company threw down the gauntlet with the Groupon Challenge. Groupon challenged all comers to see if they could live off nothing but unlimited free Groupons for 12 months. Stevens took them up on it. Living life as the “Groupawn,” he’s about a quarter of the way through his year of travelling the country chasing Groupon deals for his basic needs. The necessities of life can include yoga classes, carriage rides and lots of food in Stevens’ Groupon world.

Groupon blog tracks discounted adventures

Former corporate auditor Stevens accepted the Groupon challenge in May and left his cubicle behind. He told CNN that he started with one pair of shoes, socks, underwear and a paper suit made of Groupons. Groupon gave him a laptop, camera, internet card and phone.Stevens is supplied with online coupons that can be used for sleeping, eating and buying, but he’s not allowed to get his hands on money of any kind. He must travel solo and only five visits from family or friends, lasting no more than a day, are allowed.As he barters his way across the country using Groupon coupons, his exploits can be reviewed in the Groupawn blog.

Groupawn guy gains in popularity

If Stevens completes the challenge, he wins $ 100,000. Last weekend, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel caught up with Stevens.He was passing through in pursuit of the next Groupon deal. Stevens told the Sentinel that he thought he would have to do a lot more bartering on the street. He said individuals want to pitch in and help when he tells them about his adventures.He showed up in Milwaukee after pursuing Groupon offers for just a little more than three months in several United States of America cities including Washington D.C., Philadelphia and New York.

The Groupon business model – buying in

On the Groupon site, daily discounts from local merchants are offered for sale. Groupon sells offers online to about 11 million subscribers in 165 markets from 22 countries. The deal becomes valid when enough individuals purchase in. If the quota is reached, buyers get links to print out their Groupons. If the sales quota falls short, the offer is pulled. If the offer is cancelled, the charges are voided.

Groupons can catch a business off guard

The Groupon business model has been so successful that the Chicago Tribune said more than 500 Groupon clones have emerged online. But selling Groupon coupons can go haywire for an unprepared business . The Tribune reports that a growing list of local merchants have been overwhelmed by the Groupon response. A Chicago bagel company’s Groupon promotion cost $ 3 for an $ 8 voucher good for any menu item. Local subscribers to Groupon snapped up $ 10,000 coupons. The bagel shop netted about $ 15,000 on food that would have sold at a regular price of about $ 80,000, after splitting the take with Groupon.

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